Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls' Night Out!!

Last night when Arnold got home from work, i went out and met up with my good friend Lauryn, and we had a Girl's night! Its always great to get out with your friends and have a break once in awhile :)

First we went to Tagret-- cant go out without stopping by there ;-) And then we went to the mall. I finally found Brooke a lunchbox at Jack -n- Jills. Its pink, and brown, and has owls on it, its adorable! :) They also had bookbags, some with owls and some with turtles and i was so tempted to get one for her but they were pretty expensive.. especially just for a preschool bookbag. So i decided to think about it some more. All the bookbags im finding look way too big for a 4-yr old!

Anyway, then we walked around to a few clothing stores-- i was trying to find Brooke a first-day-of-school outfit.. havent been seeing anything i really like. Finally Lauryn found a really cute dress, it is pink and has icecream popsicles on it... so i got her that for her first day. Looks cute and comfy :) I also found one with a pineapple on it, so i got her that one too. Best thing was that they were on clearance b/c theyre getting rid of summer items!

After we left the mall we went to dinner at Ranch Viejo. Im glad Lauryn suggested mexican food because i hadnt had any in awhile.. and its one of my favorites! I usually stick with the same things every time but they had a special on chicken fajitas and so thats what I got, and they were sooo good. But there was a ton of food, so I took the leftovers home for Arnold. He loves eating there, also.

We had a great time, and decided to try and make it usual thing that we do. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brooke got Accepted!!

Into Preschool, that is. We had filled out all the paperwork and had been waiting forever and eventually got a call last week from her teacher! I was soooo excited. Brooke has been talking about school forever and carries around a bookbag and so we knew benefit from going to school. Not to mention she is a social butterfly and I know she will make lots of friend and have a blast :)

Anyway, we went to an open house at her school Monday night. She got to meet her teacher in person and look around the classroom. She seemed to love it. She started playing with things and informed me that she was "Going to School tonight" haha and i had to explain to her that it wasnt actually starting yet. Caleb is usually my shy one, but he was running around playing and talking to the teacher, also. Poor thing doesnt undestand that hes not going this year. But im almost positive he will be going next year!

Anyway, i seem to love Brooke's teacher, she seems really kind and friendly. I go in Thursday afternoon for a Parent-Teacher conference and we will talk more then. Brooke's first day is Friday-- i didnt know she would be starting that soon! I didnt have much time to get used to the whole idea, but I think ill be ok. I will certainly miss my little buddy being at home with me! She has been at home with me mostly every day since she was born! Caleb will definately have some adjusting to do-- he is used to following Brooke around and copying everything she does ;-) But i think it will be good for him. I also think i will get a little bit of a break now that Im only dealing with 2 kids all day instead of 3 ;-)

I have choked up several times just thinking about her starting, and I know Friday will be tough! But i am excited for Brooke-- she will have a great time :)

**I am going to borrow my Moms camera later this week so i hope to have pics up later of her first day of school, along with her bday and other things going on. I miss my camera!! :(

EKP's Lake Gig

Saturday night the band that Arnold is in played at a birthday party, at the lake. It was for the Father-in-law for one of the band members.

We dropped all the kids off that afternoon and on the way there we got lost.. Arnold hates getting lost so he was starting to lose his temper-- no fun. Then it started to rain. They had basically decided if it rained they wouldnt play b/c thats dangerous with all that equipment and electricity and everything. By the time we got there it was pouring rain, and I figured wed get to go home. But the band decided to stick it out and wait and see. So we all ate in the mean time-- they had BBQ, chicken, corn, chips, fruit, rolls, cake, pudding, tea, soooo much food and it was sooo good! :)

Eventually it stopped raining so the guys decided to start setting up and do a sound check. The party actually turned out pretty decent.. a lot of people showed up. The guys played their first set of songs. Everyone seemed to have a a great time. Although i think i was seriously the ONLY one not drinking! Everyone had coolers of beer.

