Monday, February 28, 2011


We had another one of those busy weekends that I really like.. but go by way too fast!

Friday night we went out and got something to eat, then went to Target to pick up a few birthday gifts. I still have the hardest time deciding what to get for little boys for their gifts. Caleb is the kind of kid that picks a thing or two to like, then becomes OBSESSED.. and hes all about that for weeks/months. So i dont know what "in" or what boys like really, but thankfully my friends let me know ;) So we picked out something for Logan and Malachi. I also found a few cute things in the dollar spot that I picked up for easter baskets.. I have been buying a little here and there. They sometimes have some really cute stuff! I found Rachel some sunglasses w/ strawberries on them, and Brooke a princess necklace. When we got home and got the kids to bed, Arnold and I watched "The Social Network." It had just gotten sent to our house thru our online movie rental thing. Thats the movie about FACEBOOK for those who dont know. I didnt know what to expect, but it was really good. Dont know how much of it is really true but i learned a lot. Just made me want to get back on facebook though, throughout the movie.. I know.. Im addicted.

Saturday we went to Jelly Beans consignment store and looked around a little bit. I hardly ever get to go to that one because of its store hours.. they are a little inconvenient for me. I found some of the cutest outfits for Rachel. She has WAY too many things already for spring/summer, but I couldnt resist. At least i didnt spend a ton. I also found Brooke some sandals. They also were having their clearance stuff for only $1 so i picked up Caleb a hoodie, and Rachel some pjs for next fall/winter. Later on I went out to lunch with a friend at the Snack Bar. We had a long conversation about some life-changing things going on w/ her.. dont want to get into it because its personal. But i think it went really well. And thank you for those of you who prayed for me, because I was so nervous before I talked to her! Anyway.. then that afternoon we went to Joannes house for Logans birthday party.. already blogged about that. And after that we stopped by the inlaws' to pick up Rachel and the kids got to see their Grandparents, Aunt Jenn and cousin for awhile. Caleb got to see ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT CARTOON on their tv! I mentioned before that he is obsessed w/ that book. He didnt seem as into the cartoon though.. just proves that books are better ;)

And finally.. Sunday. We got up, got ready, and went to church. Still going to our new church.. and its going great! Our pastor Jesse is so REAL and so FUNNY. i love his messages because he tells it like it is.. no bull. And his messages really relate to life, and I get alot out of them. I find myself tearing up several sundays, because I am just so over-whelmed with everything that has happened lately, and how awesome God is. My mom recently got really great news from her oncologist. She has breast cancer and has been in remission. Anyway, shes been on a cancer pill for 7 1/2 years or so, that made her really sick on her stomach, and her bones brittle. At her most recent appt this past week the dr said she was doing so good and could stop taking her meds. He told her to go home and live her life! Isnt that awesome? I am so so happy. My mother is a huge part of my life and I dont know what I would do without her.. so any news that suggests that she is doing OK and will hopefuly be around for a long time just makes me so incredibly happy.

OK! Got side-tracked there for a minute. But its all good. Anyway... love our new church.. period. After church we took the kids to the park. I tell you, I am getting spoiled by this 70-some degree weather in FEBRUARY! That is crazy stuff. We went to a different park than what we usually go to.. and the kids loved it. They went on the swings, slide, bouncy animal things.. and then we took a long walk around the track. We got a lot of exercise and soaked up the sunshine! It was a wonderful day :)

Logan's 6th Bday Party

Saturday we went to Logan's birthday party. It was Starwars theme.. very cute. Arnold wanted to go play music w/ some friends, so I decided to just take the kids myself. We did end up letting Rachel go to his parents' house to nap though, so it wasnt too bad! Brooke and Caleb had a great time playing w/ their friends. Caleb is so anti-social though.. he wanted to stay back in Logans bedroom and play with all his toys.. haha. He thought he had some pretty cool toys. Arnold told me thats just how he was.. Well i am thinking preschool cant come soon enough, so that he can interact with other kids more often! Anyway, we all ate and had some cake (which even Caleb didnt eat because like i said, he was too pre-occupied!) And then Logan opened his presents. Looks like he got some neat stuff. Caleb really liked his gifts and even asked me if he could take one home ;) We are at that stage now.. bigtime. There is always a meltdown at the store when Caleb realizes that the toys im putting in the cart are for his friend and not him. We got logan a lego set, and a little cardgame and dinosaur art set.. all looked cute to me! And of course.. before the party was over I had to hold sweet baby Ben! It didnt seem to me like he had gotten any bigger. That kid is TINY. Well especially compared to my kids.. they were never that small, even at birth. He is just precious and I enjoy every time I get to hold him and soak up the baby love :)

