Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuedsay Topic: Book List

Here is a list of the books I've read so far in 2013. Well, most of them. The ones I could remember. I read alot.. I don't always keep track! But I wanted to share.. and say that I recommend most of these.. there are a few that weren't that great but I will write that. I also want you guys to share with me new book suggestions-- I am always looking for more new reads! :)
I got this book for donating to this Christian charity.. and I am glad I did! It was an awesome book. It is about parenting obviously.. but it stuck with me more than other "self help" books. It really made me realize how important it is to enjoy the years while your kids are young.

I know a lot of people had read this already. It was set back in the 60's I think. I love books written back in the day. There was a movie also, and Arnold and I watched it.

Similar to the Hunger Games. Hard to explain fully, but about a totally different kind of society. When I read these kinds of books I am glad that is not the way life really is! I probably like this series so far even BETTER than the Hunger Games! It really kept my interest.

This book was written by a blogger. I found it for free on kindle one day, so decided to give it a try. It is a funny, light read about being a mom.

I had to try this, after everyone raved about it. It was good, I couldn't put it down. It was dark.. for sure. There were so many twists and turns that I found myself cussing the book alot, ha. I did not care for the ending, but it is still worth the read!

I just finished this actually. The woman wrote about different goals to accomplish every month of a year, and it was her "project." It was interesting and gave me some good ideas.

This one was pretty good, interesting to read about a different culture.

Written by same author as the Secret Life of Bees. Didn't like this one quite as much, but it was still pretty good. It kept me wanting to read until the end. Has a mystical, magical quality to it.

My friend Chrissy let me borrow this one. It was written by a blogger. She has become semi-famous by writing about her experiences as a mom, while drawing pics along with it.. it is hilarious. The book was a very quick read.. it was more pictures than anything. 

I don't even like to cook, so I never read her cookbooks, but I saw this book about her love story. I actually REALLY loved this.. one of my favorites of the year. It was a heart-warming story about how she found her husband and how she learned to live a different lifestyle.

I love Neta Jackson.. she wrote a series my mom and I read, so I had to keep reading when I saw her new books. These are Christian Fiction and have good story lines while teaching lessons and being uplifting about getting through hard times.

I read all her Stephanie Plum books, so read this one too. It was a quick read and not as good as the others. But if you like this author you may like it.

Probably my favorite book of the entire year so far! Just Amazing. Read it.

Of course I don't believe in having sister wives, but I am a nosy person by nature and watch the show, so I read the book when it came out. Interesting to learn about how others live.

Found this at Goodwill one day, so it was an impulse read. It was written by a british author so the dialect was a little different. It was ok, not the best.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Review

