Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's Been Going On...

Saturday I went with my friend Jess to some consignment sales and yardsales. It was half off day at the consignment sale, and I found some cute pants, puzzles, movies and other things for really cheap! I also scored at yardsales, finding some clothes for Rachel (including a 50 cent christmas dress!), some books for the kids, and a spiderman car for Caleb. Most of all though, it was fun to hang out with Jess :)
-My Father-in-law celebrated his birthday recently, so we took him out to lunch after church on Sunday. We went to Longhorn, and it was yummy! He has all his grandkids there, and I know he was loving that! I had the kids make homeade cards for them, they loved drawing him pictures :)
-I watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad with Arnold. He had been begging me to try it forever. Some of it really bothered me, but I will admit that it is a really good show! I hope to try some more.
-Arnold has had several band practices all week, gearing up for a festival they are playing this Saturday. We can't wait to go see the band and eat some yummy BBQ for a good cause!
-Brooke's cheer team had their pictures done Tuesday night. We showed up at practice without her uniform on, freaked out, and ran back home to change. Then it turns out we waited in line for an hour to get the pictures taken, so we didn't have to hurry after all!
-Netflix added Season 2 of Call the Midwives! So now I get to catch up!!
-I have really been enjoying the cooler weather we have been having lately. Yesterday I got to wear my new fall jacket finally, that my mom had gotten me for my birthday. Brooke also wore her super stylish bluejean jacket yesterday and today.. she is looking cute!
-The bookfair came to the school this week! I took the kids one afternoon after school and let them all pick out a book, and I picked out more for their collections. I wanted to buy LOTS more, believe me, but I didn't want to hear it from Arnold! ;)
-Brooke is going on her first fieldtrip of the year today, with her class. They went to an apple orchard. They make their own apple tshirts in class to wear on the trip. I think she is most excited about the treats they have there-- apple cider and candy apples, and stuff they can buy :p
-Brooke had her 7 year appt this week. Caleb has his 6 year appt on Friday. And even Sheldon had his 3 month checkup this week! It has been a busy week, needless to say! More about those visits in another blog! :)
-My friend Karen (who was also my college roomate), had her baby boy this morning! It is her first, and I am so just so excited for her! I hate that they live so far away.. but I hope to plan a visit next month to go see them! I can't wait to cuddle little Mason! :)
-Tonight, Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Grey's Anatomy return to tv! I have been waiting all summer for this! I am so excited to see what happens. They have been posting pictures and teasers forever on facebook! Is it sad I am this excited about it?! 
And here are some pictures from the week.
Rachel with her Leopard she took for show and tell at school.

I set up my fall mantel. The cute pumpkins were actually from the Target dollar spot!

The kids wearing their new Pjs! One of my new favorite pics of them!

Tried to get a cute pic at Walmart-- but that was a big fail! ha!

At Longhorn celebrating Pop's birthday!
Arnold and his Pop! Do you think they look alike???

Ready for school on a cool morning

Playing with friends in line, waiting for cheer pictures

Friday, September 20, 2013


My pastor challenged us this past week in Life Group to come up with a list of Blessings, so here is a list of things I am thankful for. A lot of them are recent, so it makes it more personal :)

1. Got to have lunch with the kids at school this past week

2. Joined an online lifegroup that meets on Wednesdays at noon. We chat online and discuss things and make prayer requests, and I don't even have to leave. I have already met some awesome people!

3. Got to do the grocery shopping alone this week.. it's the little things.

4. Reading a Beth Moore book called "So Long Insecurity," and it is really helping my perspective on things. I have always struggled with insecurity and I wish I didn't.

5. We were able to get new front tires on our van this week, and an alignment. It needed it so badly. It drives so much better now!

6. Arnold was able to hang a storm door at our house this past weekend. And the most awesome part is that it was given to us by a family friend who didn't need it. It is beautiful and now we have more protection on our door.

7. The temps are getting cooler and makes me love spending more time outside now.

8. It may sound silly, but all my shows return next week! I am especially excited about seeing what happens on the start of Grey's Anatomy. And Glee do a Beatles theme. Although I will be missing Finn very much this season! :(

9. It is less than 100 days til Christmas!! I LOVE me some Christmas.. you have no idea!

10. Speaking of Christmas, I was able to go to Toys R Us last night and do our layaway for the kids' big Santa gifts this year. It is taken care of now, first payment is made, and they are storing the stuff until mid-Decemeber for us!