Blowing out the candles

Brooke & Birthday Boy

Cuddling sweet baby Ben :)

Rachel's 1st Haircut

Welp, my baby went in for her very 1st haircut this past Friday. It was getting out of control.. everyone knows I say she has a "baby mullet" and its so true! My mom took her since I had to go to Brooke's parent-teacher conference, and she said she did very well.. after she got over the initial nervousness. They didnt cut much off.. just trimmed the ends. They said that we have to wait for the baby hair up top and on the sides to catch up before we cut a lot more. But they always say once you cut it, it will grow a lot faster! So im looking forward to days ahead of cute bows and pigtails :) I was already doing that w/ Brooke when she was Rachel's age. I shouldnt rush time though, I know.. she IS my last baby after all!

This is Rachel's newest look. Shes either saying What the heck are you doing?! Or I am so not happy about this.. :P

After-- Not much of a change, but its a start!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Good Stuff!

So yesterday I posted a blog on things I considered to be "over-rated." I liked everyones feedback too.. that was interesting :) So i decided I needed to do the other side also.. about things that I really DO like and find important.. that some other people may not. So once again, leave me feedback on if you agree or don't. ;)

1. MARY KAY MAKEUP- My mom got me hooked on using their stuff, and i especially like the foundation. I think the cheaper stuff wears off a lot quicker and doesnt look the same.

2. Big Birthday Parties- This is one of the things that I love.. is parties. And ever since having kids I love to have big parties for them and invite everyone. Arnold hates parties though, so he has asked me to tone them down. Ill try!

3. FACEBOOK- I am a facebook junkie. Everyone knows it. I am actually surprised I got sucked in to the whole hype.. but I did. I know i post way too many status updates and am way too into what is going on in everyone else's lives. Maybe its that Im at home all week with the kids and want to keep some adult interaction going on? Who knows.

4. CHOCOLATE- A girls' best friend, right? I always try to have some in the house. Its good for good days, bad days.. and especially PMS days! I especially love butterfingers and 3 musketeers. Oh and chocolate bunnies at Easter time. Oh and chocolate cupcakes are the best. Get the point?

5. DATE NIGHTS- Arnold and I used to get date nights A lot! we have been very blessed w/ grandparents and lots of other family close-by that love to spend time w/ the kids. I feel like it is very important to get that special time w/ your husband. And forget about the stresses of life for awhile. We never minded leaving the kids w/ their grandparents, we were never "too over-protective." They have even spent the night several times. Now with 3 kids we dont get them as much, but really love it when we do!

6. MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS- I am a magazine junkie, too. I love to read in general, and magazines are a quick read when i get bits of time here and there. I have several that I like, and I was buying them all the time and realized Id save a ton of money if I just got subscriptions to them. And its nice getting something in the mail other than bills ;) Im serious about being a junkie though-- I get the following-- Glamour, Redbook, Parents, Parenting: Early Years, Baby Talk, American Baby, Family Fun, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, and Woman's Day. I also just subcribed to a new Christian magazine :)

7. CHRISTMAS CARDS- Some people hate the task of sending them out every year, and dread it, but not me. Ever since having kids I love doing photo cards and sending them out. Its one that can be saved instead of being thrown out like a lot of others are. Now getting the photo of all 3 kids looking-- THATS hard.

8. MINIVAN- Everyone jokes that they never thought theyd be one of the "minivan mamas." I never did, though. I always wanted to be the mom w/ lots of kids and dogs, and driving around in a van.. I know Im a dork. But its what I always wanted. So i was really excited a few years ago when we got our Honda Odyssey. Great reviews on safety, lots of space, and storage. Plus the sliding doors and the built-in dvd player are great, too.

9. COUPONS- I am always looking for them, for my favorite stores or items. I almost always have to make a purchase when I have one, even if i dont really need anything at the time (thats where they can get you into trouble!) And the stores that have "store cash" for spending so much? Thats pretty awesome too. I have a Kohls cash right now actually, that I need to use soon.

