Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brooke's Preschool Days

I know, its been forever since i updated!!

Brooke started preschool! On the actual day she turned 4! She had her first day, then had her bday party that night, so needless to say she was EXHAUSTED at the end of all that! :)

We got up early, got her ready in a new dress Lauryn and I had picked out at the mall. Then we took a ton of pics of course ;-) We went as a family to drop her off at her classroom. Her teachers name is Mrs Corpening, and she seems like the sweetest woman, i really like her. Her assistant teacher is Mrs Sullivan. I had a VERY hard time letting her go that morning-- i was crying all the way home after we dropped her off. I didnt know it would hit me so hard, but it did. Anyway, she was SO excited to actually go, but then she cried for us when we left. But of course she ended up doing ok and having a great day.

Its been about a month now and we seem to have gotten used to the routine. She has to be there early-- Arnold leaves with her around 715 every morning. Im lucky hes able to drop her off-- that helps me out alot. Then i pick her up every afternoon around 230. She loves it so far, and has made lots of friends. She even has a BOYFRIEND, (or a few, she can never decide ;-) But she talks about this one boy in particular a LOT! ;-) Anyway.. i am pleased with how well things are going. She is learning alot and doing great. Every day that she listens and does well she gets a star-- so far shes gotten a star every day, so lets hope that keeps up!

Next monday they have their first fieldtrip-- to the FireStation. I know she will love that.