Friday, April 30, 2010

Money money money!!

Well yesterday was an awesome day for us money-wise, haha. Arnold gets 2 bonus checks a year, one in April, one in October. He got his April check yesterday! I was so excited b/c theres been a lot of things we've been wanting to get done. Then i went to the mailbox yesterday afternoon and imagine what i found??? Our State Refund check! We had been waiting on that thing FOREVER.. it took 12 weeks this time to get it, as opposed to the 6 weeks it usually takes. What are the odds wed get both checks in the same day?? Just thought that was really cool :)

Anyway, we had already made out plans for the money. We really want to put up fencing in the backyard for the dogs and kids to have a place to run around, and be safe. We've been talking about doing this for a LONG time, so im glad we're finally getting started! Arnold was out measuring the other day so i think all we have to do now is go buy the materials and get started! Some of the money is going to Rachels' birthday party fund.. cant believe its coming up in another month and a half! We have a BIG BASH planned, and i cant wait. Its my last baby's 1st birthday, so its gonna be big and special ;-) Then we also need to pay for a plumber to come out here, because our washing machine occasionally leaks... well its a pipe thats messed up but sometimes we arent able to wash clothes because of it so its about time it was fixed! And lastly, we want to buy Skynyrd Tickets,because they are coming to Charlotte on June 19th and everyone knows I have to go every year ;-) ESPECIALLY since i wasnt able to go last year because I was in the hospital! :( Its good to get stuff done, but its also sad to see the money go. After we had split the money up into envelopes it was basically gone :(

Anyway, last night we went out shopping because we needed a bunch of stuff for the dogs-- some new collars, bowls (which they had eaten/destroyed both) and got them some new toys and treats... which they loved :) I also had to pick up a bunch of stuff for a babyshower that Im throwing for my friend on Sunday. It was fun to go out shopping for the evening :)

*Jess' Birthday Get-Together*

Tuesday was my good friend Jessica's birthday. We have been friends since highschool.. met when she was in 9th grade and i was in 11th grade... We used to hang out all the time and do everything together. Unfortuantely as we grew up we both went our seperate ways because we have different lives and she lives way down in Taylorsville and I live in Hildebran. I miss getting to see her as much! But when we DO get together its like old times again! And I love that :)

Anyway, Wed. night Jess came over to hang out and we had dinner here and we got a cake and had a little bday celebration for her. Alex (my brother) came over too.. my parents are out of town this week and he asked if he could come over and have dinner b/c he was getting tired of having pizza every night :-P I guess you dont realize how good your moms' cooking is until shes not there! I definately miss her good cooking every night, because I suck at cooking! ;-)

Anyway, Arnold went out and got the Bojangles tailgate package so we had some good ol chicken, fries, mac & cheese, and biscuits.. and of course sweet tea! and we had Carrot cake for dessert. It was pretty good. We then gave Jess her bday present.. we had gotten her a few things for her new apartment... a small lamp, warm fuzzy blanket (in green of course!) and a picture frame. Brooke was so excited, she loves any kind of "party" and kept asking where HER presents were, haha. We had to keep explaining to her that not EVERYONE gets presents at every party, but that shed have to wait until her birthday in August, poor girl :-P

After all that we went outside and played with the kids for awhile. The big kids played in the sandbox and Jessica played with Rachel-- Rachel usually take awhile to warm up to people but she seemed to like Jess just fine! We also played with the pups for awhile and let them run around the yard to get their exercise... this time they didnt knock Caleb down which im sure he was happy about :-P But everytime they got a little close to him he looked a little worried....

Then we went back inside because it was getting chilly outside.. so weird to be having such hot days lately and then all of a sudden get a day thats barely in the 60s! We watched "2 and a Half Men" and just hung out and talked. Jess then had to leave since she had a long drive home... and Alex hung around for awhile longer. The kids had a GREAT time.. they kept asking about Jess after that and when theyd get to see her again :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oreo and Pepper!

I forgot to write about this a few weeks ago, so i will now.