10. CONSIGNMENT SALES/STORES & YARDSALES- I never considered buying anything used until I had kids. Having 3 kids is expensive! I now go regularly to these places, and get some of their clothes there. Sometimes they have brand new items that kids never got around to wearing, or nice name-brand stuff in great condition (like that Gymbo i love so much but cant stand to spend $20 on a SHIRT!) And one of our fave. pastimes in the summer is getting together w/ my SIL and a few friends and going to yardsales. Sometimes its a bust, but sometimes we can find great things too. Im always on the lookout for kids' stuff and books, along with cute cookiejars or teapots (which i collect).

11. LOTS OF BOOKS- Kids can never have too many books, right?! We have been buying them books ever since they were born, and we are over-flowing shelves. One of those things I just cant get rid of, though. I am on a mission to create little bookworms (like me :) My mom also buys the kids a nice new book every holiday and i LOVE that. they have quite the collection now. Most of the Eric Carle and Dr Suess books. And their newest love are the Llama Llama books.

12. TAKING PICS OF EVERYTHING- I take a LOT of pictures. You have seen me post a lot of facebook, i know. I feel the need to take pics of everything my kids do. I dont know why.. I just feel like I will be very upset if I look back and am not able to see pics of everything they did when they were little. We forget things so quickly! Seriously though-- On Brookes 1st day of school it was like "here is Brooke in her school dress. now with her bookbag. now in the car. now at the class door. now in the class. now with her teacher. now with her dad. now with her mom. now a pic of me crying as I leave her." (ok that last one was a joke.. :) But you get the point!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So.. I saw this on a board I am on.. people talking about things they found "overrated." Things that other people really seemed to like but they just didnt care that much about, or see the hype. So here is my list (im sure theres others im not thinking of though..) And ill try to explain my answers. And hope no one gets offended! if you like these things, thats great! :)

1. STARBUCKS (or coffee in general really) Ive never liked the taste. I get my caffiene fix from soda. Not the best for me, i know! And when people go all the time to get them special coffee drinks.. doesnt that add up really quickly?!

2. Designer Sunglasses (i have a hard enough time keeping up w/ my REGULAR cheapy sunglasses. I have lost too many pairs to count. Or the kids get ahold of them and break them. I do however think they are cute.

3. Reality Shows like the Bachelor (dont see the hype at all, just not my thing)

4. Most Modern Music (Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, etc. Arnold and I were just talking about how hardly any good music is made anymore. Give me my classic rock anytime!

5. CO-SLEEPING (we NEVER did this. I know so many people are for it, and that is great if it works for you. But Arnold and I like our sleep. and our space. and our romance ;) I didnt want to break the kids of a habit, either! And the fact that my kids all sleep in their own beds, and are wonderful sleepers makes me very happy :)

6. KINDLE/NOOK- I am still a little un-decided on this. I might change my mind if i ever got one. I am a BIG-TIME reader, and always have been. Something about actually sitting down w/ a real book, feeling it in my hands.. that is important to me. The fact that bookstores might become obsolete? kills me!

7. Real expensive KIDS CLOTHES- dont get me wrong, i love to dress my kids in cute clothes. Thats actually one of my favorite indulgences when we have tax money or extra money. but all these really high-end stuff, and the people who bid crazy prices on Ebay for Gymbo or Gap that is USED?? Crazy. Kids outgrow their clothes soo fast. And get them dirty! I do love me some Gymboree. I just get it every once in awhile, or when i find a GOOD deal.

8. MEALS FROM SCRATCH- ok you go ahead and laugh. Everyone knows im a bad cook. Not to mention i dont like to cook. So obviously this isnt a big deal to me. Arnold cooks a lot of nights and I handle all the clean-up, which works for us. we make simple things the kids will eat, and we throw veggies and fruits in there too, so it all works out :) This thinking is much to my Mothers dismay though.

9. REALLY HIGH THREAD COUNT SHEETS- Have never sprung for the REALLY nice sheets. is it worth it?? I sleep pretty good already.. but.. open for suggestions.

10. CREDIT CARDS/STORE CARDS- Learned from experience. They can buy you a lot at the time, but its not worth it. They have all these fees, and traps and if youre not careful you can get sucked in. Especially the store cards that offer all the discounts and coupons.. you probably end up spending more anyway because you go shop there so much! We paid off our cards this year and I am thrilled.. and relieved.