11. I posted this on FB, but it now marks 10 years that my Mom has been a survivor of breast cancer! I am so very thankful to still have her around and healthy. She is an amazing woman!

12. School supplies went 70 percent off at Target recently, and I was able to get really, really cheap pencils, erasers, paper, etc for the kids. Once again, it's the little things!

13. I am loving my new camera and able to take MUCH more beautiful, crisp pictures of the kids now. I am still learning, but it is so fun!

14. My cousin has been married 2 years, as of this week! 2 years ago we were in Charleston for her beautiful wedding!

15. Both my Dad and my Father-in-law celebrate their birthdays this month. (I won't mention how old they are ;)

16. The BOOK FAIR comes to school next week. You haven't seen excited until you've seen me at a book fair. I could spend so much money there. But Arnold cuts me off after so many books :( LOL!

17. I get to spend some time with one of my best friends tomorrow!

18. My kids have the best grandparents in the world. They are all involved in their lives. They make sure they have fun experiences. Couldn't ask for anything better.

19. They put out their Halloween sugar cookies at the grocery store, so the kids and I made some for an after-school snack the other day :) Yum!

20. All 3 of the kids seem to be adjusting to school very well. Their teachers are wonderful. Brooke's teacher is helping her get the help she needs with her possible ADHD.

21. Sheldon is fitting in very nicely at the house :) He and Max play and fight like brothers. The kids come straight home and play with him every day after school. He is spoiled!

22. This month marks 8 years since I met Arnold. Can't believe it's been that long. He is an amazing man and works so hard for our family! Love you honey!

23. I have some awesome friends. They are so fun to be with, and are always there for me. They have helped me through some pretty tough times also!

24. My recent blood test came back ok. Turns out the rash I had was an allergic reaction to something and not something more serious. Thankful for that!

25. It is the WEEKEND! Ready to have some fun and spend some time with my sweet family! :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Weekend I...

...went to a yardsale at my old highschool. Caleb found 2 books. We ended up buying stuff at their bakesale.. donuts and brownies.. so that made the kids happy.
...went to a local consignment sale. They were pretty much picked over, but I did find a few things. They had a nice Barbie jet toy we were going to let Brooke get but she was really misbehaving that morning.. so we passed on it.
...put a new fall tablecloth and placemats on my kitchen table. And filled a jar full of candy corn pumpkins. Love this time of year!
...rented Scary Movie 5 and watched it with Arnold. It was the DUMBEST movie I have ever seen, haha. It wasn't really even worth the $1.28 we spent on it. But at least we were spending time together, right?? :) the new book out by SI from Duck Dynasty. Quick read but really funny and it "sounded" just like him talking throughout the book. Now I can't wait to read Phil's book!
...went out to lunch with Mom. We went to Ham's. It used to be a tradition for us to take the kids and go to lunch on Fridays since she is off work on Fridays. This was our first lunch without any kids. It was very strange.. and quiet. But nice!
...bought Sheldon a Halloween sweater. I didn't think I'd ever be one of those people who put their dogs in clothes but I totally am! He is adorable in it! He kept messing with it and eventually got it off him.. I don't know if he likes it.. ha.
...went to the 2nd football game for the kids' school.. this time it was an away game. Brooke cheered and the other kids played on the playground. Our team won, so they are now 2-0!
...celebrated the 1st birthday of my friend's son, Gavin. Seems like just yesterday I was at his baby shower and now he is one?! We had a great time at their house.. playing, taking pictures and eating yummy cake! a horrible sunburn! Between the ballgame and bday party, I was outside in the direct sun for several hours, but didn't even notice until I got home and was hurting! At least I have a glow now on my usual pale skin!
...went to dinner with the family to Village Inn (Arnold's favorite). It has become a tradition with us. Although it gets more and more expensive as the kids get older..the buffet prices go up!
...celebrated my dad's birthday. We went to their house Sunday evening for dinner, and they cooked ribs (and chicken tenders for me since I don't eat meat on a bone!) We gave him his present, took pictures, and Brooke even showed off her reading skills to her Grandma. It was a fun evening.