This past weekend, my mom and dad wanted to take the kids to the zoo. They had never been, and so they were very excited about it. They said they wanted to make it a trip, take them to the zoo and then spend the night at a nearby hotel. Mom and dad said they had a wonderful time.. they had to rent a stroller for Rachel since it was so much walking. Rachel hasn't been in one in forever but it was just too much. They said they asked why the baboons had red butts.. those are my kids.. I am so proud.. ha! Rachel said she loved the giraffes and elephants. And Brooke said she loved seeing the polar bear. I think Caleb like everything. Mom said later she asked Rachel which one was her fave, and if she could pick just ONE to take home, which would it be? And Rachel said "I wouldn't take any Grandma! They would miss their families and be sad!" Isn't that the sweetest? Made me tear up when I heard it! After the zoo trip they went back to the hotel and spent 45 minutes in the big jacuzzi tub, just playing. They love the jets. Then they got in their pjs and ate pizza for dinner that my dad had delivered. I heard they were all exhausted at the end of the day, especially my parents. Well maybe now they see what I deal with all day.. ha! ;)
So Arnold and I took this as the perfect opportunity to go do something together since we wouldn't have the kids! Arnold got off work around lunchtime and we decided to go out of town to Charlotte. Somewhere different.. just to get away. We were wanting to go to Ikea for the very first time, but we got lost and it ended up not being worth it that late in the day. So we just went to Concord Mills instead. We did some shopping.. probably too much, but it was fun! They had great deals on all their Summer clothes for kids! We stopped by the Lego store and took lots of pics for Caleb.. we know we will have to take him back sometime, for sure. We also went to the big bookstore and I bought 3 books.. I was going to get more but was trying to control myself! Arnold wasn't going to buy anymore but then he saw an Eric Clapton book sitting out on a table.. so guess what else came home with us?! At least this time he didn't come home with $15 worth of jellybeans from the candy store (true story! ;) We did stop by and get some dippin dots though.. they are way over-priced but so, so yummy! (I love the texture, ha!)
After awhile Arnold said we should probably stop spending money. So we went to the movies. We went to the theater they have in the mall. It was pretty nice, and not too crowded for a weekend. I really wanted to see Grown Ups 2 (Adam Sandler is my man) but we had just missed it, so we went to see "The Heat" instead. I had heard that was really good, and I love Melissa M. anyway. So.. the movie was hilarious.. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. They did cuss a LOT but if you can get past that, it will be ok. Particularly the F word ;) Arnold rolled his eyes at me alot, but I think he enjoyed it, too. I didn't know it would be QUITE so violent.. there are a few scenes that really made me jump. But overall I am glad we went to see it! After we got out it was getting pretty late, so we went to dinner. We don't go to Red Lobster often since its pretty expensive, but we splurged on our special day. I got grilled shrimp and crab legs. I LOVE me some crab legs. I think I embarssed myself a bit while trying to get them open.. but it was worth it. It is a lot of work but worth every delicious bite! Then Arnold and I drove back home, it was about 9pm or so by then. Imagine us driving home the road, in his little car, in the dark, belting out country songs together. haha! The ride home was actually one of my favorite parts of the night!!! :)
Saturday morning we woke up to some NASTY storms. I knew it was supposed to rain, but had NO idea it was going to be that bad. Arnold was up pacing alot.. he does not care for storms at all. I was trying to sleep but couldn't with all the thunder and the weather notifications going off on Arnold's phone! So we talked some and watched it lightning outside our window. We ended up having a flooded front yard. We were very lucky though, a lot of people we know lost power, had worse flooding, and couldn't even get out of their driveways. There were areas that had trees down, bridges down, and worse. There was a state of emergency for the area.. it was scary!!! So I spent a lot of the morning making calls and texts to family and friends seeing if everyone was ok!
Later that morning mom and dad brought the kids home. They hadn't had lunch yet, so we went up the road to a local diner place that Brooke loves. I had a late breakfast.. they have the biggest pancakes ever and they are GOOD! Then since it was still rainy we rented a few movies for the kids and went back home. We rented Ivan the Incredible and Brave for them to watch. Arnold and I mostly laid around and read.
Sunday Arnold had to go outside and mow our grass, because it had gotten unbearably tall. It was crazy. Then we went to lunch and went to Walmart to get some things we needed for our pets. That afternoon we decided to start on a project we had talked about doing this summer. Brooke has wanted a new room forever. Specifically she wanted it green and pink. So we started priming the walls. I have actually never painted before... so Arnold let me have a go at it. It was pretty fun! haha ;) We had a lot of work to do because those crazy kids had drawn all over the walls (its been a long time since we painted in there!) There were even marks on the ceiling. Arnold says he never should have gotten them that bunk bed! Anyway, we have a long way to go, but its getting there.
That night we took the kids to a friend's church for VBS. They have gone before and LOVED it, so we knew we'd take them back. They had a dinner for the kids and then they went off to their classes. Arnold and I had another 2 free hours to ourselves! Its funny because it feels like we go most of the year dying to have a date and then lots of things come up in summer all at once and we get lots of time to ourselves, and actually get kind of burnt out because we run out of stuff to do ;) We went to Target and I bought some curtains for the girls' room. They were pink and actually on clearance, so yay! I also got some bins for toys.. I am going to label them and finally get organized! We have too much crap everywhere in our house! I found some other things too.. I get into way too much trouble everytime I go into Target ;)
I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) 
I got up early and Rachel stole my spot in bed!

Had to share this pic. At the bank paying off our van. Finally! They were doing the happy dance! This has become one of my fave pics of all time! :)

My dinner on Friday night. It was a lot of food. And SO yummy!

Arnold's big ol beer. I don't drink, but he said it was good!

At Dos Amigos on Sunday

Playing dressup on a rainy day. With costumes Grandma found for cheap!

At Granny's Kitchen, a local diner.

Working on the girls' room. It still needs a LOT of work!

