Monday, February 25, 2013

Rachel's Day of Fun

This past weekend my parents took the big kids with them to the mountains. They would have taken Rachel, but she still has a hard time being gone from us for too long, so we just kept her at home with us. This past week she has been doing so much better with potty training and FINALLY pooped in the potty (sorry for TMI but it's a big deal for us mommys!) and she has been wearing big girl panties and been doing a great job! We had told her we would take her out to pick out a big girl prize when that happened. She had also been asking to get her ears pierced for awhile, so we went out for a day of fun on Saturday with her. It was so much fun, and so much easier being out with just one kid! ;) We first took her to lunch at her favorite place ever, Chick Fila. While her and Arnold were eating that I had Subway since I am on my diet. Then we headed over to Claire's to get her ears pierced. 

She sat up in the chair and let me take a few pictures of her. They let her sit with a teddy bear and hold it while she was getting it done. She was really brave.. Brooke had told her they would only let her get it done if she was brave like she had been ;) She picked out little pink butterflies as her earrings. It so happens that the girl working that day was someone I knew, so that made it more fun, too. 

Here she is all finished, and a little teary. They didn't do both ears at once, so after the first ear she was a little shocked at the pain and started crying. I felt so bad because there were big tears rolling down her cheeks! A lot of people were in the store at the moment and were watching her, and I heard someone say "poor kid!" That was sort-of rude if you ask me! It's not like we were making Rachel get it done, she had been asking to get it done, and made the decision her self! We told her what to expect and she still wanted it done. It only hurt for a minute, it wasn't torture! She was brave though, and she got not one, but TWO suckers when she was done :) 

Then we let her ride some rides in the mall. She asks to go on them EVERY single time we are there, but I never seem to have quarters with me. So I made sure to stock up this time and let her go! The first machine she went on took our money! And those stupid rides aren't cheap! 4 quarters for that one ride-- ridiculous! But she had a good time. Her favorite ride is the icecream truck :)

Next we went to a little store that lets you build your own stuffed animals. It's like build-a-bear but a knockoff. I hardly ever see anyone in there.. I am surprised they are still in business! And why? Because they are so dang expensive! Just for a stuffed animal! But she really wanted to do it, so we let that be her prize for the potty training. I was trying to steer her towards the cute pink bunny or kitty but she insisted on the leopard. It was still cute :) She went through the process of stuffing it, reciting the promise to take care of it, and all that good stuff. Then she wanted to get an outfit for it, a tutu and matching tiara and wand. So we dressed it up, then went to the computer and named it and got a certificate. It was a lot of fun. She named to leopard "Princess" and it has gone everywhere with her this past weekend. Arnold is a sucker for his little girl because he didn't really mind the price... until Caleb stepped on it later that weekend and got her outfit dirty. Sheesh! 

The lady working that day was super sweet! She really paid a lot of attention to Rachel and talked to her and everything. She offered to take a family picture of us before we left. Rachel was ready to go by then and no matter how hard we tried she would NOT smile. So this is the best we could get! 

After the mall I wanted to stop by a local kids' consignment store and look at their spring/summer stuff they recently got. Arnold took Rachel with him since she usually doesn't do too well in that store. So they ended up over at DQ and got icecream. I guess they were trying to get it without me knowing since I am on a diet and they wanted to be nice ;) And lastly we went over to Walmart to get some things we needed. We were getting ready to leave when we noticed Rachel's legs were SOAKED. She had done so good all day, but finally had an accident. So arnold ran her out, stripped her down, and we had to go home right after that and change her clothes. But I am proud of her because she has been doing such a good job! It has been a long road-- she sure is stubborn!! :)

That evening we had dinner at home and spent the evening hanging out. She has gotten obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately, and has been watching the same movie over and over on Netflix. So we got online and watched a few clips and let her play a few games--she loved that. Then she took a bubble bath before bed. Arnold sat in the bedroom and watched her, while playing guitar for her. Maybe it was really for him since he always seems to have his guitar with him anyway, but she had a good time with Daddy ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend in Review