Brooke's Grandma and Pop Pop showed up at her football game to see her cheer!

A little playtime during 3rd quarter break.

Celebrating Gavin's 1st Birthday

Taking silly pics at the outdoor photo set-up

Blowing bubbles outside

Gavin trying out one of his new gifts!

They are twins!

Just a boy and his dog!

Dad looking at the photobook we made him for his bday.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School!

It took me forever to get around to writing this. The kids started back to school last month. ALL 3 kids! Brooke is in 2nd grade, Caleb is in 1st Grade, and Rachel is in full-day preschool, so it feels like Kindy already. The big kids started a few days earlier than Rachel, so that gave us a few days left together. I had already picked out Brooke's outfit for the 1st day over the summer, when I saw it. I was so excited to see her finally get to wear it. I might have spent too much on the jewelry and matching bows, but it was worth it.
Rachel's first day was really tough. Since I have been a stay-at-home-mom for 7 years, that lifestyle is all I really know. I couldn't sleep very well the night before, I was so anxious. I knew she was ready and would do well.. but it felt weird not having any kids around anymore. The first morning she walked right in, looked around, and went to play. She grabbed my leg and said "BYE MOM!" and did great. I was a mess however, and cried off and on most of the day. It was SO quiet when I went back home. My friend and I actually had plans to go out that day to celebrate, but I was just too upset! I spent the day online, cleaning, resting, and what not. Turns out the day went great.. the teacher told me Rachel listened, was nice and polite, and made friends already. I knew she would do great!
Since school has started back I've been finding things to do to take up my time. I start back to college soon, but not till January, so I have a few months. So far I have cleaned up the house, done some reading and catching up on tv shows, walking at the park and breaking in my new shoes, shopped, and went to lunch with Arnold. Having a "date" in the middle of the day was so strange! We went to Olive Garden and when they brought the salad out I got a little sad because Rachel usually eats all the tomatoes and croutons.. so they just sat there in the bowl. Sounds silly, but if you are a mom you will understand! I got to stop by a local consignment sale this past Thursday and it was glorious being able to look around and not be rushed by kids whining and touching things they shouldn't!
So far the kids are all doing pretty well, except Brooke. Brooke has always had trouble paying attention, and sitting still, even since she was a baby. The teacher called Arnold and I in for a conference, and said she won't stay at her desk, won't finish her work, and is failing some tests already. I hate that, because she is so sweet and smart, she just struggles so much at focusing. So we filled out some paperwork and her teacher did also, and she was "highrisk" for ADHD (we weren't surprised) and we are going to talk to the dr next week about what to do next. Whether it be testing, supplements, medicine.. or what. I am new at all this, so still reading and researching. But I know it will all work out! I just want her to get some help so she can do school to her full potential!
Brooke's 1st day of Second Grade.

Brooke and Caleb together before school

Caleb's 1st day of First Grade

Showing off their new bookbags from Children's place.

Rachel's 1st day of Preschool. Arnold made her a chalkboard to hold up, and I couldn't get her to smile and hold it up at the same time, so this is as good as I got!

Rachel in her classroom. Her name is on the gorilla :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

This Weekend I...