After the first set the guys took a break and Arnold and i walked out onto the dock. It was sooo romantic out there! i hadnt been on the lake in forever and it was so nice to be out there, especially without the kids, it was soo relaxing! After awhile the guys went back and played their second set of songs. By now most people were pretty buzzed or drunk, haha. It was funny watching everyone. Even the band was that way-- they messed up a few of the songs but I dont think anyone cared ;-) On a few of the songs like Wonderful Tonight.. a lot of couples were dancing. Thats when i started to miss Arnold-- sitting there alone wishing I could dance with him :( But i of course always love watching my husband up there playing guitar-- very sexy ;-)

They wrapped up playing around 1030 and then it took forever for them to pack up all the stuff. So we ended up being out there for around 7 hours in all. I was EXHAUSTED on the way home and kept falling asleep. I was soo glad we didnt have to go back and pick up the kids.. they just spent the night with their Grandparents. All in all it was an awesome night :)

Hope's 4th Birthday Party

The other day we took the kids to a friend's birthday party. Hope was turning 4. They had the party at the Teddy Paws Workshop, its a new store at our mall. A knock-off of Build-a Bear. It was really cute, I hadnt been in there yet. The prices on the outfits were a little outrageous, but i kindof expected that!

The party was really cute-- the party leader first played some games with the kids. Then everyone got to pick either a cheetah, bear, or puppy to make. Both my kids picked puppies-- most of the kids did actually! They then went thru the process of getting them stuffed, putting the little heart in, and then naming them and getting certificates. Then they got put in little boxes with balloons. After all the kids were finished with that Hope opened her presents. We got her a little red/pink purse with a ladybug, from Jack -n- Jills. Of course i had waited till last minute and got it at the mall right before the party, haha. She really racked up on some cute gifts.

After the party part we all headed to the foodcourt for cake and juice boxes. Hope's grandma had made the cake-- she has a bakery. It was sooo yummy! It was a Dora the Explorer cake. Even little Rachel tasted some :) When we left the party of course it was pouring rain, so we all got soaked, but its all good. When we got home the kids went straight to bed... they were exhausted. They sleep with their puppies every night now :)

All the kids waiting to play a Game

Hope opening her present from Us

Hope with her Birthday Cake

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big V!!!

Arnold and I have talked alot about it for the past year and we finally got the appt and arnold went in for his Vasectomy on Aug. 12th.

His dad watched the 2 big kids and I took Rachel with me when I took Arnold to the office. Some drs let you watch the procedure if you want to, and I think thats kindof interesting but I also have a weak stomach, so I couldnt decide! Thankfully the dr decided for me-- he said hed prefer if I didnt stay back there b/c Rachel might cause distractions. Arnold joked and said she would squeal or cryout and the Dr might slip, hehe ;-)

So after the dr went over all the info we needed to know Rachel and I went back into the waiting room. Arnold seemed nervous but he always keeps it to himself when hes like that. While we waited we watched the tv that was on. Rachel watched the Racheal Ray Show, lol ;-) Then she got really fussy so we went to the kids' section and she dumped out all the blocks. Just as she had dumped them out of course thats when arnold comes out. It only took about 20 minutes, I was surprised.

He didnt hurt at all right away, he just kept icepacks on all day and stayed home from work. He also stayed home the next day and we went to Boone for the day with the kids. We walked around the shops up there, and had some lunch. I was surprised Arnold was doing as much as he was. Of course a few days later he was regretting it, saying he had overdone it, I knew that would probably be the case.

Anyway, over a week later he is now basically back to normal. He goes back in 3 months to have a check to see if everything is "Clear" and safe. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caleb- Then and Now!!

In honor of Caleb's 3rd Birthday I thought i would put a few pics of him, to show him THEN and NOW! He has really changed! He was such a tiny baby and has always been scrawny!

He was born on August 8th, 2007, at 6:35 PM, and was 7lbs and 21 inches! We have always called him our "Fuzz Head" because he hardly had any hair back then! He has grown sooo much and is now my big boy, and has a great personality. Alot of his personality reminds me of myself! he is sensitive, and can be shy, and he likes to sleep in ;-)


Pregnant w/ Caleb :)

Caleb Arnold, as a tiny baby!