11. FAKE BOOBS- Ok. Most men like them, period. Doesn't matter the size. I am not lacking in that department, however, so I dont have to worry ;)

12. BEING REALLY SKINNY- I used to think this was really, really important for me to feel good about myself. Now i know that its not true. Having kids has changed my body-- bigtime. But ive met dozen of other mothers and they all say the same thing. Its more about being healthy now, for your family. When i drop a few pounds I get excited, but I dont torture myself trying to. Respect my body now for what it was able to do-- carry my beautiful children.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Got my Haircut

Finally got around to getting my haircut on Saturday. I had been meaning to forever but never got a chance. I really like it, it has so much more volume when I have it short. The pic I took isnt that great but you get the idea! :)

Awesome Saturday!

I had a rough week this last week, and felt like I was being really negative for a few days. Then everything turned around and I had an AWESOME Saturday! One of those days where happy things just keep popping up.

That morning we got the kids ready and went to the park to play. The weather was nice again.. not as nice as it had been on Friday but it was decent. Brooke and Caleb ran around on the slides and Rachel went to swing. There were some teenage girls on the swings and they kept saying how cute Rachel was :) Then all three kids played in the sandbox for awhile. After that we went to the gym. We dropped the kids off in the kid-watch area, and Arnold went to the Sauna (he calls it his "executive workout" although all that means is he didnt want to workout :P And I went to Zumba class w/ my SIL and Arnold's cousin Beth. I have only been a few times, but I enjoy it. I am the world's clumbsiest though.. seriously. It takes me forever to catch on to the moves, and my feet dont seem to want to move that way! But it is fun, none-the-less, and even if im not doing the moves just right I am burning calories, right?! Anyway, after that we stopped off and got some lunch, and then headed to the library. It had been a few weeks since we had taken the kids and it was about time to let the go pick out some new books.. those kids love to have books read to them. Their favorite this time was called "Arnie the Doughnut".. and if your kids havent read that one, Id recommend it. The kids cracked up, and Caleb has seriously asked me like 7 more times since then to read it to him again and again. They also make a cartoon of it.

Later that afternoon we laid the kids down for a nap and I went to Hickory and met up w/ one of my best friends, Jess. I had been wanting to get my haircut FOREVER and finally did. I think it turned out pretty decent, still getting used to it though. I love how much volume I get when its cut shorter.. when it gets too long its so straight and life-less! Then we stopped by Kohls, and I was lucky and found the Eric Carle turtle book (they had been out of it last time) and now I have the whole collection for the kids! (yes, thats a big deal for me, we love books in this family! :) And lastly I went to buy a few more spring/summer clothes for Brooke and Caleb (already have Rachel a closet-full.. they have the cutest stuff for baby girls!)

When i got home, I let the kids go outside and we all played while Arnold grilled out hamburgers. I hadnt gotten the mail that day yet, so I walked out to the mailbox and was PLEASANTLY surprised to find our state refund check! We had already gotten our federal direct-deposited a few weeks ago. I didnt expect the state that soon though, so that was nice. I also got one of my mags in the mail and happened to flip to a page of cupcake cakes and there was an OWL (Rachels party theme this year is going to be owls) SO cute and I think i might try it. Or maybe someone would want to bake and decorate it for me?? ;-) Im not that domestic. Even w/ the "easy stuff" :P So anyway, we had a pretty awesome day. It was one of those jam-packed non stop weekends where it seems to go by pretty fast.. which stinks. But it was fun!

Felt like Spring Time Already!

This past Friday it was in the 70s here! In the south we make a BIG deal about the weather getting warmer.. we dont like the winter very much. Well I dont at least!

Anyway, I was excited because I have been buying the kids their spring/summer clothes over the past few weeks and I got to break them out already (alot sooner than I had imagined.. it was near record temps for Feb!) Rachel wore her new top from Carters and Caleb wore his guitar shirt from Childrens place that we just got the other day :)

Anyway, we played outside at home for awhile after lunch. Rachel was SO thrilled to be outside.. it was so cute watching her. She would just randomly run around in circles in the driveway, or sit in the yard and throw leaves up into the air. A little later on we went over to my SIL's house and played there for awhile. She watches kids at her house, so the kids had a lot of friends to play with. Caleb's "girlfriend" was there too. She was so funny, trying to get him to hold her hand and calling him her husband. She wanted to play house or things like that and all he kept saying was "I AM IRON MAN" and running around pretending to be a superhero. Thats my Caleb.. he gets stuck on one thing and that is his world for several weeks :) Anyway, they all had a blast and ran off some energy-- they slept GOOD at their naps that afternoon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rachels 1st Bow!

