Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Family Get Together*

Arnold and I were trying to figure out something to do Saturday evening, where we didnt have to go out.. so we decided to invite his Sister Jennifer and our neice Rebekah over for dinner. We spent the whole day cleaning up and making everything look real nice. We made spaghetti with meat sauce, some garlic bread, salad, and had cheese cake for dessert! It was yummy. Anyway, they came over and all the kids wanted to do was play, so they ran around crazy while the adults ate. typical kids :-P Also, they dumped out this HUGE bin of toys all over the very clean living room after we had spent all that time cleaning, but I guess thats to be expected from kids! The adults sat around and talked for awhile while the kids played for awhile longer. Then we all gathered around the kitchen table and colored... even I colored :-) I loved coloring when I was a little kid, and thats one of my fave things to do with the kids now. Also, Jenn brought over their new puppy, Buffy. She is so cute! She is kindof shy, especially of males, so she sat in Jenns lap most of the time, but she let me play with her some :) At least I have a dog to play with now since Arnold still wont let me have one. He says we already have enough mouths to feed ;-)

Anyway, i know it sounds cheesy, but that evening was really fun! I am looking forward to having them over again. I think we may make it a monthly thing. I love having people over to the house rather than going places-- Ive always been a homebody. And I know the kids love playing with their cousin, so its a chance for them all to get together. Needs ideas for what to make for dinner next time-- if youve got any good ideas, throw them out! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

*Our 4-Year Anniversary*

Thursday the 21st was mine and Arnold's 4-year wedding Anniversary! Cant believe its been 4 years since I married my best friend! We didnt know each other for too long before we got married, but we knew it was meant to be. When you know, you just know!

I also cant believe we've had 3 babies in 4 years, what can I say, we've been busy ;-) LOL i wouldnt have it any other way though. I am tired of people asking us if we know what causes that?! Of course we do, thank you very much! ;-) Mind your own business!

Anyway, Thursday evening we put the kids to bed and Arnold went and picked up Carrabbas to go and brought it home and we had a nice quiet dinner together. We both really like that place, but hardly ever go. Arnold got steak and I got lasanga. They also sent ceasar salads and some of their bread with the good dipping stuff! It was soooo good.

Friday Arnold took off from work to be with me and the kids. I had to go to the DR that morning about some dizzy spells ive been having. I have a referral appt at the ear-nose-thoat DR this coming tuesday.. they think I might be having some deep inner ear problems. I hope they can figure out whats wrong! Anyway, we just hung around all day and didnt do much. That evening Arnolds parents and Aunt Nancy watched the kids while we went out. We went shopping for a little while. I went into Once Upon a Child and found Rachel some of the cutest spring/summer clothes and a new pair of white shoes. Then we went into Hamricks and I found the nicest purse on clearance for $4.50, cant beat that! Then we went to the new Ollies Outlet place, and Arnold found some Levis jeans which he was excited about b/c thats his fave kind of jeans, LOL. Then we went to Walmart b/c the kids were almost out of diapers. THEN, we went to Blockbuster and rented 2 movies- "Post Grad" and "All About Steve". We havent gotten around to watching them yet, but we probably will today. Finally, we stopped by Taco Bell and I got me one of those Fruitista drinks, the strawberry flavor. I LOVED the Pina Colada ones, but they only had them back in the summertime, I really hope they bring them back this summer!! :)

All in all we had a great anniversary, got to spend some time together. And even though we didnt technically get gifts for each other, we both got something new this weekend (the purse and jeans) so that was nice ;-) Here to many more years of happy marriage! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

*Yucky Stomach Bug*

So the icky stomach bug finally hit our house :( We think Brooke picked it up from a kid at church on Sunday and passed it along to our house. Monday morning we were woken up at 430 am to the sounds of her throwing up in her room. went and cleaned everything up, got her back to bed, had just laid down, then 5 mins later we heard her throw up again. After repeating the cycle she went back to sleep and slept till 9am. That is LATE for Brooke.. so we knew she wasnt feeling well.

Then the next evening Rachel ate a bottle and threw the entire thing up, all over Arnold. She didnt seem well either. Then at dinner Caleb threw up his dinner, once on the floor, and then later on the couch (thank goodness for the new leather couches!) And later that evening I got the WORST stomachache i think ive ever had and the chills, and i had to go to the bathroom and had horrible diarrhea (TMI SORRY) and then on my way back to the living room, i threw up all over the kitchen floor. Poor Arnold cleaned it all up and thank goodness for him! What a great husband! Then i had only laid down for 5 mins and i had to run back to the bathroom again! After that my stomachache finally let up enough for me to get some sleep. Arnold stayed home the next day to take care of all of us, and I slept most of the day.

Then, finally, Arnold caught it on Thursday. He stayed home all day and I took care of him this time. The kids of course picked this day to be AWFUL when everyone was feeling down, so it was a rough day. Late last night Arnold woke up and was feeling a lot better though, thank goodness. And he was able to go back to work today.

Im SO glad that mess is over and i hope it doesnt come back! That is the WORST kind of sick ever, in my opinion! I hate throwing up!

*Rach at 7 Months!*

Shes not technically 7 months old till Monday, but I took a few pics of her today that I thought were cute, so I thought id share :) Cant believe how fast the time is flying! Where did my teeny baby go?!

Rachels 6 Month Appointment

Rachel went in Tuesday for her 6-month Well-check. But she was actually closer to 7 months by the time she was able to get in for an appt. Arnold took her while i stayed at home w/ the big kids.

She weighed 18 lbs, 11 ozs!!! I was shocked. I knew she felt heavy, but WOW! No wonder shes outgrowing her clothes lately ;-) And she was 27 inches long! The drs said she definately had a growth spurt! My baby likes to eat ;-) Anyway, she was 85th percentile for weight, and im not sure what she was for height, but I know shes tall like the other kids. No surprise there ;-)

Arnold said they gave her 2 vaccinations, and the flu shot. She did really well. She showed off to the dr how well shes been sitting up lately. She is now ready to eat baby food! We have tried her on 2 different kinds so far, and she didnt seem TOO interested, but i know we just have to keep trying.

That afternoon i gave her some tylenyol and she slept for 4 hrs! Shots have always made her sleepy. It was a nice break for me :)

Arnolds 28th Bday!!

Well I hope everyone had a great New Year! My Hubby turned 28 on New Years Day :) He was the New Years Baby for Catawba County in 1982. Born at 12:05 am :)

Anyway, on the actual night of his bday we went over to my parents' house and they made a dinner of ribs since Arnold likes them to much. They made me and the kids homeade pizza... with pineapple, it was so yummy! Rachel kept eyeing allll the food.. we let her hold a rib bone, she got so excited and seemed so intrigued by it.. she even tried to lick it! It was so cute. Glad i had my camera :)

Anyway, then Sat evening we went to dinner at Ocharleys for a second bday dinner w/ his family and some of his friends. It was a HUGE party, like 25 people or so... it was such a long table and it was hard to talk to everyone, but it was still fun. It was originally supposed to take place at Outback Steakhouse, but when i called them they said they couldnt hold that many people at once. So thank goodness Ocharleys could! I was getting worried there for a little bit. It was also supposed to be a surprise party but it was too hard with all the details and stuff so Arnold ended up knowing about it, but it was ok, it was still fun! :)

Dinner at Ocharleys

Rach w/ my mom at Ocharleys

Brooke on the Bounce Horse that used to be mine

Over at mom and dads for Arnolds 1st bday dinner

Rach with the rib bone ;-)

And eyeing my pizza ;-)