This weekend was crazy busy, just how I like them ;) Friday it was actually pretty nice outside for once lately, in the 60's. So Rachel and I decided to get out of the house. We went to Target to check out the Vday clearance and got a few things, and even found Rachel's friend Kenzie some adorable Minnie Mouse shoes for her bday. Then we went over to Arnold's work and had lunch with him. We like to go once a week or every other week to see him, it's alot of fun. He had gotten Chick Fila for us to eat, Rachel's favorite :) After we left his work, Rachel and I decided to go shopping for the afternoon. The big kids were going to a Vday dance after school, so we didn't have to pick them up until late. We headed to the mall and I started trying on some clothes. I wasn't happy with the way a lot of stuff fit me, that is when I decided I really needed to start back on my weight loss journey again! I got slack last time! Anyway, I eventually found a few really pretty tops in JC Penney's, and a new necklace. Rachel kept embarassing me in the dressing rooms though, yelling things like "make sure to keep the door shut mama, so no one will see you NAKED!!" Ah, gotta love 3-year olds and their honesty. Lastly, we headed over to Barnes and Noble to meet my mom, she let Rachel pick out a new book for Valentine's Day. Now you see where I get it-- my mom is big on goodies for holidays, too ;) Rachel picked out a new "Pete the Cat" book.. those books are hilarious :)

That night my parents watched the kids for us overnight so I could go to Arnold's show. They had another gig at that local bar they play at so much. We had a little bit of time to kill, so we went to dinner at El Paso. I love that place and hadn't been in awhile. I got chicken fajitas, sooo yummy! I swore I was starting my diet that night, but wasn't able to follow through when we went to dinner there ;) It was fun to have some "us time." Then we went home and Arnold had to head out for set-up and sound check and all that good stuff. So I spent some time alone in the QUIET house. And when I got ready I danced around the house naked to some Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ah, now I am the one being honest ;) But it is so fun to have some "you" time every once in awhile, too! They had a huge crowd at the bar that night, and they did really well. I was surprised, since one of the band members had the flu and was feeling AWFUL, but he showed up anyway, now that is dedication! We went down the street to Westend BBQ after the show was over, and had breakfast, with Arnold's family who had come out to the show. I had never been before, but heard it was "the place" to go around here and I did love it! So we finally got home at like 3:30 am and I was practically falling asleep before I even got in the bed. I am not good at late nights!!

Saturday morning Arnold was SUCH a sweetheart and got up to pick up the kids while I slept until nearly 10:30, haha. It was so nice to sleep in after that crazy night. Then we took the kids out for icecream at Sweet Frog-- Caleb had been begging to try it. Then we went to a few stores in the area, and while we were out it started snowing. And I mean pouring snow-- the big white flakes. The kids were thrilled. Me-- not so much. But I was happy that it didn't last long and didn't stick around! I can't believe it was snowing just a day after it being sunny and warm. We have some crazy weather here in North Carolina! 

That afternoon I met my friend Erika and her mom over at the movies to go see "Safe Haven." It has sort of become a tradition that we go see all the Nic Sparks movies together.. and I know that makes Arnold really happy.. so he doesn't have to be dragged along to the chick flicks ;) I am glad I bought the 2013 popcorn bucket.. it is such a good deal to only pay $3.50 to get a huge serving of popcorn. All 3 of us were able to share it and it was plenty! Anyway, the movie was GREAT! Probably one of my favorties of his movies so far. I can't tell you how closely it followed the book, because I read the book a LONG time ago, and had actually forgotten most about it until I saw the movie and it all started coming back to me. It was a perfect mix of sweet, suspense, and funny. I loved Josh Duhamel in it, he was adorable!! :) And yes I cried. To the point where tears were rolling down my cheeks. Erika laughed at me. But it's inevitable. I say "damn you Nicholas Sparks" every time for making me cry! Ha! 

Sunday we got up and all went to church.. the 11am service. The music was rocking this week, I really emjoyed it! I also enjoyed the message this week, a series on the days leading up to Easter, and what to do to bring yourself closer to God, and work on your character. After lunch the girls and I headed to my friend Erika's house for her daughter's birthday party, who was turning 3. She wanted a tea party and it turned out adorable. All the girls were wearing cute outfits, drinking out of little tea cups, making princess room signs, and eating cute cupcakes Erika made. They even had a dance party.. the girls loved it :) Meanwhile, Arnold and Caleb stayed at home and worked in the basement, replacing our heat element. Recently our shower's water started turning cool really quickly into the shower, and we knew something was wrong. After buying a replacement kit and 4 hours of labor, Arnold had it fixed (all by himself!) and that very night I was able to take a HOT shower again! Best money spent in awhile. Never realized just how much I took hot water for granted!! Hope that fixes the problem!! 

