Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That's Pinteresting!

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds this week!!!!

You cover a fish jar or other decorative type of jar with stickers or other cute embellishments. Everytime you catch your kids doing something good.. being nice to a sibling, cleaning or helping without asking, etc.. you put a slip of paper into the jar with a reward or activity idea. Then after a certain amount of time you pick a paper out and do whatever it says or give them a treat. Really like this idea for the kids!

This book looked really interesting when I saw it on there. A Mom's experiment of using a year to clean her house, de-clutter, and rid it of "Youth entitlement." Sounds good to me!

Have a book hospital bin! What a great idea. I am always finding books that lost a page or something got torn.. and I don't want to get rid of it but it looks horrible. Whenever you find one like that (or your kids) you can throw it into the bin and fix it when you get a chance! No more ugly books, and no more "ah just throw it aways!" (Breaks my heart with books! ;)

An organizing tip-- Using a paper towel holder to hold your bracelets. They would stack up nicely and you could easily see what you've got. The only problem I see is having to take a lot off if you want one more towards the bottom?

Another cute snack idea for the kids. making a butterfly out of a chicken nugget and chips. It looks like they used Doritos for the wings in this picture.

A "Calm Down Basket" When your kids are too old for naps anymore or its been "one of those days" you can pull out a special basket that has books, activities, and little toys that only get used during those times. I guess you could trade them out every-so-often, too.

I know i'm getting a little ahead of myself here, but this Christmas tree shirt was too cute! Using a white tshirt and different styles/colors of ribbon. I could even see myself being able to do this for my girls this year!

Make marshmellow pops with layers of orange and yellow to make them resemble candy corn! Would be a cute Halloween/fall treat.

Movie night for the family! pick a movie and then do a menu that goes along with the theme. My kids would love this idea! Could even tape it up to give them something to look forward to during the week.

Ahhh! OPI nailpolishes based off of Pixar movies! I love these and need some! Especially love the "Monster in the Closet" and "A Bug's Life" colors!

Revover a plain old black desk/office chair with cute fabric! 

Can't decide if this is cute or tacky! To dress the fridge up like a snowman!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday evening after we put the kids to bed, Hubby and I watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I wasn't even going to watch that long but got hooked by all the stuff they had going on. Mary Poppins coming out to scare away the evil nightmares?? That was crazy.. reminded me of my childhood and I felt bad for that little girl in the bed (even if it was all an act!!!) I especially loved it when Mr. Bean came out and was doing an act when the symphony was playing!!!!!!!!!! I think I seriously squealed out loud, haha. It's funny because Arnold was actually joking earlier in the evening and said maybe we would see him ;) He also hoped to see Eric Clapton since he is British, but that didn't happen.. oh well! I loved all the songs they played during the musical number.. and I really loved how they ended with Hey Jude! My all-time fave. Beatles song (I'm a big Beatles fan!!!) Paul M. is pretty old and sounded pretty flat but it was still pretty good overall :)

Saturday morning we got up, got everyone ready, and went to a local pool for a birthday party. It was for a little girl at our church, who was turning 7 years old. I grew up in the same town as the pool, but had never been.. so we actually had to look for it. Thanks to the hubby we found it.. I am not good with directions at all! It was so much fun, because we had the pool all to ourselves for 2 hours and so it wasn't too chaotic. After awhile it was REALLY hot though, and I was sweating and a nasty mess. I did NOT get in the pool.. so I was more hot than other people, I'm sure! My own fault.. but I just don't like to swim. Call me a weirdo.. but I just don't see the thrill of sitting in a big pool of water. I also feel dirty when I get out of the water! And I especially don't like wearing a bathing suit after having kids!!! But anyway.. the kids had fun and we got to chat with some of our friends from church, so that was great. For lunch they had Papa Johns' pizza (my FAVE-- we don't have one near us so we don't get it very often) and they had ICECREAM cake. I absolutely love icecream cake.. and the oreo stuff they had was to die for!! By the time I was done there, even I was stuffed and happy, and I wasn't even one of the kids ;) All the kids got to fill up goody bag with little toys and candy before we left.. and Arnold and I snuck out some Starbursts and Skittles for ourselves, too ;)

That afternoon we went by my mom's house to pick up a few things that we had accidentally left over there. She gave us some tomatoes.. good timing because the kids had already eaten through all of the ones that my inlaws and neighbors had given us! We have been so blessed this year.. our sweet neighbor goes around giving out LOTS of fresh veggies from their garden, and we have really enjoyed that. After we left Mom and Dad's we went by the hospital to visit my friend Crystin, and meet her new baby boy, Liam. He had been born the afternoon before, at 2 weeks early. But everyone was doing great! He was 7lbs exactly, the same weight Caleb was when he was born! I can't believe Caleb was ever that tiny, it seems so surreal. It's crazy how everytime I go to the 2nd floor in that hospital how the smells and sounds instantly take me back to each of my kids' births. It is so bittersweet because I know I will never have another newborn. I know kids grow up eventually, but it is so tough to deal with! Anyway, I very much enjoyed getting to snuggle baby Liam for a little while before I had to give him back ;) Congrats again to Crystin and Nick on their precious little guy! :)

