Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday morning I got up really early and went out to the 7-mile yardsale with two of my good friends. They have it twice a year in our area and many families participate. Some years it is good, some years it is not-so-good. I wasn't having much luck finding stuff but I was having a great time with the girls! And that is what matters ;) I eventually found a yardsale where a woman was selling clothes for 50 cents each, and she had a ton of nice Gymboree clothes and some nightgowns for girls. So I scooped up $12 worth of clothes! It was a great deal.. the whole yardsale day was worth it just for that. Eventually I found another sale where the clothes were higher priced but I found an entire Gymbo outfit for Brooke with APPLES and it will be perfect for the first day of school. Looks new. Is it crazy that she isn't out of school yet THIS year and I already have her outfit for the first day next year? Oh well, I like to plan ahead! ;) After we got tired at the sales I took the girls to a local restaurant near my house called Granny's Kitchen. We had breakfast there and it was sooo good. Their pancakes are huge! I think I got the girls hooked, and we will have to go back soon ;)

Saturday afternoon one of Brooke's friends from school called. She asked if Brooke could come over and play. She actually lives right down the road from us and I never knew it! How cool is that? I talked to her grandparents on the phone and they told me how to get there. I dropped Brooke off, and immediately she ran off with her friend, Zoey, and I was told they played for hours. Brooke and Zoey have been "Bff's all year, so I am glad they finally got an afternoon to play together outside of school. I am sure they will want to get together several times this Summer, too.

Saturday evening I went over to my friend Joanne's house for a girls' night in. We like to do these every so often. Either watch movies or tv shows, or whatever. We never could decide what to do this time, so we just watched silly youtube videos on her tv. Have you seen "If Facebook was created in the 90's?" It is hilarious.. you should check it out. And makes me realize how old I am, and how far we have come with technology! Then we found a countdown of the top 100 songs of the 90's, and went through and sang along. Yeah, it was pretty funny with our singing voices, but it was a blast. I laughed so hard, like I usually do when I hang out with my friends. The 90's were awesome by the way! ;)

Sunday morning we tried to get some cleaning done around the house. Then that afternoon I took Brooke to a birthday party (Zoey's actually!) and Arnold and his dad took Caleb to the movies to see Iron Man 3. He is obsessed with Super heros, and couldn't stop talking about it ever since he got out of bed. He was asking every 5 minutes if it was time to go yet! Anyway, the birthday party was at the Science Center. Brooke and her friends go to go to the butterfly exhibit and watch them and actually catch some on their hands, too. Then made some crafts and ate some cake of course. While that was going on, I took Rachel over to Sweet Frog to get some icecream! That has become a regular hang out for us. 

Sunday evening after everyone was done with all their activities, we went over to mom and dads to eat dinner. We were going to go swimming but never got around to it. Dad made ribs for everyone but I don't eat meat on a bone, so Mom made me shrimp instead ;) The kids ate outside on the deck with their Grandma and had a great time. Mom and I talked birthday gifts.. she wanted to know what to get the kids this year. All my kids PLUS me have Summer birthdays, so it is a busy shopping time for her ;) She also showed me what she had bought me for my birthday (coming up in 1 month!) but wouldn't let me have it yet. Boo! that is no fair! ;) Anyway, we had a great time and the kids didn't want to go home.

Monday the kids were out of school, but Arnold had to work. So we just hung around the house most of the day. The kids played outside off and on all day. I tried to get some work done around the house. I have been working forever to get the girls' closet cleaned out. I don't know how they have so much stuff!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Holiday! :)

Erika and I out to breakfast on Saturday after yard saling.

Jess sitting across the table from us.

Daddy helping Rachel ride her bike up the road. She did a great job!

Brooke at the Science Center for Zoey's birthday party.

Rachel eating her rasperry yogurt at Sweet Frog.

The girls playing dress up with Grandma's stuff. They raided her closet!

The kdis in their red, white, and blue on Memorial Day.

Riding their bikes up the street. One of their fave things to do!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Wish List!

My birthday is coming up really soon! I hope this list doesn't come across as me being greedy.. it is a WISH list! LOL. Plus, it can give ideas to Hubby and family, who usually ask anyway. And eventually I'd like to buy all these things anyway, even if I do it myself! So here is my list....