All dressed up for the show Fri night. Wearing one of my new tops and necklace. I loved the shirt, it had sparkles all over it and was really pretty :)

Sexy hubby playing guitar at the show. He thought he was cool with his sunglasses. I think he was trying to be like Eric Church ;)

All the guys in the band. Darrin is hidden back there on drums ;) They did a great job!

Arnold and I at a break. We even got to slow dance to a song during the break :)

The girls eating their icecream at Sweet Frog on Saturday. 

Brooke at Kenzie's party on Sunday,. holding the sign she made for her room.

Rachel and Kenzie dancing together, it was just precious! :)

Me with the birthday girl! Can you tell she was being silly??? :)

Me with one of my besties! She had a great party! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We had a great Valentine's Day this year. I know some people don't really get into it, but I love celebrating every holiday. Any chance for me to decorate, make things, throw parties, give gifts.. whatever. I love doing stuff like that :)

We made these pretzel buttons we found on Pinterest. You can really switch out the M&M's colors for any holiday. We boxed them up in these cute little heart boxes and gave them to the kids' teachers. They also picked out big Reese's chocolate hearts to give them.

Arnold surprised me and sent me flowers. They showed up a day early. I was in the bathroom drying my hair and heard a knock on the door, and just let it go. Later I went to the door and saw them there. Arnold usually gets me roses because they are my favorite, but he sent me tulips this year. I love them.. the first day they didn't look so great, but then they started to open up and were beautiful. 

We went to see the kids at school to have lunch with them. Seems everyone else had the same idea and we were all crammed at a table together, but it was fun. Rachel loves going to see all the big kids at school. She also enjoyed eating a school lunch and these strawberries that were all over her mouth ;) Brooke got to choose a friend to sit with us at lunch, and she chose her new friend, Zoey. So I got to sit with the girls and talk to them, it was very sweet :)

We went to Texas Roadhouse a night early to celebrate. It was still very packed in there, I had to park all the way over in the next parking lot. But we had a good time, and the food was awesome. I love how they have peanuts for you to eat before they bring the food out :)

I know I went a little overboard with the Valentine's Day treats this year, but I had some stuff put back in the basement that I had picked up at the big Target sales and everything was really cheap. I also had to get Brooke this year's Valentine's Day Mini Lalaloopsy of course ;) And they JUST came out with the next book in the "Pinkalicious" series, and I got it and couldn't wait any longer to give it to them :)

Caleb was actually home on Vday from school because he had coughed all night, the night before, and hadn't gotten any sleep. So he stayed home to rest. So at lunch I made him and Rachel their food on Valentine's Day plates and gave them heart napkins, too. They seemed to like the special touch :)

I also got some cute little plastic glasses with hearts on them, and they had some drinks after school, and without me even asking, they all clinked their glasses together. Too funny. So I had to get a picture :)

Rachel's Vday outfit. I know it is purple, but I loved the little pom pom heart! This is another Crazy 8 outfit-- they never should have opened that store in our mall, I am going to get into so much trouble!!!!

And this was us just being silly that night, before the kids went to bed. Everyone is wearing pink and red, even to bed. After we played around awhile we read bedtime stories. The big cat I am holding is Rachel's, she got it for Christmas from her Aunt Beth. She calls it "Fat Kitty" and sleeps with it every night :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What We have been Up To

We have been celebrating one of my best friend's sons 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Ben! Seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital, holding you, right after you had been born! Your mama was out of it and I wanted to walk right out of that room and keep you for myself! ha! You are such an adorable, sweet boy. We went on a playdate at the mall the morning of his birthday, and let the kids play. 

We have been having yummy treats at Sweet Frog! Rachel will never pass up a chance to go there now! As Caleb pointed out the other day, somehow he has never gotten to try it yet (I feel bad!) So we will have to go back soon and let him try it, too! Did everyone know that Mondays are double punch days?! I had no idea and got a happy surprise when I got 4 punches on my card when we went Monday. It is almost full now and I will soon get a free one! 