My friend told me about these 2 pups being abandoned in her neighborhood. Her neighbor called the Humane Society and they said theyd be by to pick them up that evening. But... they said they were very packed, and they were only taking the cutest dogs that would for sure get adopted, so they would have to put the puppies to sleep :( So she was trying to find a home for them as soon as possible.

Of course when i heard that it broke my heart. Ive been asking Arnold for a dog forever but we've been waiting until the time was right. I was pretty sure hed say no but i decided to call him at work anyway, just in case.. and he agreed to take them! He said we would take both.. and keep one, and try to find a home for the other one.

So that evening we went to Target in Hickory and met up w/ Katie and her husband to pick up the pups. They went straight into the van and made themselves at home! They were so friendly! They ran around the van licking the kids and were so happy, it was so cute :) They even reached over and gave Rachel a "kiss." :) One of the dogs ran up to Arnold and sat beside him on the way home-- i think they bonded :) On the way home we went by the store to buy them some things they needed... we hadnt had time before since it was so last-minute.

The kids LOVE the puppies. Brooke named them Oreo and Pepper. The only problem is that for some reason when the 2 of them get together they fight.. I dont know its a jealousy or dominance thing or what. It also could be the fact that they havent gotten fixed yet-- we need to get that taken care of soon. But anyway.. we have to keep them seperated b/c of that. But other than that they are friendly as can be. They love everyone who comes over and gives them attention :) They are so funny outside.. when we let them loose to run around Pepper usually goes straight towards Caleb and knocks him right down... poor Caleb screams... its so funny-- I know thats mean to say isnt it?! But he just wants to play!

So anyway, we have one in a kennel right now and one just chained in the yard.. and we are sure to give them plenty of time to run around during the day and stuff.. but we just unfortunately cant let them be together right now. We're pretty much attached to both of them at this point and want to keep both. As long as we can get them to calm down and get alone we are planning on keeping both. When Arnold gets his bonus check we have plans to fence in the backyard so theyll have room to run and itll be good for the kids to have that area too, and be safe.



Licking Rachel :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Love my Snuggie!

Yes I finally got one of those SNUGGIE blankets. A blanket with arms that lets you still have your hands free to read or use the computer?! Those were so made for nerds like me! ;-) I was lucky enough to find a few on clearance at Target the other week.. they had ONE pink one left.. so i got it! I love it already :) I went back hoping to find one for my mom, but they were all out :( Anyway. Arnold tried it out the other day and I got some pics.. he was being silly :-P

So snuggly :)

Daddy with his Girls :)

Blackmail pic! Haha ;-)

Busy but fun Weekend :)