Sunday morning we all got up early and had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast (yum!) And we all went to the early service at church. I though I was supposed to be in the baby classroom since it was the 5th Sunday, but the schedule had changed recently, and I wasn't supposed to be there. Oops! So we went ahead and left the kids in their classrooms and went to the early service. We were on the next to last sermon in the "Sex and Romance" series we have been doing, and yet again it was an awesome message and I was cracking up! I think I blushed more this time around than any other (if you were there, you know what I am talking about!!!) After church we went to Sonic to grab some lunch. They have gotten new "Island Breeze" slushies and they were supposed to taste like pina coladas, so you know that was my excuse to go!!! I got a pineapple one and it was really good. We sat outside at the picnic tables to eat since it was such a nice day out.

That afternoon we went to my nephew's birthday party. He was turning 4 years old. (he is not REALLY my nephew, but we call him that since we are close and see the family so much.) They had a pool party at their new house. It was my first time getting to see it, and it's gorgeous! Once again, it was SO hot and I didn't swim, but at least I got to sit under a tent with some other folks who didn't swim either. I talked to my Father-in-law a little bit.. we are so excited about Friday night because that's the Skynyrd show!!! I have been counting down, and we only have 4 days left to go!!!! ;) Arnold got into the pool with the kids and they had a great time. Brooke ventured out into the deep in, and even dived off the diving board, so I was really proud of her! Caleb even got in and swam some-- he is usually very weary of the water. Then we had some snacks and Spider Man cupcakes which were really yummy! Caleb stood by Carter's side the entire time he opened presents, because he LOVES seeing all the boy toys. I know he is even more excited for his birthday now because he wants some cool new toys, too ;) By the time we left there I was sweating big time again and was exhausted, but at least the kids had fun!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! :)

Caleb at Clara's birthday party on Saturday.

Hanging out in the kiddie pool, trying to stay cool! They later soaked my capris!

Meeting baby Liam! I was hot and sweaty at this point, after the pool party.

The "Mom basket" I made crystin to take her in the hospital. Got the idea off Pinterest. Just a few little thing for the Mom since everyone thinks about the baby but the Mom deserves some attention too! What was in there-- An issue of "Parents" magazine, a pretty little notebook, two cute pens, a box of Skittles, watermelon gum, a small tin of Altoids mints, B&Body works small hand sanitizer, a small bottle of lotion, a bath fizzie, a chapstick, a cute pair of socks, and a "Welcome Baby Boy" card :) All put together in a little plastic basket that can be re-used.

Arnold and Rachel at Carter's party. Rachel would NOT smile at me!!!

Enjoying a Spiderman cupcake

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funnies

I actually AM bummed about this. I would have had such a cooler wedding if I had had all these amazing ideas at my fingertips... seriously ;)

I consider myself a nerd :)

Southern people do talk slow... but it doesn't always mean we are stupid!

Full-out one-pieces for me. When I actually go in the pool. Babies gave me the tiger stripes, that's for sure. Won't ever be the same. But they are worth it ;)

I hate when I spend all that time cleaning and its completely and totally wrecked again at the very next meal. No fair!

Yeah... remember that, Arnold!!!

Who else loooves the Golden Girls?! They sure did eat a lot of cheesecake on that show.

I am caught between my desires to shop for pretty things and my need to save money for my family these days!!! ;)

True that! I am surprised I have not wrecked yet, with listening to the constant yelling, whining, Dora dvds on the dvd player, and demands to "pick up this" or "get that!"

I actually LOVE browsing around Target at night, every so often, when Arnold is watching the kids at home. It really is like a vacation! And I can't leave there without buying something....

This is my problem! I start and fail diets so many times... why do cookies and other sweets have to taste so darn good???!

I say this to my hubby all the time. He is getting used to me slowly ;)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Hubby, I cannot believe you shaved your hair off while I was at work last night! I didn't think you were going to do it so soon! But I do really like it. You look more "manly" now ;) And I liked helping you fix up the back since you can't see the back ;)

Dear Baby Liam, please please hurry up and get here! I cannot wait to meet you and hold you! And I know your mama can't either! (Being pregnant in the Summer is TOUGH!)