These were Rachel and I's creations this past trip. I usually stick with what I like. Chocolate icecream, brownie chunks, reese's crumbles, and cherries. Can you tell I like my chocolate?! Rachel likes to get a little bit of everything! Gummy bears, m&ms, sprinkles, strawberries, berry balls, you name it-- she will add it on. They really do have a GREAT selection of toppings. I guess since they took Rita's away from us, we will now hold our playdates and special occasions here instead ;)

We have been dressing up in our new outfits! This is the outfit I got Rachel the day Arnold and I went shopping, on our anniversary. I fell in love with it. The leggings were a little tight, but other than that it is adorable! Everyone else loved it, too. And she actually let me put a bow in her hair! (for a little while)

We have been practicing our cheesy smiles. Rachel has the biggest, silliest smiles. They melt my heart. At least I know the girl is happy! ;)

We have been winning awards at school! After her recent AR Reading Award, Brooke came home with yet ANOTHER award this past week! Citizen of the Month! I am so proud of her, she has become a wonderful young lady. She is very kind, helpful, and respectful. She tries to be a friend to everyone she meets. I don't mean to brag, but she deserved it! ;)

We have been getting EEGs. I took Brooke in yesterday afternoon to get her EEG they had scheduled. They wanted to see how her epilepsy is doing, and if she is still having seizures, and if that is what is causing her attention/focus problems in school. She was so nervous, even though she has had it done before and knew it didn't hurt. She took both Sally AND Panda with her to hang out with her. She got to sit in a big, comfy chair and watch cartoons while the dr. attached all the wires to her head (that took awhile, there were 24 of them!) Then she had to lay back and close her eyes, and do a bunch of tests while they monitored her. That was really tough for her, because she hates sitting still. But she did great. I watched the computer screen the whole time, watching her brain waves, but of course I didn't know what I was looking at. They said her results should be in really soon.

We have been taking pictures of silly hair after EEGs. Haha. They use this sticky, gooey stuff to attach all those electrodes to your head, so when you get done, your hair is pretty nasty. Brooke's hair was sticking up every which way. This was even after they had tried to wipe it down a little bit. I was taking a pic of her right when the elevator opened.. the guy on there probably thought we were nuts! ;)

We have been celebrating good things. Brooke winning that award. Being brave during her EEG, and Valentine's Day, of course. We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse last night. Haven't been there in forever. I forgot how much I loved the rolls and peanuts they give you while waiting for your food :) Brooke is holding the mermaid Barbie she picked out at the store yesterday. I am such a sucker. But we promised her something if she was a big girl during the test, and that is what she wanted. It was between that and a stuffed Hello Kitty doll. I tried to sway her towards the Lalaloopsies (which I love) but nope, had to be the mermaid. Rachel loved it too, she brushed it's hair all during dinner :)

We have been attending Women's Conferences. Mom invited me to a conference where tons and tons of women get together (over 2,000 to be exact) and there is a speaker, worship, singing, workshops, Bible Studies, and all sorts of things. I had never been to one before, but since it was in our town, I figured it was worth a shot. The speaker for the weekend was Billy Graham's daughter. She was pretty awesome, I liked hearing her speak. I have been a Christian all my life, but she really made me think about some things in a different light. There is always something to learn-- always! Her daughter also came up and taught us how to teach the Bible to kids. She said it is never too early to start introducing it to kids-- I need to get better about that. Brooke already loves her Kids' Bible mom got her. Anyway, it was a great weekend. I ended up running into tons of women I know, and some I haven't seen in a long time, and it was a great surprise to get to chat with them and give them a big hug :) 

This is mom the first night of our conference. It was so crowded. The first picture I took wasn't good at all, and she made me sit there and delete it in front of her, haha. She is silly, she is a beautiful woman. And where I got my love for scarves-- she is wearing a homemade one in the pic, and usually gives some to me as gifts, too :) 

Hope everyone is having a great week! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Week In Pictures

Arnold took Brooke to the Girlscout Father/Daughter dance. They went last year too, and had a blast. Well at least Brooke did ;) I found Brooke a new dress and used the curling iron on her hair, and she wore a new, glittery pink headband. She looked so pretty! She came home and told me all about the different songs that played while they were there, that she danced, ate some icecream, and all sorts of things. She is very detail-oriented. They took some professional-type pics that we should be getting back soon :)

Brooke looked so incredibly grown-up that day. I still can't get over it. When I look as pictures like this I try to remember the little baby girl who use to crawl around, drool, put everything in her mouth, and make a crazy mess. She is now a sweet, helpful little person, who likes to read, ride her bike, and go on "girls' day" trips with me. I wonder how long she will tell me secrets. How long she will let me put bows in her hair. How long until she gets embarrassed of me. I just want her to stay little as long as possible!!!

