Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday 5!!


Rachel and Brooke are going with Arnold to a Father/Daughter dance put on by on church, Saturday night. I found a purple sparkly dress for Brooke, for a great price. Rachel has lots of dresses but they are more casual, so she wanted something "fancier." I didn't want to spend a lot so I went by Once Upon A Child consignment last night on my way home and found the cutest peach dress I knew she'd love. When I was leaving, a bright dress caught my eye. It was a Lilly Pulitzer dress in her size!!! For only $6.50! I had to get it, it was too cute. I wasn't one of the crazies outside Target Sunday morning, but I do like her stuff :)


Who else saw Grey's last night??? Oh... my... goodness. It was such an emotional episode. I bawled like a baby the last ten minutes. I can't believe Shonda Rhimes did that! Eeek! I won't say much on here in case someone hasn't watched it yet... anyway, I am sad. Next week looks like it's going to be another emotional episode.. and 2 hours! So get ready....


The other night they had an art show in the gym for parents to come to, to see the kids' artwork they had done this year in Art Club, and have some refreshments, and hang out. Brooke and Caleb decided to do the art club this year. We got to see all their art-- I especially liked the owls ;) Then we got to take everything home in a folder to keep. They had a lot of fun. Maybe Rachel will want to be in the club next year. She is always drawing at home!!


I had to throw a shoutout to my friend Naomi, who goes to my church. She wrote a devotional! Isn't that cool? It's a 21 day process, which "examines 21 different paradoxes in the Bible." I am getting it for my Kindle. It is available on Amazon for kindle and in paperback. Everyone check it out! Naomi is a very gifted speaker, and I have enjoyed hearing her in the past at womens' events. In side note-- she has the cutest son EVER, who I get to watch in childcare ;) But really--- check out her book!!!! :)

I am on COUNTDOWN bigtime now... my new niece is due in 2 weeks or less! Her name is going to be Ava!! Isn't that pretty? I keep waiting for a phone call! When she arrives I will be traveling to Florida with my parents to visit for a weekend or so. Arnold will be holding down the fort here, watching the kids and helping out at church while i'm gone! So yall be praying for safe travels for us, and SANITY for Arnold.. haha! I cannot wait to get my hands on my new niece!!! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend in Review!

Friday morning I went to the kids' school to see their awards ceremonies. Now that Brooke is in the 3rd grade, I have to stay for 2 ceremonies and it's a long morning, but I love going. Arnold had to go on into work so he couldn't make it, but his parents were able to come, too. Brooke and Rachel both got recognized for Citizen of the Month, and Brooke got the AR reader award. Caleb thought he had gotten his AR reader award too, but he was just under his goal, so he was bummed out :( I felt bad for him. Brooke watched one of her best friends stand up for A honor roll, then win a mini Ipad for a raffle they did. She went up to her afterwards and said MAN! you must be one lucky kid! LOL ;) 

My parents were going on a week vacation and wanted us all to go with them but I had work 2 times over the weekend and some stuff going on, so they asked if they could take the kids. We said of course! ;) The kids were so excited to go. They left right after school. I packed up all their stuff and kept worrying I was forgetting something. Rachel was the only one who kept saying "I will miss you!"-- the other two seemed ready to leave! ;) After they left, it felt so strange and lonely in the house... even Sheldon seemed to wonder where his kids where, because he sat by the door whining for a little while after they left.

That evening I had to work childcare, so Arnold and I decided to meet up for dinner before. We went to Hannah's BBQ that is pretty close to where I was working. It was nice to have a meal together, in peace, without kids whining and making a mess. But I was already missing them and talking about them anyway! I had a BBQ sandwich, and it was good but spicy! 