The girls at VBS Sunday night with their friend Kenzie :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Highs and Lows!

Here are some highs and lows from this week!

High- I finished reading "Divergent." It. was. awesome. Probably liked it even better than the Hunger Games.
Low- I want to read "Insurgent" now but it is still in hardback and expensive.

High- We got approved for our loan through Arnold's work! (401k)
Low- It is mostly going to pay off debt and medical bills. Not too fun.

High- We steam cleaned the living room carpet and it looks awesome!
Low- It is going to be hard to keep it that way, with 3 kids and a cat.

High- Oreo (our dog) is going a lot better after his injury awhile back.
Low- He now does not want to go outside anymore because he is scared!

High- I have gotten a slew of coupons in the mail lately, to my favorite stores.
Low- They just tempt me to shop and buy more than I need.

High- One of  my purse handles broke this past week, making it un-usable.
Low- I bought myself a new purse with the TJ Maxx giftcard I got for my bday!

High-2 of my highschool friends had babies this past week, and the royal baby was born!
Low- I am not going to have any more babies, so it makes me miss that stage! :(

High-The kids have VBS all week, starting tonight. Arnold and I will get some more time for ourselves while they are there!
Low- The kids will be getting to bed really late for a few days.

High- The band Arnold is in finally got a chance to play at our local cruise-in.
Low- It was a total washout yesterday and they didn't get the chance to play after all! :(

High- Arnold finally got himself a smartphone!
Low- He is now on it more than I am and I am feeling neglected. Haha! ;)

High- It is now less than 5 months until Christmas!!
Low- Life is going to be very cold and very expensive soon!

High- I have this awesome new blog design!!!!
Low- There isn't one-- I love it!! :) :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

I don't think I sat down for 2 seconds this entire weekend. It was jam-packed full of stuff to do. But I had an awesome time!

Friday morning the kids and I met my mom over at the mall. We decided to start on school shopping for the kids. I'm glad mom went with me because there is no way I could have taken 3 kids to the mall and tried on clothes with them and kept my cool. Mom took Caleb to pick out all his stuff and I took the girls to pick their stuff out. We ended up with some new outfits and their lunchboxes for this year. Mom bought some extra outfits for Brooke, for her bday coming up. And Caleb picked out a wallet.. he wanted to have something to carry around his money in.. I thought that was funny! Thankfully they had sent me a coupon in my email so it took a little of the shock away at the register.. but just to warn you people with very young babies/kids.. buying school stuff is expensive! We haven't even gotten their official supply lists from school yet.. there will be plenty more shopping to do!

After shopping we headed over to Geppetto's for lunch. I hadn't been back there in years. We went to the same one in the town I grew up in, and used to go to with friends and dates when I got older. Memories came back for sure! They had a pizza buffet and it was so good. Brooke was hilarious.. she went to the buffet herself to get some food and came back with a big pile of marinara sauce. I wasn't paying attention and she started eating it by the spoonful, then said YUCK! This isn't strawberry applesauce! Haha! I was dying laughing. Poor girl. Then I showed her what it was, and to put her breadstick in it, and after that she was good ;) 

After lunch we went across the street to the movies. Since the kids had already seen the two big kids' movies of the summer (Monsters University and Despicable Me 2) we saw "Turbo." It was about a snail who raced.. yeah it was kind of cute but I wasn't really digging it as much as the other movies we had seen this year! I think Caleb liked it best, since he is a boy and they seem to naturally like cars and racing. Brooke laid her head on my shoulder for most of the movie.. but I think she had a good time. After the movies the kids went home with my mom to spend the night since I was going out with Arnold.

That afternoon the band Arnold is in headed down to Charlotte for a gig. That is the furthest away they have ever played. Their drummer lives down there and got them the gig. A lot of the wives went too, so I went along. It took us an hour and a half, almost 2 with traffic to get down there. The band set up all their stuff then we went down the road to try to find something to eat. It was funny because no one really knew where they were going and we couldn't find anywhere to eat. Everyone was starving so we just pulled over to some random seafood place, hoping it was good. We had to wait FOREVER on the food, but at least it was pretty good! I got grilled shrimp.. and they brought out plenty of hushpuppies for everyone.. yum! We headed back to the bar after that and the band played from 9:30 till midnight. They had a..... interesting crowd.. to say the least. I watched a drunk guy come over and hit on all of us band wives, a man switch dancing between 3 different women while there, a woman get into a fight with some guy, numerous people bump and grind together and lots of other stuff. I just had to roll my eyes and laugh at some of it! Quite the entertainment. But the band sounded GOOD.. and I'm not just saying that because I am a wife. I have been to a LOT of their shows and they did a great job. Even with all the craziness going on, I had a great time :) 