Dear Target, Thank you for finally clearancing the toy endcaps to 70% off yesterday. Even if you were pretty much wiped out, I found a few things for the kids. Including a Princess Tiana doll that sings "Happy Birthday!" Brooke will absolutely love that.

Dear Churches in the Area, I am sorry if several of you will get flyers from the PCC soon that have very crooked edges and look pretty pathetic. It was my first time using the Exacto cutting machine!

Dear Pregnancy Care Center, thank you for giving me a place to run to on Thursday evenings! I get a nice break from the kids :) And helping others really makes me feel good!

Dear Weekend, I am so, so glad you are here again! I like having hubby home to help me with the kids ;) Hey, they are his kids too!

Dear North Carolina, Why do you have to be so dang HOT at this time of the year? I am barely outside for a minute before I am all sweaty and gross. Not attractive.

Dear Redbox, Thank you for putting a new machine in at the store down the street from us! Very convenient! Hubby even brought home a movie for us to watch the other night, as a surprise. We watched "Joyful Noise" and it was really good. I love any movie with singing or dancing ;)

Dear Karla, thank you for joining me at the mall today for a playdate! It was nice to get out. And it is so nice to talk to another mom who truly understands me! You are an awesome friend :)

Dear Molly- please stop pouncing on me in the middle of the night. I am trying to sleep! And while I think you are cute, I don't appreciate licks across the face either!

Dear Rachel, time to get potty-trained already! I know you are the baby of the family and stubborn, but something has got to give! I am tired of spending $$$$ on diapers!

Dear Chick Fila Haters, if you don't like their OPINIONS, go eat someplace else! They will still get plenty of business without you! They have always stood up for Christian values, why the uproar now over their Marriage stance? It is stated clearly in the Bible.. so for us Christians, we want to follow what we read. Not allowing them to express their own opinions is pretty intolerant too. Just sayin.

Dear Walmart, I can't believe I dropped by and shopped there today. I hate your store, it always stresses me out. But somehow, I made it through. AND with three kids I might add! Supermom!

Dear Teen Mom Cast, you keep me rolling my eyes every week I watch your show. What a train wreck! I feel sorry for those kids of your's! Catelyn and Tyler still make me cry though, especially the reunions with Carly. Bittersweet for me, thinking of Joseph....

Dear Self, good job pulling off that surprise for your hubby this morning! You can never keep secrets! (I put a note and some yummy snacks and drinks in the seat of his car, so he would find them this morning before work :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I'm Lovin...

Oops, I forgot to do my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" Post yesterday. So today I am just doing a generic "What I'm Loving" blog. So these are some things I'm lovin this week...

I'm loving this owl nightlight I got at Kirklands the other week. It is adorable and makes the perfect nightlight in our bathroom for the kids at night when they get up to use the bathroom. I just wish they wouldn't keep turning it on everytime I turn it off, during the day.

I am loving this owl decorative bottle/bowl I also got at Kirklands last week. It was only $3 with the extra % off thing they were doing. Right now its sitting with my other owls but I don't know where I'm going to put it yet.

I'm loving Rachel's "new haircut". I am still upset Brooke got the scissors and did that herself but she looks pretty cute with the shorter hair. It would be even better without the bald spots!!

I'm loving the yummy cookies Arnold and I made this week. We made them to eat while watching tv together one night. The kids and I ate the leftovers :)

I'm loving the "Kids Skate Free" club they have going on this Summer at our local skating rink. The kids get in free on certain days and you only pay $1 for their skate rentals. Last night we took them with some friends. I even got on skates and went out there with them. It brought back lots of memories. That used to be the place to go when i was a kid! The kids need lots of practice before their party there next month. Caleb could hardly stand up on skates! They definitely got their clumbsiness from their mothers!

I'm loving how much TALLER I was than Arnold last night, while on skates. We are already about the same height (I am a tall girl at nearly 5'11) but on the skates I was even taller. He said I was very "intimidating" haha! We had to get a picture of us like this. He is being silly and acting like I'm the "man" in the relationship ;)

I'm loving this book I just finished called "The Center of Everything." I took a chance on it, I just got it because it was on clearance at Barnes & Noble (note the big sticker on it!) But it was actually pretty good. I heard the author's other books are pretty good, also. The girl in it had a sad childhood.. I don't know how I end up reading all these depressing books.. but at least they keep my attention!