I then headed to church.. we were working an event called INSPIRE that was for ladies. I was supposed to sort of bounce between classrooms and make sure everything was going ok, but a few people called out of work so I ended up staying with the bigger kids and helping out. We had 18 kids aged 4-8! Let's just say it was a madhouse in there. At one point there were several girls drawing, boys running around chasing each other, a veggie tales cd on full blast, and three very crazed workers, haha. Thankfully the rain had died down some so we were able to take them outside for awhile to play on the playground. The event ended up going over, so we were there for close to 4 hours instead of 3 hours. Good for the pay, but leads to being exhausted! ;) At the end of the evening, one of the little girls came up to me and gave me a picture of a big, colorful heart, and then gave me a big hug :) It made me feel so special! I am used to working with the babies and toddlers, and they don't ever exactly say thanks for taking care of me ;) (but I LOVE IT!) but it was cool to have an older child show me that I made a difference. I love my job! :)

Saturday morning Arnold and I got to sleep in! We slept until after 9am, then spent another hour in bed just hanging out and on our tablets. We were lazy! :) Then we got ready and went to lunch at Olive Garden. We knew since we had a lunch date we would go to one of our favorite places! :) After lunch I had some time to kill before I met up with my friends, so we went to a few stores. Then we tried the new flavor of freeze drinks at Taco Bell-- Sour Patch redberry. I love sour patch candy, but didn't like the drink. It was too sour, left my mouth so dry, and turned my mouth and hands red! eek!

At 3:30 I met up with 3 of my best friends at the nail place. I had a full set of gel nails put on. I somehow got talked into a hand massage while I was there, and nail design. I ended up with mint green nails and some white/silver accents.. and I love them! I also got my eyebrows waxed while I was there-- they are the only people I trust! We were there over 2 hours but it was a nice afternoon of pampering. 

Then we met up with 2 more of my best friends at Wild Wok, for my evening of trying SUSHI!! I wasn't really excited that day, because I was afraid I wouldn't like it. I had even eaten a big lunch in case ;) Everyone gave me suggestions of what to get, and I ended up trying the California roll. I also got a meal with other things too, like an egg roll and rice. I tried to eat it and Erika said I did it wrong-- oops! I bit into it and she said I was just supposed to pop it into my mouth. I also tried using chop sticks but gave up on that quickly! Erika was photographing it all and they were all laughing, and I'm sure people around us thought were crazy!! But I don't care. I had a BLAST! I didn't care too much for the sushi, but I am glad I tried it, and it's another item marked off my list! And I laughed until my stomach hurt, and got to spend the evening with my very best friends, so it was an amazing night. I needed that! :)

When I got home, Arnold had mowed the lawn and did some cleaning up.. so sweet :) The kids called and we got to say Hi to them and hear about what they were doing. Then Arnold realized he hadn't gotten any dinner yet, so we went out to get him some fried chicken. Actually he was about to go himself, then I realized no kids were there, so I hopped up and went with him! Strange! :)

Sunday it POURED rain all day. It was yucky. But we still had lots of kids in childcare. This was the last Sunday our preacher was preaching :( They are moving, and we are going to miss them so much! Lots of people were there to see them! I worked the first service, but 2nd service I had tons of help, so I got to go into service with my friend Shana! I was so excited because I don't get to go see the actual service much anymore.. I am so busy with the babies! :) We got to see 2 baptisms also (actually 3 because 2 of them were twin baby girls who were PRECIOUS!!) SO sweet!

After we got out of church, Arnold and I headed to Asheville to meet mom and Dad. Since they were so far away we decided to meet halfway to pick up the kids. We met at a TGI Friday's and all had lunch together. I hopped out of the van and ran to give all of them big hugs! They had a great time, but they missed us ;) They told us all about their weekend, and they all had a great time. They got to go swimming, stay up late, play games, feed squirrels, and eat grandma's yummy cooking. Sounds good to me! ;) On the way back the kids watched a movie on the van dvd player and I fell asleep! This weekend kicked my butt! But it was very memorable and I had a great time! And I can't wait to have another girls' day in the near future! ;)

Having lunch with Arnold on saturday

My beautiful nails! Getting used to them!