Had to share! Rachels first time wearing a bow, isnt she cute?! She just BARELY had enough hair to get the bow in her hair when I tried Sat. morning. I thought it was worth a shot, and Im glad i tried! Her hair is thin and really un-manageable! She looked cute while it stayed in, though.

Valentine's Date

Arnold and I went out on a date for Valentines Day, last night. We never go out on the actual night, because it is so crowded. We convinced our parents to watch the kids.. and they ended up agreeing to watch them OVER NIGHT so we were thrilled. We went to dinner at the Artist Cafe. We had never been there but heard it was good. I really liked the atmosphere in there, very calm and laid back.. and the people working there were so nice. I ordered the lasanga and it was very good! Arnold got a NY Strip and he said it wasnt the greatest.. definatly not worth the $$$. I hate he didnt enjoy his dinner, but i sure did ;) It was great to sit there and have adult conversation and not have to worry about kids throwing food or picking with each other or running away from the table. Afterwards we had the whole night ahead of us so we drove around trying to decide what to do.. there is not much to do in the area, we all know that! We were going to go shopping but we are actually burned out on that since we've bought so much lately w/ tax money. We also were going to go get icecream at Coldstone, but we were stuffed from dinner still. So we just went home and watched a movie I had rented earlier. It was called "Going the Distance." It was a good movie, better than I had expected. Then we got a PEACEFUL nights rest, and even got to sleep in! It was the perfect evening to celebrate Valentines Day :)

Emmetts 1st Birthday Party

Saturday was my friend's son's birthday party. Emmett turned 1! They had a cute party-- monkey themed. The cake was done by a local bakery.. they always do the cutest cakes and they taste GREAT.. i might seriously look into them for my kids' birthdays this year. The kids had a great time. Rachels "boyfriend" Grayson was there so they had fun sitting in the floor eating together, it was so cute. :) The kids colored little cardboard monkeys and they were magnets for us to take home. And amy had made yummy "1" cookies for the guests to take home as favors, she did a great job! The girls played in Kaitlyn and Kenzies bedroom after they ate.. and Brooke was begging me for bunkbeds after she saw their room. I said I would think about it.. when Rachel gets a little older, haha. It actually would free up space in their room. Anyway, the party was fun and they had a great turnout. Happy Birthday Emmett!!

Rachel and Grayson eating together

I claim him as my own ;)

The cake-- already torn into, but it was cute!

The cookie favors

Baby Benjamin!

One of my very best friends, Joanne, had her baby boy on Friday morning, the 11th. He was 6lbs, 14ozs. She said she expected him to be a lot bigger since her other son Logan was over 9lbs! She had another csection since she had to have one w/ her first son, and everything went well. I went to visit her that evening, and went with another good friend, Jess. I was so excited to go see him, everyone knows how much I love newborns :) He was soo precious, and I held him a little while.. I could have stayed there all night! But we left after the nurses came in and told Joanne she needed to get up and try to walk. He was sleeping so contently and didnt even move at all.. if only they slept that well at night, haha! Anyway, i even ended up going back the next day with another friend.. she wanted to go, so perfect excuse for me to go back, right??? Arnold has no worries of anything ever coming of my baby fever anymore since hes had the vasectomy. ;)

I am posting a few pics of the cutie....

Benjamin David

Getting my Baby fix!

Brooke said "I really liked that baby!" haha :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kids' Valentines Party

This past Mon evening I had a kids' valentines party. I wish i could have invited more people, but we had to have it at our house this year because we changed churches and dont have use of the big gym anymore. Anyway.. Arnold said i was crazy for having it in the house and I think hes right now.. It was very packed! Im sorry to everyone who was crammed in there, but hope the kids had fun! they seemed to at least :)

Everyone brought a food or dessert to share and we had a pretty good spread. Elizabeth even had hotdogs leftover from her daughters day party that she so kindly brought :) And LOTS of yummy goodies.. I dont think my kids actually ate "real food".. just junk. I asked Brooke once and she said she had eaten 4 cookies! Anyway, we ate and just kindof tried to survive in there, not much room to move around at all. But it was nice to spend the evening w/ lots of good friends. Even Joanne was able to come to one last gathering before baby Ben was born :)

I had bought red bags and stickers and the kids decorated bags and we had a valentine exchange. I was so caught up in the madness that I almost forgot to hand out my own kids' valentines! And i had spent a lot of time the night before writing all those out, haha. Brooke and Caleb loved looking through all the cards they got from their friends, they got some cute ones. And the kids also all got little valentines tattoos to take home. All in all it was a fun evening but we may hold off on the parties until warmer weather and we can gather outside. That will make Arnold happy at least ;)