While they went to the dance, the little kids and I hung out at home. I let them eat special things for dinner, and let Caleb be lazy and play his DS, because after all, it is his favorite thing right now. Rachel was already cozy in her PJs and snuggled in beside him to watch him play. When he is not around, she sometimes steals his DS and tries to play it herself :)

Michael's had their Valentines' Day crafts on sale for 50% off so I got this cute kit for the kids to make some things. I had actually wandered in there for something else, and saw these. The kids absolutely love doing crafts. I thought I was going to get away easy with these, but I still had to help glue things on and cut a few things with the scissors. Oh well, they had a good time! :)

Our finished product-- don't know why it went sideways! Of course I had to get the kit with the owl, so cute :) I think the kids did pretty good on their little critters :)

Rachel got tired of waiting on me to help, and to read the instructions, so she took a plate and plastered hearts all over it. So this became her craft.. no animal for her! Love how she does her own thing. And she is just a little impatient..... like her Mama... :)

We haven't been out to eat somewhere relatively nice in a long time, because it is stressful with 3 kids, crowded, and expensive with 5 people. But since our tax money had come in recently, and we wanted to get out that night, we decided to go as a family to Fatz. We said it was to celebrate the kids' good report cards and awards they got :) Plus, Fatz has the BEST buttery rolls ever. I could eat those alone for a meal. We got there really early and got a table right away, I was surprised. The kids were pretty well-behaved. They even sat on one side of the booth and Arnold and I sat on the other side alone, so it was almost like a date... almost... :)

Rachel had the mac & cheese kids' meal. She loved it. To be truthful, I love it too. They use 3 kinds of cheese on their's and it tastes amazing! So I stole a few bites ;) don't want to know how many calories I consumed that night. But we had fun! :)

We went as a family to walmart, to get some things we needed. That also never happens. I despise Walmart as it is, but especially with kids. But I had Arnold's help, and it went ok I guess. We needed several things for around the house.. some new sheets for our bed, a new shower head (our's broke the other day) and other random things. Thank goodness for tax money. We bought way too much, but we needed it all!

I started a new tradition this year. I found little tin Vday mailboxes in the Target dollar spot. I got the kids all one, in different colors. Every night when they go to sleep i leave a little something in their mailbox. Either a piece of candy, a little toy or treat, or just a simple note. We call it the "Countdown to Valentine's Day" and are doing in the 2 weeks leading up to the day. The kids ask about their mailboxes first thing, they get so excited. And if they don't "show love" one day, they don't get anything in their box. Caleb got in trouble yesterday at school, and he didn't get anything. It hurt me to leave him out, but he has to learn. If you think I over-do holidays, that's ok. They are only little once and I enjoy doing things for my kids! My parents made a big deal over things when I was little, so It's all I know :) By the way, Party City has some great little trinkets and candy to buy for stuff like this.. they had little candies 15 for a dollar, and little toys 2/1 and stickers and all sorts of stuff. So you can still get out cheap ;)

We went out and bought the kids some new spring clothes. Before you know it, Spring will be here! I am so excited, Spring is my favorite season. After all those months of cold weather, being stuck inside and grumpy, it turns warm and you get to go outside alot! We ended up finding some cute things... I can't wait to see them in some of their new outfits. We didn't get these hats they tried on, but they were cute! :)

Did you know Sonic sells their ice by the bag? I am a weirdo, I am an ice freak. I have always eaten my ice, probably due to the fact that I have always had low iron, and they say it makes you crave ice (why, I don't know??) But anyway, Sonic has the "soft pellet ice" and it is the best!! So Arnold stopped by the drive-thru and got me a bag. That is ALL we bought. The guy probably thought we were crazy. But then Arnold made sure to tell him "my wife loves yall's ice!" So.. now I look like the weird one. Oh well, I don't care! Now at night I can have my drinks with my special ice, and I am happy :)

The kids and I made these pretzel bites for their teachers, as a Vday treat. I saw this idea on pinterest, and loved it. It is super easy. You take the square pretzels, put them on a baking pan, place striped hershey kisses on top of each one. Then cook in the oven at 200 degrees for about 3-4 minutes, so the kisses are starting to get soft but are still holding their shape somewhat. Then you take them out, press an M&M on each one and press down softly. Then you put them in the fridge for awhile and they harden up. Then enjoy! We ate the broken ones (and they are yummy!) and packed the rest up in these little heart-shaped boxes I found, and sent them off to school today. You can mix up the colors of the M&M's for any holiday. Cute idea for anybody. Tips- be sure to use some sort of wax paper, etc under them because they end up sticking to the pan! Also-- put the M&M face down so you don't see the "M"-- doesn't matter but it's cuter that way ;) 

Monday, February 4, 2013

What February Brings!!