My best friends all in one place! That never happens! I'm so blessed!

Trying the sushi!

Jess helped me out and just popped it into my mouth, haha!!

Erika made sure to capture all my silly faces ;)

We have been friends for nearly 14 years!! 

We have been friends for over 18 years! amazing! :)

We got the kiddos home Sunday evening! I was so happy to have them back! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday!

The Lily Pulitzer for Target collection is coming out on Sunday! It will probably go really fast.. which makes me sad.. because after Saturday I probably won't have extra money! But I LOVE the stuff. Oh my goodness.. I especially love the purses and sandals! I wish I could get it all!

Rachel received Citizen of the Month award for her Kindergarten class! I am so proud of her! All 3 kids will get something at their school awards ceremony tomorrow, and I'm excited to go watch :)

This is the bathing suit I bought Brooke.. from Crazy 8. I love the fun prints and colors. We only do 1-pieces for our girls, for modesty. I love that they had some cute ones this year!

Just finished this book! It was one I had been wanting to read anyway, and found it on clearance online at Barnes and Noble-- score! It was really good! That one made the 25th book I have read this year. I am pretty behind..  usually I read more! 

Picked this yummy goodness up the other day at the grocery store-- my favorite kind of icecream! It is even more fun buying food now and putting it in our new fridge/freezer ;)

Saw this online the other day-- and it's so true!!! 

I can't WAIT to see tonight's Grey's episode! I am going to rush home from the PCC to watch it with Hubby. Anyone else dying to know where Derek is?! I have read all sorts of rumors online-- you never know with Shonda Rimes! Who knows what she will do to him! I LOOOOVE McDreamy!

~My new niece is due in less than 4 weeks! I am on major countdown now! They had a tiny bit of a scare recently.. but everything is ok, and they are at home! Whenever she makes her appearance I am on my way to Florida with Mom and Dad! It will be a long trip, but it will be worth it! Can't wait to hold her in my arms! And see my brother as a Daddy to his new little girl... awwwww :)

~Arnold and I have gotten into the good habit of reading the Bible together every night before we go to bed! And praying together too! I love it! It has already brought us much closer together! I can see changes! And I love it! God is the way to strengthen your marriage! And the family devotions we do with the kids every night seem to be having a positive impact on them as well!

~This weekend my parents are taking the kids with them out of town! Yes, for the whole weekend! I am going to miss them, but I can't wait for time with hubby, time with friends, and time to just relax! We can sleep in however late we want to Saturday!! Amazing!! :)

~Speaking of this weekend, I can't wait until Girls' day on Saturday! I am going with some of my very best friends Saturday night to try SUSHI for the first time! I know, it has taken me forever to do, but it's time! My friend is even taking pictures of the occasion, so I will have it documented! ha! Before that I am going to get my nails done.. I haven't done that in forever! And before that I am getting to go on a lunch date with hubby! I am so ready for a day of pampering and fun!

~Today I went to school to have lunch with Rachel! I surprised her, so when she walked in the cafeteria she smiled really big! It was so sweet! She kept looking over at me and smiling while she was getting her lunch. She came and sat with me on the stage, and we talked. I bought her some icecream for dessert, for a special treat. I am going back another day to have lunch with the big kids, because their lunches are so spread apart. I am glad I made time to go because they love it so much! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend in Review!