Friday evening arnold had a band practice to go to, so I invited 2 of my good friends over to the house to hang out. They came over around 6.. we had some snack foods, and watched FRIENDS.. haha. Then we looked thru some Avon stuff that Jackie brought over. They didnt bring their kids this time, so it was just my kids. Brooke was so cute, she asked me where Logan was (thats Joannes son) She just loves him :) Anyway, we had a good evening. It had been such a long time since we'd hung out. I cant wait to do it again. When Arnold got home, he brought us home some Village Inn Pizza for dinner.. I already had the kids in bed and we were planning on having a little "date" but Arnold was so tired that he fell asleep snoring on the couch! haha. So i just went on ahead to bed.
Saturday morning we all got up and got ready, and headed to this Methodist Church in Hickory... they were doing an MS walk and Arnolds band was supposed to play inside the church after the walk when they had their lunch for the walkers. The kids and I went ahead up there early when Arnold had to be there, and we played on the playground while the band got everything set up. They should have been asked to play earlier, because the walkers were already inside eating and almost done by the time the band started. I felt so bad for them because after just a few songs mostly everyone was gone because they had finished eating. So they didnt even get to play their whole set list. There at the end it was only me, the kids, Arnolds Uncle Gene, Arnolds dad, and a few other band members' wives and kids left. LOL but the kids LOVED seeing their daddy on stage. They clapped and cheered after every song, it was so cute :) The lady asked the band if theyd come back next year-- i think thats a negative-- they were all upset they didnt get to play their whole setlist and that the lady had gotten the times wrong so they were basically playing to not much of a crowd at all... and felt like they had put in a lot of practice for nothing. but oh well.
After that we went to lunch and came home to let Rachel take a nap. We were supposed to go to a birthday party that afternoon but we were all exhausted and we all ended up falling asleep, even Arnold and I.. and didnt wake up till 4! So needless to say we missed the party.
That evening we dropped the kids off at their Grandparent's house and went out for ahwhile. We went to Party City and picked up some more things for Rachels birthday party. They had Buy one Get one free in big packs of party cups and i found hot pink and lime green ones, the colors we are doing for her party, so i was excited! I told Arnold its sad when i get excited over cups :-P Then we went to Babies R us to get Rachel her own first toothbrush! She now has 6 teeth! :) Then we went to the Mall to eat and walk around. We ate at Subway... Great Steak closed down, i was sooo sad.. thats where i always used to eat! Especially when I was pregnant w/ Rachel ;-) But oh well. Then we went to Kirklands and i found a bday present and housewarming gift for my friend Jessica. Shes moving into a new apartment next weekend. I also found something for my MIL for mothers day. Lastly we went to Hallmark to get Mothers Day cards. I got one of those singing ones for my Mom this year-- i loved what it said :)
This morning we went to church.. then out to eat at Longhorn with the inlaws. Rachel sat in a highchair and did great :) I started off the lunch great by spilling my tea all over the table! And right after that Arnold spilled Calebs milk! We dont know what in the world was wrong with us today :-P Arnold got his pants SOAKING wet so i know he was uncomfortable throughout lunch--felt bad for him. Anyway.. when we got home we played outside w/ the pups for awhile then put the kids down for a nap and Arnold and i watched a movie. Then we both fell asleep. LOL we've gotten a lot of naps in this weekend.
So all in all it was a great weekend! BUSY but fun. Next weekend should be the same way!

The kids Friday Night

Joanne and I friday night :)

Baby Connor is here! :)

My friend Crystin just had her baby boy last Saturday! His name is Connor and he is such a cutie! She had come over to our house Thurs. morning for a playdate (she has an older daughter, Camryn) and we were talking about when he might come.. and we were joking when she left that she could have him now, that we finally got our playdate in (we had been planning to have one forever-- and i wanted to give her her shower gift also since i wasnt able to make it to the shower). Well, then she told me she went into labor Friday night and had him Saturday.. so that was fast! :)

Anyway, sunday i really wanted to go to the hospital and see her and the baby. I was afraid I wasnt going to make it up there because Arnold had a band practice that afternoon. So we decided to drop the kids off at church with their grandparents and go on up to the hospital. We usually dont skip church but I wanted to go meet the new little baby so bad! :)

So we got up there around 11 and I got to hold him for awhile. Arnold joked that I shouldnt hold him, because id get baby fever. The last time i held a new baby (my nephew Carter) I ended up getting pregnant with Rachel just 2 months later :-P It was so sweet to hold him though, even though Rachel is still a baby, she is HUGE compared to a little newborn! I could have held him all day! :) Rachel went with us to the hospital and she didnt seem too interested, haha. At least she wasnt jealous!

Anyway, after that we decided to take advantage of just being out with one kid, so we went to grab some lunch, then went to Ross' and Michaels. Im glad i went b/c I found some great party favors for Brookes Hello Kitty party. Yes i know its not till Aug and i plan waaay too far ahead, but I just like to buy things i find along the way! :)

Congratulations again Crystin!! :)

My Mom is Ok!!! :)

I havent been talking about this much publicly because we have been worried and didnt know the outcome, but now i can talk about it!!

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2003. Shes been in remission for years now, taking her meds, and doing pretty well. Then a few months ago she had some tests come back with elevated white bloodcell counts, so they were a little worried. They did another test on her a few weeks later and it was even higher. So they were worried that the cancer might be coming back. So they decided to do a PET scan to take a thorough look and see if any cancer was in her body, and where. Then the next day Dad and her went into the Drs office to get the results.