On My Nightstand (What I'm Reading)

Almost finished with this one, down to the last few chapters. Like Elin Hilderbrand's books. This one didn't pull me in as much as her other's, though.

Finally got Emily Giffin's latest. My friend Cori said it wasn't the greatest though. It's next on my list to read.

On the Shelf (What I'm wanting to read)

Found this the other day at a thrift store for only $1! It was a popular book, so it is on my list now of my many to-reads.

Still working on the Harry Potter series, but I have taken a break. Need to start back with this one.

In Theaters

Safe Haven is out in theaters this month! Just in time for Valentine's Day! My friend and I will definitely be going to see it. We read and watch all the movies by Nicholas Sparks :)

I don't go to the movies much, but if I were to pick another one this month, it would be Identity Thief. The previews look really funny. Melissa McCarthy is always hilarious :)

On the Small Screen

Hey once again I'm behind the times! (no surprise, huh?) Recently ordered Season 1 so I could watch it here at home. We don't have the channel that is comes on. Ready to laugh if it's as good as everyone says it is!

Music to my Ears

This is mostly more for Brooke, but the Beebs had an acoustic album come out recently, so we will have to check that out :)

Projects to Tackle

Mostly Valentine's related of course. Brooke got these princess valentines for her friends in her classroom this year.

And I ordered this kit for Caleb, off Oriental Trading, the other day when they were having a free shipping deal. Everyone loves Pixy Stix, right??
 I want to do this for the kids. Put hearts all over their bedroom doors on the night before Valentine's day, and when they wake up they see it. You write things about them and what you love about them. How sweet!

Very cute picture idea, want to try this if I can remember.

Milk and cookies. Milk served in fancy heart glasses, of course. We have some of these glasses actually, from awhile back when Arnold and I used them on an anniversary trip.

What's Cooking in the Kitchen

Would love to try this.. it's called Cowboy Casserole. Cheese on top makes everything yummy :)

Crock pot Mac and Cheese. Just looking at this makes me hungry!

Oven roasted sausages, potatoes, and peppers. Reminds me of something my parents make. Yum!

Pizza dip, and using pieces of flatbread to dip in it. Looks delicious! we love pizza here!

Valentine's Day cupcakes, maybe using a strawberry on top to make a heart!

Going to make these treats for the kids' teachers this year. Using pretzels, striped hershey kisses, and the Vday colored M&M's. They look good and easy to make, too!

In my Mailbox

My girls have the "Pinkalicious" book series, and they just came out with a new book. So when I got a Barnes and Noble coupon the other day in my email, that's what I ordered! They will get this either at Vday or Easter, haven't decided yet.

In my Shopping Cart

We recently got our tax money back. Arnold has told me forever I could get a tablet. I used to have a Kindle Fire, and loved it, but it accidentally took a trip through the washing machine and was ruined :( I want to get another one, and he is pushing for the new, nicer HD model. What do yall think? I keep holding out! Decisions, decisions!

Bought this striped sheet set for our bed. They are cute and bring some color to the room. 
 They had a bunch of stuff on sale at Crazy 8, and when I went to the mall the other day I got this outfit for Rachel. The kitty top and kitty leggings. How precious is that?! She loves kitties, too! :)

In my Prayers

~My Mother-in-law, who is recovering from surgery.

~Baby Pearce, who always needs our prayers. But she is almost 2! She is truly a miracle!

~For Brooke's upcoming neurology appointment. Hoping for answers!

~For my friend Chrissy, so is carrying a sweet baby girl, and due in June! :)

~For a few friends who recently lost loved ones.

~For my sanity, as Arnold takes on a lot of band gigs in the upcoming months!

On the Calendar 

~Women's Conference in Hickory this weekend with Mom! She asked me a long time ago if I wanted to go, and got us tickets. We are going with several ladies we know and love. The theme of the weekend is "Hope" and it should be awesome! I am looking forward to it.

~Celebrating several birthdays, of the kids of my closest friends! Ben, Logan, and Makenzie all have birthdays and parties this month!

~Valentine's Day of Course, the day of love :)

~Dr appointments for Brooke and I. For 2 totally different things. I am having pains that are getting worse and am afraid it might be GERD or a peptic ulcer. Brooke is getting checked to see what's going on with her epilepsy and if it's what is causing problems at school, or if it's ADD or something similar.

~Going to see Full Circle play at the Country Music Bar!