Jam Packed Living Room

Brooke and her school boyfriend Malachi :)

Brooke & Her other good Buddy Logan

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Like Daddy

So.. you think Arnold is brainwashing him?! Haha. Caleb and the other kids have always been intersted in playing around with Arnold's guitars, and i can tell it makes him a little giddy ;) Hed love to see them play guitar one day or pick up another instrument, but he said hes not going to push them, we will just see what they take interest in. All 3 kids seem to love music though. And I was cleaning Calebs room the other night and heard the guitar and it was Caleb playing! Haha, then I walked in and saw this.. He was strumming a little and making some notes, it was so cute. Arnold was so proud :P

Future Rockstar :P

Princess Party

Brooke was invited to a princess party, for her friends Gracie and Emily, who were turning 2 and 4. Well everyone was invited, but it was more of a girly party, so I used that as my excuse not have to take Caleb.. and it was Rachels naptime so.. I figured they could stay at home w/ Arnold. He loved not having to go to a party.. geez, he is so antisocial-- haha! :) Anyway, the party was great, everything looked so pretty. They had lots of yummy food and I was really wishing I hadnt eaten lunch just before because I was full and missed out! The cake was really good, too. They had finger nail painting, stick on tattoos, and necklace making.. Brooke really enjoyed all that. She picked purple polish (her fave color at the moment) and a ladybug tatooo. She had a really hard time when the girls opened presents, though. We are going through that stage where she doesnt understand why she isnt getting anything at parties. She was kindof rude and embarassed me! But id like to think that all mothers go through that at some point? Anyway, Joanne was there so I had someone to sit and talk with while Brooke played. It was a great party and for the most part pretty relaxed-- since I only took one kid! :)

Cake time!

Brooke showing off her necklace

Tatoo and painted nails :)

Tax Money!!

Not me of course-- Just thought the "feeling" fit ;)

Our tax money was deposited into our account Friday morning! I always look forward to it every year. With me being a stay-at-home-mom and only living on one income, we are tight alot of weeks and dont buy a lot of extras. We didnt get AS much this year, but it was still a pretty decent amount. I told Arnold to take a good look at the account, because it was only going to be high $$$ for a little bit.. I started paying bills right away. Sucks that most of it went to bills but thats how life is I guess! it feels good to get it over with, though. We were able to pay off a few credit cards, and get some heating oil (which is CRAZY high right now, by the way) I also was able to get Rachel a new stroller, the kids some new spring clothes, and a few other things. I have already bought Brooke's Easter dress this year, I found one i just fell in love with online, and so I ordered it. I also already bought her party supplies for this year, even though its 6 mos. until her birthday, haha. She is going to have the "Little Miss" theme (Litte Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox etc-- I think it will be really cute)

Anyway, we also got to buy a new cellphone, but on ACCIDENT. The other night I put my jeans in the wash and had forgotten to pull my phone out. Then later when I was looking for it, I suspected thats what I had done. So Arnold stopped the wash and reached his arm down.. and YEP just as I had suspected. It was beyond hope.. the phone had water sloshing around on the inside under the screen. But anyway.. thank goodness for my friend Lauryn who had recently gotten a new phone and sold me her old one! Which is really nice.. a LG EnV touch. My phone was ancient so this one is awesome to me... I am really liking the touchpad.. and the qwerty keyboard-- maybe I can text a little quicker now ;)

Today my Sister in law and I went out shopping a little bit. Had to pick up some stuff for a kid's valentines day party Im having tomorrow night. We also bought a few other things here and there-- like i said, gotta love tax time! I even bought a scrapbook and maybe now I will FINALLY get started on Brooke's FIRST YEAR scrapbook. Sad... I know. But come on, I had kids so fast I just didnt have time to work on the book.. Im lucky i remembered to write any of those milestones down at all ;)

Support Heart Health!!

Friday was national Heart day, in honor of Heart health. There was something on facebook telling everyone to wear red that day, to support the cause. So the kids and I did! I just wanted to post a pic to show off our red ;) The cause is very important to me, because first of all heart disease is the number 1 killer of women.. so us women need to get healthy and protect ourselves. But also, I hear that heart disease runs in my biological family.. a few of my relatives died young of heart attacks or other heart problems. So that really makes me consious of the fact that I need to try to get things together and be healthy so I can keep my heart strong! :)