The results-- MY MOM IS CANCER-FREE!!!! God is so good! We had so many people praying for her for several weeks and i am just so relieved she is ok. It was a hard several weeks waiting on the news-- waiting is always the hardest part. The night she told me she had to have a PET scan I just sat out in my car and cried... I just didnt want to think of anything bad to come!

Anyway, they think now her levels were high b/c she has been sick with sinus infections for months now... the pollen is so bad this year, and so it makes sense. Also, her protein levels were high, so they are running some more tests for that.. but as for the major stuff shes ok!!!! :)

*Rachel is 10 Months!*

We had a little cake the day she turned 10 Months :-P

Last week Rachel turned 10 months! Wow... 2 more to go until her big 1st Birthday! Makes me excited and sad at the same time.

Shes really getting around these days-- she tries to hard to crawl... she actually DOES move across the floor, but its more like scooting. She just likes to do it her way ;-)

She has an appt in about 2 weeks... they wanted to do a re-check on her and see if she was pulling up/standing up yet... so far, not looking good. We try with her, but she seems to have no interest to stand up. Im not sure if its because of her weight (shes 21 lbs, a pretty big baby LOL) or if shes just being lazy or what. Im sure its nothing serious. They said they hoped shed hit that milestone soon or they wanted to send her to a specialist. But we REALLY dont want her to have to go to one. We're pretty sure shes just taking her own sweet time. Both Brooke and Caleb were late on standing/walking... so I think its just all in the family ;-)

She also LOVES eating.. just about anything we give her. If your plate is anywhere in her path-- watch out! My mom let her try some pineapple the other day and she went crazy. Shes so cute-- if its something she likes she goes MMMMMM! :)

Anyway, im still planning away for her birthday party in June! I already bought the invitations the other night and started working on them ;-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

*Easter Weekend, 2010*

Sorry this is so late, i havent updated in forever!!

Easter weekend was great... except for me feeling awful with a sinus infection!

Saturday we went to a church Easter egg hunt at Camp Sain. It kindof sucked because the part for the little kids was just a bunch of eggs thrown onto a field which was easy for them to find-- but, Caleb was crying and not wanting to run out there, and Brooke was at a bad spot.. and the kids literally didnt get ANY eggs. Thankfully their cousin Carter let them have one of his. But to be honest, the whole thing wasnt organized too well if you ask me. Afterwards the kids had cupcakes and everyone scattered out and did their thing.. Arnold took the kids out to the creek and I sat with Rachel under the picnic area and talked to Uncle Gene and Beth. I love Camp Sain-- we're actually going to have Rachels birthday party there this year :)

Later that evening we dropped the big kids off w/ their grandparents and Rachel, Arnold and I went to Best Buy to look at laptops. Ours bit the dust awhile back-- we had had it for a few years now though, so I guess it was about time. I was sooo sad b/c I have years worth of pics on there, but this guy that works with Arnold is working on saving them for me.. I hope it works. Anyway, we ended up buying one of those small netbooks.... I didnt know if i would like it, but i guess its grown on me. It isnt fast with bringing up videos online anymore, thats really the only thing I hate. We have had 30 days to try it out, so if i had to guess we're going to keep it.

Sunday morning we got everyone dressed up in their Easter outfits and headed to church. I had wanted the kids to match but i never found outfits I liked that well so they all wore different colors, but it was still cute! after church we went to lunch at Applebees with my inlaws. Oh did i mention-- Sunday morning i woke up without a voice. I mean, i couldnt speak at all. I hate this time of year for allergies. So it was interesting trying to communicate with everyone all day. I never realized how much I rely on my voice, haha. Anyway, that afternoon my mom came over and hid eggs outside in our back yard for the kids to find... they had a blast doing that, and kept asking to do it over and over again. We were supposed to be going over to my parents' house for dinner, but my dad was sick. It was just a weekend of the sick people!