We didn't get home and to bed until nearly 3am, so we literally hit the bed and fell asleep right away. We only got about 5 hrs of sleep before we got up at 8am, and that is NOT enough for me. I need at least 7 or 8 hours. I have loved my sleep ever since I was a kid.. anyone who knows me well knows that! We had to get ready and then we headed out to mom and dad's to pick up the kids. And if we weren't already crazy enough for the night before, we decided to take the kids to TWO birthday parties that day. The first one was at a park for a friend from church. The kids got to run around on the playground. We also went walking around a little bit in the woods.. which was not a smart idea because we were all wearing bad shoes for it. We had almost made it through and back to the park when a SNAKE fell out of the tree just ahead of us. Arnold started screaming (poor guy, just can't handle his snakes or bugs ;) And he told the kids to run ahead on the bridge. Right after that the snake started getting attacked by a bird and he said I was safe to go down the hill. So he helped me down and I started off running and screaming lol.. I do NOT like snakes! But we were all ok.. I faced my fears bigtime that day ;)

After the park we had to go home for awhile because we had gotten so sweaty out there. I had sweat everywhere.. I hate that feeling.. so nasty. For some reason I couldn't find Brooke's bathing suit ANYWHERE.. I think she left it at someone's house. So we stopped by Crazy 8 at the mall to look for a new one. I heard that they were having a good sale, and they were right! I bought a LOT of stuff (more than just that bathing suit I came for, haha) and got some more stuff for the kids this Fall. I told Arnold to get me out of there before I bought even MORE! ;) Then we headed over to Arnold's cousin's house for the 2nd birthday party. Carter was turning 5. The kids were all going to swim, and not 5 minutes after the got in a HUGE storm cloud came rolling in and it started storming and raining. So the party moved to the garage and the kids played, ate cupcakes and pizza, and attacked a sponge bob pinata. 

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. They are doing a series at Christ Church right now called "Great Sex." I know that sounds like a weird subject to talk about at church, but if you think about it, God created sex and it is a good thing (as long as it's between married people! And now I sound like I am lecturing, but you know what I mean! ;) Anyway, the series covers stuff like purity, why porn is not good, how far is too far, how to have meaningful intimacy in your marriage. etc. Sunday was about the differences between men and women, and how they feel and react to things. Even though it sounds pretty simple, it was a great reminder. And our pastor is HILARIOUS so I was laughing so much I was dying in there.. and I think at one point I was turning red. But I think the message got across, because at one point he talked about how women need romance all the time, especially helping around the house. And later that evening Arnold rented a rug dr and did the living room carpet for me ;) To be fair, I had been bugging him forever to do that for me.. but it finally got done and I am thrilled! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

Playing at the mall on Friday after school shopping

Dinner at the seafood place before the show

My sexy guitar player at the show ;)

At the birthday party at the park on Saturday morning

Rachel loves to swing, it makes her so happy!

My loves on the bridge at the park. Love this pic!

At Carter's birthday party Saturday afternoon

Getting ready to attack that pinata. Brooke wearing her new polka dotted bathing suit!

All dressed up for church on Sunday. I think Brooke looks so innocent in that dress!

Hubby working hard on the carpet Sunday night! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~Now that I have a new phone, I picked myself out a case for it on Amazon. I found this one-- with OWLS.. no surprise there ;) It is supposed to come this week. I found so many other ones I loved, it was hard to pick one!

~Last night the kids went to VBS at their cousin's Christian school, so Arnold and I went on a date! We went to Red Lobster.. they had a deal going on for a "4-course dinner" at a great price, so we did that. They gave you soup, salad, an entree, AND a dessert. I picked the grilled shrimp as my entree. It was insane, I was feeling sick before I even got out of there! They bagged up the desserts to go and later we realized they sent us someone else's desserts by accident. Maybe that was a sign we shouldn't eat anymore?! Ha! But we had a great time out together.