This bag. From Sears. So colorful for Summer!

I have been wanting to read this book forever!

The new CD out from MB20. One of my fave bands ever!

Fell in love with this turtle at B&Body works. It holds air freshners in your car!

Speaking of B&B Works, I love their wallflowers. I always am using refills!

These cute owl earrings are adorable!

I spotted this OWL doormat at Kirkland's! Who's There?? :)

I am in love with bright, spring nail colors lately. Would love to get coral next.

One of these necklaces. I like that color, too!

A new cover for my Kindle Fire. I spotted this one because of OWLS. Duh!

And yeah another owl thing. I saw a shower curtain like this at Target! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mommy Dearest

Since Mother's Day was this past weekend, I thought I would do a post on my mom, and the things she taught me growing up. I was picking up lessons every day, whether I knew it or not. As I grew up I realized she was RIGHT most of the time (not cool, haha!) She is the best. I know not everyone had a good mom figure growing up, and I took that for granted. But now that I have kids of my own I understand how hard it is and the sacrifice and effort she put forth. So thank you Mom. And I hope you all like my post!


~Hard work and perseverance pay off. 

 ~Always put God first. Your husband next. And kids after that. God will help you manage your time and make sure you meet everyone's needs.

 ~You can be a classy woman and not be a snob.

 ~Stick by your family. Even if you don't always agree with all their choices.

 ~Making traditions with your family is important. Your kids will always remember.

 ~Be thoughtful and remember people that are important to you. A little gift here and there will really brighten someone's day. Or just a card to let them know you are thinking of them.

 ~Don't go crazy with one guy in highschool. The heartaches won't last forever. It is not very often that a young love will last forever.

 ~Speak your mind, life is way too short not to be heard.

 ~Make sure you are eating healthy. Treats are ok occasionally. Having home-cooked meals on the table at night is important for you to be together as a family.
 ~Always make the effort for your man. Try to look nice when he gets home. He will appreciate you making the effort for him. He will feel special.

 ~You will always worry about your kids and care about the little things. Motherhood is hard. But it is a love like no other. You can't even describe it. 

 ~Treat your kids like equals. Be fair. Don't play favorites. But remember they are different people with different personalities, and therefore, different things work with each of them.

~Make time for your friends. Regular phone calls, lunches, or whatever you can do. If you grow up and can count on one hand your TRUE friends, consider yourself very blessed.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend, 2013!

This weekend was so much fun!

Friday Rachel and I met my mom at Kohl's to do some shopping. I tried on lots of clothes and my mom bought me a few outfits for Mother's Day. I was so happy to have some new spring clothes! I even ventured out and got some pink capris, and some turquoise capris. I had been wanting to try some for awhile but didn't know how they'd look on me. It was fun modeling clothes for Mom and Rachel and them helping me decide on what to get. After shopping we went to lunch at Applebee's. Rachel has always talked really "fancy" for a 3-year old (I have no idea why!) and she said "Excuse me, when will my mac and cheese arrive??" LOL! She is so funny. Lunch was great and it was so much fun spending time with my mom. She had been on a 10-day trip out West with my dad and just gotten back recently, so we hadn't seen her in awhile.

Friday evening when Arnold got home from work we all went out. We went to Target to do a little shopping first. They had their pajama pants on sale so I got myself some early gifts ;) I also got a few pairs of sandals. I had a coupon for one and they were on clearance already and I got a pair for 8 cents!! No kidding! That is probably my best deal to date, I was excited! Then we went over to Sweet Frog to meet some friends for icecream. They were PACKED and we didn't even find a table big enough for all of us. Thank goodness for others being kind enough to let us steal some of their chairs they weren't using! That night after we put the kids to bed, Arnold and I watched "The Secret Life of Bees." It was really good! Arnold said later that he had been afraid he wouldn't like it, but it was actually pretty good. 

Saturday morning Arnold let me sleep in and that was soo nice! Later on that morning we went to a local town hall, where the band that he is in was playing for a fundraiser for a church. Since it was outside and during the day I got to take the kids this time. They got to run around in the grass and play while we watched the band. They were also selling food so we had hotdogs, chips and drinks while we were there. A lady had handmade a beautiful quilt and they were selling raffle tickets to try to raise money while earning a shot to win it. I put my name in for 3 chances but didn't win :( Bummer, I thought I really had a chance since there wasn't a ton of people there!! Anyway, it was a good time, even though I really suffered from allergies later that evening.