I'm loving that a friend and I took our kids to the Hunger Games film site yesterday! Well one part of it. They actually did some filming in my very own town, how cool is that? They fimed District 12 there (didn't know that part until yesterday!) I can't believe I hadn't been down there yet. It was neat taking pictures of stuff. This pic of the kids is in front of Peeta's bakery. I'm glad the people opened it up to the public to go see, because I heard they used to be pretty strict about that area. What's funny is I haven't even gotten a chance to see the movie yet, so I didn't know all that I was looking at. I heard some people even got in trouble for taking things from the site. Really people? Even I'm not that desperate into this Hunger Games thing ;)

I'm loving this season's America's Got Talent. They have some amazing acts this time around. I can't even decide who I like most! I love the guy that does the sand art. And the guy that makes his own musical instruments (he is super talented!) And the guys that clog (sounds dumb but they make it kindof sexy?!) Haha! Can't wait to see who wins this time around.

I'm loving that I made my mom a photobook the other day. I put pics together of the trip we took to the Discovery Kids Place. It is a surprise and I know she will love it! They have a promo going on right now for free softcover 5x7 books, and you only pay shipping. Which is only $2 for the little books. They are good quality, I have gotten them made before. I hope she likes it!

I'm loving that in only 8 more days I will be at the Skynyrd concert! I am going with Arnold and his dad. Father-in-law got us tickets to go for my birthday... and the main reason they want to go is because The Allman Brothers are going to be with them, but at least he thought of me ;) It's been a long time since I've been to a concert and I am SO excited. This will be my 8th Skynyrd show ;)

I'm loving this cartoon I saw the other day. Sums up my life perfectly. Arnold is always asking what is wrong with me.. why am I always so tired, stressed, and just plain crazy? Well I guess I can now blame the children ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas Ideas Already?!

Ok, you are either one of those who thinks I'm crazy or is right there with me. Time to think about Christmas gifts. Yeah I know it's Summertime and the kids haven't gone back to school yet. But when you think about it, there is only 5 months left to buy stuff and prepare, and I like to plan things out. Also, I have 3 kids to buy for, so I have to do a little at a time. Mama ain't rich! (and for those who know me, that actually hurt to write that grammatically-incorrect word, haha! But I thought it fit the situation ;) Anyway, these are some things I've found that I think my kids would like this year. If anyone has any experience or reviews let me know NOW before I spend the $$$$$. I can use all the help I can get! Also-- for those who DON'T know, my kids are Booke- 6, Caleb- 5, and Rachel- 3. If that helps any ;) Thanks in advance!

The kids have sort-of gotten into the Angry Birds crazy, thanks to the stage their dad went through playing it on my Kindle Fire every single night. This is an actual board game.

My son loves Batman (all superheros actually) This is the Batman Helicopter, from Imaginext brand. Looked neat, even considered it for his birthday but decided on something else instead.

The Fijit. My daughter's friend had one of these and they played with it one evening at our house. It talked and signed and I'll admit, even I liked it! They also have smaller versions and a new version that just came out.. I don't know the differences in them??

My three year old absolutely loves pretending to take pictures, and she is always trying to steal my camera away. Actually, I think she is the one who broke my last camera! Anyway, this Fisher Price Kid-Tough camera looks right up her alley. They have one in pink/purple too, which is the one I would get for her. Heck, my husband says even I need one of these because I am so rough on electronics.. haha thanks honey!

My oldest daughter has found the Lalaloopsy craze. So far all she has is one big doll, the Cheerleader. That one just sits on her shelf, because there is not much to do with it. But they have little playsets too, which I think she might like better. This is the new playhouse they came out with. They have an older version house too, and a ferris wheel and bus and car I think...

The Leapfrog reading system. Helps teach your child to read. My daughter is already reading simple books but thought my son going into Kindergarten might like this??

They finally came out with some cute GIRLY lego sets! Everytime we are at the store Brooke looks at them and says she wants some. My husband is very afraid of all the small pieces though.. and I can see why. We lose so much around here as it is.

Another Lalaloopsy. This one is the mermaid, and the one Brooke begs for all the time. But it is around $35 just for a doll?! Does it even do anything?! It is cute though...

This is the thing I've been thinking about the most... Nintendo DS, for the two bigger kids. We already have a Wii, but sometimes they fight over it and it gets annoying. Also, this one is portable to take in the car or somewhere else we go. And they have SO many game selections to go with it. I think the kids would really enjoy it. But would they take care of it? I'd probably have to watch them closely. My kids can be pretty rough. 

My son mentioned wanting a pirate ship?? I couldn't find too many, especially in the "older boys" section. I did find this Playmobil pirate ship though. Probably many little pieces with this...

This is the Vtech learning laptop. The kids always love to see me on the computer and they are learning to use one. So.... this might be fun. And a lot safer than them using mine. Especially the 3 year old! It says from ages 4-6.. don't know if it would be too hard to figure out for my youngest?

I saw this on Toys R Us website last night for the first time. Baby Dora and her stroller! My daughter is obsessed with Dora these days. So this looked cute....