Friday the kids were still out for Spring break, so I decided to get together with Erika and get out and do something. She had two extra kids with her Friday, so we ended up taking 7 kids out! Everywhere we went we had a little line of kids with us... people would look at us... haha :) We were like THEY AREN"T ALL OUR'S!! ;) We took them to Mc Donald's to have lunch. The kids got happy meals and were bummed they got the same "Home" toy as last time! :( We let them play outside in the play area for awhile to let them run off some energy. Then we went over to Hickory Dickory Dock. We bought some tokens and let them play games for awhile. Rachel and Kenzie were perfectly happy dancing around on the dance machine with no tokens in though ;) The kids then took their tickets and picked out some prizes. Caleb hadn't played games to win tickets, so he didn't have any.. but Brooke shared ;) Then we let them run wild in the soft play area while Erika and I talked. Poor Shaylee couldn't handle it and passed out before playtime was over. Erika put in an order for fried pickles. It was a crazy time, but at least we all had fun ;)

Friday evening Erika and I went to the movies. But before I met up with her I went to Cato's to look for something to wear for our family pics. Can you believe that's the first time I had ever been in there?! I loved their stuff! I found a pretty shirt for pictures, and some earrings to match. They have some great prices! I also saw a purse I loved, and some other things, but decided to stop myself before I went too wild ;) I did find a gold watch I loved though, at the checkout counter, and got that too.. I had been looking for one!

I met Erika at the movies around 7:45. We went to see THE LONGEST RIDE which is the latest Nicholas Sparks movie. We go see all his movies together! We are each other's dates ;) Arnold told Caleb he didn't want to go see that one because it was a "chick flick" and Caleb said WHAT IS A CHICK FLICK?! haha. I had read the book 2 Christmases ago when my Mom got it for me, and know I stayed up so late finishing it, and loved it. I had kind-of forgotten what it was all about, but remembered when the movie went on. The lead guy playing the cowboy was HOTTT! (sorry Arnold ;) The movie was really good! I loved the story, and it was very sweet. Of COURSE we were crying at the end, and thankfully Erika lent me some tissues ;) We also shared a bucket of popcorn! ;) There were actually several guys in there with their girls... see Arnold-- you missed out! ;)

Saturday morning we took the kids to a birthday party for one of the little girls I watch on Friday nights! It was held at a local park and picnic shelter. I love all the people we have met through church and my childcare job! Turns out Arnold went to highschool with the little girl's dad, and we just figured that out! He knew several guys at the party from highschool-- it was weird because usually I'm the one who knows everyone ;) It was a gorgeous day for a party! The kids got to play on the playground and in the sand. Arnold even took them on a walk down the trail. They cooked out hotdogs to eat for lunch. I got to sit with several friends and chat. Sounds like a perfect morning to me ;)

Later that afternoon we went to a place not too far away from us, to  get family pictures done. It was at a place that was a park and also had some waterfalls-- it was beautiful! I can't believe I never knew it existed before then! A friend of our's has started doing pictures and we asked her to take some for us, since it had been 2 years since we had any done! Everyone wore new outfits that I had picked out! The kids were restless and wanting to play, but I guess they did pretty well, considering. We got several pictures, and I LOVE THEM! I am so happy with the way they turned out! Jessica is very talented! Towards the end Rachel cut her foot on a stick and was upset and said NO MORE PICTURES! haha.. so we knew we were done. We went to Fatz to eat dinner on the way home from the picture session, and had some quality family time :)

Sunday morning I went to church early for work. None of my volunteers showed up because they all had stuff come up.. but I didn't have too many kids, so it all worked out. Amanda and Arnold were there to help me out anyway ;) After church we went out to lunch together as a family. Then we went home and Arnold did some yard work, which I rested. I had a HORRIBLE headache on Sunday.. and was feeling pretty rough. The kids actually surprised us and did some cleaning up too... without even being asked! Maybe our nightly devotions are really paying off ;) As a reward we took them to Dairy Queen for a treat. They got rid of my favorite-- the brownie earthquake! I was sad! :( But they did have something similar that I got, and it was yummy :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! :)

The kids eating lunch together on Friday

Rachel and Makenzie-- best friends forever!

Trying to get a group picture before we left HDD!

At the park for Arabella's birthday party!

The kids had a great time playing at the park!

Ready for family pictures!

One of my favorite pics from the session!

My cutie pies!