My big 3-Year old!!

Caleb's 3rd Birthday!!

We had Caleb's Birthday Party at the same place we had Rachel's this year, at our church campground. The pool was open this time, so we had a pool party! the kids seemed to have a great time-- and we had great weather! The only bad thing was that i dropped my camera in the pool... so its basically shot :( The theme was FOOTBALL-- Caleb is all about football these days ;-) We had a football cake made at Sams Club, which was YUMMY but the football was upside down! I still dont understand that?! LOL! Everyone seemed to have fun, we had snacks, and cake, and then Caleb opened his presents. He got lots of neat stuff.. lots of Toy Story 3 stuff, cars, dinosaurs, books, clothes.. the works. That night we took him out to eat at Village Inn for pizza. He took his new Buzz Lightyear action figure with him to dinner ;-) Cant believe my little guy is 3! Happy Birthday Caleb!! :)

Family Pic :)

Football cake!

New Wagon from his Grandparents!

EKP Plays a Party!!

Most of you know that my husband, Arnold is in a band. They are called the Eric Kent Project, or EKP for short. They have played a few gigs so far. They got asked to play at a birthday party for this woman who was turning 40. Her husband was throwing her a surprise party at Market on Main. So the band played at her party.. and it was so much fun. We got sitters for all 3 kids so we actually got to go out alone!! Its always fun watching my husband be a "rockstar" ;-) They catered dinner, so we got to eat there, too. I went out and bought me a new outfit a few days before, to wear. I was in need of some new clothes anyway! :)

My new Outfit

The Band

The Band ladies ;-)

Having Dinner

My 25th Birthday!!

Well this July 1st I turned 25! It was a GREAT birthday! Everyones always picked on me and said i have "marathon" birthdays where I celebrate all week long, but i just love parties and get-togethers! ;) So this year, on the week before my bday, i went w/ Arnolds family out to dinner at Chilis. Then a few days before my bday I went out to dinner at Ocharleys w/ a bunch of great friends. It was SUCH a fun night just being out w/ the girls! :) Then Arnold took off my actual bday, and we ordered Red Loster and had a date night. Then i even went to my parents' house and they had my usual lasanga dinner that they do for me every year! I felt so blessed, had a great time! Arnold got me a beautiful ruby necklace (my birthstone). I got lots of other great gifts, too :)

Dinner w/ Arnolds family at Chilis

Father's Day 2010

Fathers day was a great day this year. Last year we had just gotten home from the hospital with Rachel! How a year changes things! We went to church that morning, and out to lunch w/ Arnolds parents. We went swimming the whole afternoon with the kids, next door at Uncle Gene's pool. And then we went to dinner at my parents' house. They made ribs, which Arnold loves! Here is a few pics from the weekend----

Lunch at Bennetts


Arnold with his babies :)

Rachel's 1st Birthday!!

Sorry I have gotten SO behind lately, but now im ready to post again!

We had Rachels 1st Bday party on June 12th, at our church camp. It was an awesome evening. We had a hotdog cookout, cake, the kids all played together and it was great. I just wish it wouldnt have been so hot! I was dying of heat by the end of the party. We had a LOT of friends and family in attendance and im so glad they were all able to come celebrate with us! The theme was TURTLE and we did hotpink/lime green as the colors. My mom made the smash cake for Rachel, strawberry cake with green icing.. she was hesitant at first but then dug in! She loved it-- even ended up smearing some in her eyes! She got a lot of great gifts, too. On her actual bday we went out to dinner w/ family and a few friends to Backstreeets in Hickory. I cant believe my baby girl is one already, she has grown soo much in the past year! She is now almost 25 lbs!! :)

N-C Highschool Girls all grown up with kids ;-)

Me, Rachel and Jenn

Loving that cake! :)

Rach with all her presents!