Saturday evening Arnold's parents took the kids for us for awhile so we could go out to dinner. We had a coupon to Outback Steakhouse, so we decided to go there. Even at 4:30 there was a 30 minute wait to get in! That is crazy! Why do people wait so long for food?! Anyway, we had a nice little romantic dinner and it was fun. A couple going to prom sat at the table next to us and made me feel really old watching them!! Haha! After dinner we went to a few stores to browse around. I got a few more things for Rachel's birthday party. And I hit up Bath and Body Works which made Arnold sigh.. he hates going in there! But he was a trooper for me ;) When we were leaving the mall there was a huge storm cloud rolling in and it was thundering. I love that kind of weather but it always makes Arnold nervous! So we grabbed a pina colada freeze at Taco Bell and then headed back to pick up the kids.

Sunday morning I had to go to early service at church to work in the baby class. I wore one of the outfits my mom had gotten me on Friday. The kids and Arnold gave me their gifts. A necklace of a dachshund. I had seen it online awhile back and said how much I loved it, and Arnold had remembered and gotten it! Isn't that sweet?! I was totally surprised! He also wrote a message in his card that almost made me cry!! So he accomplished his mission-- for a good Mother's Day! :) After church we went to lunch at Mom and Dad's house. Dad had cooked for us and it was really yummy! My brother was also in town for the weekend and that was another great surprise! After staying over there awhile we went by to see Arnold's parents and give his mom her present from us. And that afternoon when we got home I took a REALLY long nap while Arnold entertained the kids. It was an awesome day!!

Rachel excited and waiting on her mac and cheese at Applebee's. 

Rachel and my mom at lunch on Friday after shopping.

Rachel on the steps of the office where we went to pick up my highschool transcript. I finally have all my papers I needed to get into nursing school! yay! :)

I found this at GOODWILL. New with tags, for $3. It is smocked and beautiful. score!

Brooke showing me the things she made for me at school.

The frame her teacher helped her make for us.

Caleb made me a card and it said "My mom is pretty." :)

Rachel and her BFF Kenzie having some icecream on Friday night.

Brooke, Caleb, and Kaitlyn hanging out at a table together.

The kids playing in the grass at Daddy's show on Saturday.

The kids and I taking a pic in front of the Veterans memorial.

Out to dinner at Outback on Saturday night. Date night!!

The kids and I on Mother's Day!

My brother Alex and I, with our sweet Mama. And me wearing my new outfit!

Yummy lunch we had on Sunday. And we had cheesecake for dessert!

The kids eating lunch outside on Sunday.

Rachel with her Grandma Marcella. They look alike, I think.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That's So Pinteresting

Today's topic is home projects. These are some things that I am wanting to do in the nearby future. Some of the things we have already started on or gotten stuff for.

Arnold swears he will do the circles for me so I can do the painting similar to this, on a canvas. I don't know why, I just liked it!

I've already found a thrifted tray, now I just need to paint with chalkboard paint and make my own message board to put up in the kitchen or living room.

They have scent enhancers now for clothes. I heard they also work well in a wax burner and make the house smell good. Anyone know if this is true?? 

I want to do a photo wall similar to this in our hallway. I have lots of pictures to use.

I want to find a pretty clear jar to put all my bracelets in. I already have a jewelry "tree" but it is already over-stuffed with my necklaces and earrings and stuff.

I want to make a key holder for the kitchen. I am always losing our keys. 

I want to find a pretty mirror to put over our mantel. We have a picture up there now that doesn't really "go" with the look.

I want to find some new throw pillows for the living room. We are re-doing the colors in there.

I want to organize our bathroom (and all other) drawers. They have trays to help you do that! 

Arnold and I have already been to Home Depot to pick a shade for our front door. We are painting it this summer. It is actually very similar to this shade of red.

I hope to find a cheap lamp and add something to it, maybe for the girls' room.

I already found a thrifted tray. I want to spraypaint it and use it in my bedroom somehow.

I love this setup with wedding pictures. We have so many that I could display if we did this.