My favorite pic of me and Arnold! I love everything about it! We are going to have this one framed for sure! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015!

Last week the kids had parties and egg hunts with their classrooms. Rachel's teacher had asked me to bring in a special snack for Easter. So I looked for ideas on Pinterest (of course ;) I did chocolate pudding cups with crushed cookies on top, and a peep on top and an orange jelly bean, so it looked like a bunny in dirt with a carrot. I think they were cute. They were all out of all the colors of peeps except pink, so I did that, but I think it was ok ;) I also made a snack mix with pretzel sticks, mini marshmellows, and jelly beans. Put it in little bags with a tag on them that said "Bunny Bait." And the kids were able to take them home for later. Rachel was excited for me to come by and be in her class for awhile, she gave me a big smile and wave when I got there :) Her friends seemed to like the special snacks, too. It was fun.. I need to get more involved in her class stuff :)

Saturday morning we went to an easter get-together at a local church. Shana, Erika, Karla, and all the kids came along. First they split up the age levels and they had egg hunts. All the eggs were empty or had slips of paper in them, and the kids won prizes and got candy at the end, to make it more fair. Rachel didn't find any prize slips, so her friend Kenzie and Brooke shared with her :) They also played games in the gym for awhile. I'm glad we weren't outside for long, because it was SO windy out there! After all the activities finished up, they had hotdogs, popcorn, cupcakes and drinks for everyone. Then they played a short video about Easter and had a devotional. They also had drawings for prizes, and Rachel won! All the kids seemed to have a great time :)

Sunday I had to work at three Easter services at church, so we had to get up extra early... the kids got up easily though, because they were excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought :) After they looked through their goodies, we got them dressed in their outfits, then Arnold and I got ready. We were in such a rush and I realized on the way to church that I was so hungry. So Arnold dropped me off at church and he went down the road to get us some breakfast to bring back. We ended up not having any kids at the special 8AM service! I got to still cuddle a sweet little baby though, of one of the other workers :) Arnold let the kids go play the Wii in his classroom for awhile, so they were happy :) Around 9:15 people started coming in for service. We ended up with about 8 or 9 kids for each service, which was decent but better than I expected because I thought we would be packed! Arnold was able to help me out in the services, so I am very thankful for that! We had several grumpy kids this week, lol!

After church we went over to Mom and Dad's for lunch. Lunch wasn't ready yet, so we went outside to take family pictures like we do every year. Then Mom and Dad set up an egg hunt for the kids in the backyard. They found eggs full of change and slips of paper my mom had made up for activities like "picnic at park," and "trip to the movies" that she will do with them this coming spring and summer. I thought that was really neat! She also got all the kids a new book for their collections and a little bit of candy. The girls got little ducks that "pooped" out candy and they thought that was hilarious.. lol :) Then we had lunch.. so yummy.. Mom made ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, broccoli with cheese sauce, deviled eggs, rolls, tea, and lemonade. She also made strawberry cupcakes. We were all stuffed when it was all over with! 

After we had spent some time over there we went by Arnold's parents house for awhile to visit them, too. Then we went home and put up a bunch of leftovers, and took some naps! It was a great afternoon! ;) Sunday night I watched another new episode of Call the Midwife before I went to bed. 

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter!!! :)

Treats I made for Rachel's Kindy class

3 of my closest friends! At the egg hunt on Saturday.

Rachel won a prize and was so excited!

I took some pics of Shana and Shaylee hunting eggs :)

The Easter Bunny visited our house!

My cuties read for church! I loved Rachel's smocked dress and huge bow! 

Rachel drew and wrote this herself at church! So sweet!

Just hanging with my boys!! 

Our family picture!

Rachel had fun hunting eggs at Grandma and Pop Pop's house!

A yummy Easter lunch! And my dad made fun of me for taking this pic! ;)

Rachel was so happy with her Hideaway pet! She had wanted one forever!

Brooke got a new outfit for her American Girl doll :)