~We were a bit of Netflix junkies this past weekend when it rained so much. I have picked up a few new shows. MAD MEN is the new one Arnold and I watch together before bed. Love old-timey shows like that. I also watched Call the Midwife which is great, and Pretty Little Liars which creeped me out but is still pretty good! I am looking forward to watching all these shows this summer!

~ We finally figured out what to do for Brooke and Caleb's bday party this year. We are doing combined again this year, at Hickory Dickory Dock. They both wanted it, and it's easier that way. Brooke wants a rainbow cake and Caleb wants an Angry Birds cake, so they will each get their own. 

~My brother and his girlfriend were in town this past weekend and surprised me with a giftcard for my birthday, that was so sweet of them! It was to TJ-Maxx, I love that store. I have been once and can't decide what to get! There are SO many cute things for the home, and we are working on fixing up/modernizing our house, so I'm sure I can find something cute!

~Only 3 more days till the Skynyrd/Bad Company concert! I can't wait to take a roadtrip with my hubby and two of my best friends! It will be so fun! I hope it doesn't storm that evening on us.

~Arnold and I got around to renting "Identity Thief." It was pretty funny.

~They just came out with Curious George books and stuffed animals at Kohl's, in the Kohl's Care for Kids section. They have some cute stuff! I hate that I didn't get to go back and buy Rachel all the sealife books and animals before they sold out though :(

~They had an AWESOME sale at the Disney Store over the 4th of July, and I picked up this doll from Brave, for only $3.99. I am going to save it for Brooke's birthday next month.

~Just got an email saying they are doing their Summer clearance book sale at Barnes and Noble online. I went online and browsed, and there are TONS of books, up to 80% off. I usually buy every year, and spent $50 or more and gets TONS of new books. Right now I'm trying to save money, so it's killing me!! Ahh!!

~My mom found a GREAT deal on party favors, I mean super cheap. So she bought up all kinds of stuff, notepads, erasers, punch bags, and more. So now I am set for B & C's party! Thanks mom! ;)

~Max has been extra sweet and cuddly lately.. I don't know why. Everytime I get on the computer he tries to get down onto my lap and rub all over me. He is usually anti-social and kindof mean! Is it because he is a male cat?! Geez...

~I have beeen having some WEIRD dreams lately. I don't know why! I promise I am not on drugs, haha! But I dreamed one night I was riding around with a friend of mine, and she was dressed all fancy, and driving her silver Ferrari. And we were listening to Paula Deen sing on the radio.. about butter. Yep!  I am not right in the head! And I must not be sleeping well if I remember that many details of my dreams! Ha!

~I go this month to sign up for my classes! I can't believe college starts back on August 15th! I start back before the kids even do! And I love how all the stores are starting to fill up with bookbags, lunchboxes, and school supplies! I used to love going to pick out my stuff as a kid, and I can't wait to take the kids this year!

Friday, July 5, 2013

My 28th Birthday!

July 1st I turned 28! Since my birthday was on a Monday I spent the weekend before celebrating. Everyone picks on me for making such a big deal out of my birthday, but that is how I was grown up. I guess I will admit it that I was spoiled as a kid-- so I blame my parents!! ;) Ha!

Friday evening I went out to dinner at Ocharley's with some of my best girl friends. This has become a tradition every year. We didn't have a big group this year-- a lot of people were busy or on vacation, etc but it was still a lot of fun. Even my friend Chrissy who had a baby just a few weeks ago showed up, so that made me feel really special ;) My friend Erika brought red, white and blue cupcakes for us to have for dessert too-- yummy! We hung around outside afterwards forever and were talking and trying to decide what we were going to do afterwards. A big storm was rolling in and we got caught in a downpour-- guess we shouldn't have talked so long! ;) Then we ended up going over to Skateland for the rest of the evening! Ha.. we are totally cool ;) We were the oldest ones there and I know all these kids and teenagers were thinking we were crazy, but I didn't care, I was having fun with my girls! However, it had been FOREVER since I had skated, and I was wobbly, so kept going slow to keep from falling on my butt. Kids kept speeding by me and nearly knocking me over.. pretty embarassing! It also hurt my legs and we ended up all sweaty and tired. A good work out I guess-- I am out of shape!! They also surprised me and told the guy it was my birthday and he announced it over the loud speaker. At least the people there didn't know that "Abby" was a 28- year old mom of 3! I could have been anyone! ;)

Saturday Arnold took the kids swimming with some family, and they were gone for hours! It was so nice to have a break to myself for awhile. I cleaned a little around the house, read some blogs, and rested a little while. Then I went up to a local used bookstore and turned in a bunch of books I have read lately for some credit to the store. Made $40-- not too bad! 

That night we went over to my mom and dad's house. Every year mom makes me her homeade lasanga, and that has become a tradition too. This year she also made homeade rice krispie treats for dessert, because that is what I had asked for! She invited over two of my friends from childhood, Chrissy and Jess.. and they came over for dinner with their families. So it was extra special to me this year! It was just like old times.. the girls became comfortable and made themselves at home like they had back when we were in middle and high school. Chrissy brought little Eden over and I held her till my arm literally hurt and then I handed her back over to her daddy! Ha! Mom had sat up the dining room all fancy for us and they watched the kids while the 6 of us sat in there and ate dinner and got a break.. it was a lot of fun. Mom surprised me with a "Wishing Jar" which is something a girl at her work makes. She does oragami and turns strips of paper with "wishes" into orgagami stars and you put them in the jar and it is supposed to be a sentimental thing.. which is right up my alley. All my friends and family wrote wishes for me on paper and I read them before they are being turned into starts.. and I almost cried! I think that was the sweetest idea ever-- and I put my jar on a shelf in my room to remind me of all the love I have from my family and friends! As a bonus, my mom's friend made sets of oragami earrings-- enough for me, the girls, and my friends to all have a pair. They were beautiful! My friends stayed late into the evening and we all sat around the kitchen table talking. It was the best evening ever.. I don't think I had smiled that much in a long time! :)

Monday was my actual birthday. We went out to lunch at Village Inn. Arnold loves their pizza so I know he is glad that is where we ended up ;)  Then we went back to that local bookstore to use my credit. The kids all picked them out some new books.. they were very excited about that. Brooke found 2 more of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books for her collection, so that was a score! I felt overwhelmed because there were SO many books to choose from and I had a lot of credit to use, but I just couldn't make up my mind! So I ended up with 3 new books for now, and I will go back sometime later to use the rest of the credit. I picked "She's come Undone," "The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" and a spiritual book I can't remember the title of. I can't wait to read them all soon. I JUST finished "Gone Girl" and they were right-- I couldn't put it down! It had so many twists and I didn't like the ending, but it definitely kept my interest! A great pick for a birthday present for myself, if I do say so ;)

After the store we went to Arnold's parents' house to visit. They gave me my birthday present.. which included a Chili's giftcard! So guess where we went that night?? Yep. They were going to watch the kids for us so we could go on a date, but they couldn't that night, so we just decided to take the whole family with us. With it being a Mon night it wasn't too crowded and we didn't even have a wait. We had a lot of fun. We picked up a cake on the way.. chocolate with chocolate icing.. my favorite! And writing in green icing.. my fave color ;) When I had gone to the bathroom, the waitress had asked Arnold if he wanted them to all come out and sing to me, and he said they'd probably better not since I get embarassed easily and it would probably effect her tip! ha! Needless to say, they didn't come out and sing ;) The waitress was really nice and even ended up writing me a Happy Birthday message on my bill :) And yes, she got a good tip from me! ;)

I had an awesome birthday! I think everyone set the bar really high for next year! ;)

At Target picking out my new phone! My first ever smartphone. Arnold called it a "present" but I was going to get it anyway. It took forever to figure out how to use it! But I like it now ;)

At Ocharleys with my girls! Right before the storm blew in!

Us eating dinner. I didn't notice till later that the guy in the background was photo bombing, ha! ;)

My friend Joanne got me this Duck Dynasty shirt! Isn't it cute?!

I got myself some new bedding at Target.. figured as good a time as any! Loved the colors ;)

At Skateland after dinner. We had fun but I was soo tired afterwards!

Snuggling baby Eden Saturday night at Mom and Dad's. She is a sweetheart!

Me with Jess and Chrissy! Love these girls so much!

Dad watching the kids in the living room while we ate in the dining room.

Mom getting ready to cut into my rice krispie treats! yummy!

Out to eat at Village Inn on my actual Birthday.

Outside the bookstore with our new picks! ;)

At Chili's with my yummy birthday cake!