...won a contest my friend had. She paints pictures and murals for kids' rooms. I won a painting that I am going to put in the kids' room! Can't wait to put it up in there!
...went to the urgent care. I had this big rash show up on my leg and some weird-looking purple spots. It really scared me. Thankfully it was just an allergic reaction to something, and not more serious.
...took the kids to a nearby park to play after school. They got to run off some energy, and I got to read some of my book, so it was win-win. It wasn't crowded at all (probably because it was so hot!)
...ordered my dad's birthday presents. I made a photobook for him online of several pics of the kids from this summer, their bdays, and back-to-school. It turned out great.. and I can't wait for him to see it! I also ordered the new book out from Si from Duck Dynasty.. should be funny :)
...took tons of pics with the new camera Arnold surprised me with! It's my very first DSLR.. a Canon Rebel. I have a lot to learn, and might even take a class, but right now I'm having fun with it. It takes stunning photos!
...went to Brooke's 1st football game of the season. She cheers for the school. She looked so cute in her uniform.. and I had my new camera just in time to get pics!! AND the team won the game! the van stuck in a ditch.. yeah, only me. I was trying to park at the school and went up a hill, I really thought I could make it. Thankfully Arnold was there to get me out. Although it was embarassing because people were watching!
...took the kids to a birthday party for a friends' daughter, at the bowling alley. They all got to play a game of bowling together. Then they went back to the party room and had lunch and cupcakes. Then  they watched Camryn open up all her gifts. And yes, I took pictures with my new camera AGAIN! my new magazines that came in the mail. I don't know how it worked out that way.. but I had 4 issues of magazines I subscribe to show up all on the same day!
...worked in the baby class at church.. it was my week. We had 9 babies/toddlers, so it was a full house! One of the babies was clingy and made me hold her the whole time, but I didn't really mind ;)
...did grocery shopping at Walmart, all alone. Which was nice since I didn't hear whining the whole time or have stuff thrown in my cart I didn't need.
...helped Brooke catch up on lots of homework she didn't finish at school this past week. She had to bring it home over the weekend. She is really struggling staying on task :(
...brought a few new cutesy things into the house for fall.. kitchen towels and a tart warmer.. all owls of course ;)
...fell asleep early Sunday evening.. with Sheldon snoozing away beside me :)
 Caleb playing with legos. I love the clarity with my new camera!

Brooke ready to cheer at her first football game of the season.

Brooke with her Paw.. he came to see her cheer.

Camryn opening up gifts at her party.. and all the girls watching :)

Some of the Moms at the party.. my friends Erika, Crystin, and Amy

Rachel snuggling with her buddy :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Weekend I...

...went to get my nails done with my friend Erika. We were supposed to go have a fun day on the first day of school, but I was crying too hard and we decided to wait :) While I was there I also got my eyebrows waxed and my lip (first time for that lol) and felt like a whole new woman! ;)
...also went to lunch with Erika after that. We went to a chinese buffet. It was weird to be able to sit down to lunch and not have huge messes on the table or hear kids whining.
...spent some time browsing in Petsmart. So many treats for puppies.. I loved looking at it all. I picked him up some training pads, peanut butter treats, toys, and coconut scented dog shampoo. They had tiny halloween costumes-- cutest thing I'd ever seen-- especially the cowboy one! :)
...had some yumminess at Dunkin Donuts. They have the best sweet tea!
...hit the jackpot at some yardsales. I'm glad we went out.. we almost didn't. It looked like slim pickings but I was amazed at what I found. I found the last two books for Brookes "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. We found a lego table.. we were actually JUST talking about getting one for the kids for Christmas and they are around $100 or more new so that was GOOD timing! We also found some dressup outfits and some random toys and books. It was a thrill ;)
...took a really long nap. My sinuses were acting up BADLY this weekend. No fun :(
...visited my Father-in-law to see how he is doing after his surgery. He is feeling a lot better and already up and around pretty good. Thanks to everyone who prayed for him!
...worked in the baby/toddler classroom at church. We only had 4 kids this weekend and they were all so sweet. We had snacks, colored pictures, and I read a huge pile of books to them. The reading is always my favorite part ;)
...watched "Vegas Vacation" with Arnold after the kids went to bed one night. My fave Chevy Chase movie :) We were flipping thru movies on Amazon video and saw it. It always makes me laugh... especially the "dam tour" part. Also brings back memories of family vacations growing up ;)
...made dr appointments for Brooke and Caleb, to get their checkups for school. We had to wait so long since their bdays aren't until August.
...went to mom and dad's house for dinner. Dad made "low country boil" and it was sooo good. My fave thing he makes. Mom also made homeade rice krispie treats for dessert. I don't think the kids wanted to leave their house ;)
...bought the new Matchbox 20 cd, called "North." It went down in price on Amazon and I had it in my cart, so went ahead and got it. Should be here tomorrow!
...took the kids to the fair. FINALLY! With everything we had going on, and the rain we had this weekend, I didn't know if we'd make it. It is crazy how it only takes an hour and a half to blow $100 and be sweaty to the point you cant take it anymore. I rode the ferris wheel with Brooke-- Caleb and Rachel were too scared to go up that high. We ALL did the tilt-a-whirl and it made me so dizzy I couldn't walk, and made Arnold sick. So we remembered then why we don't do this stuff often anymore ;) And of course we had the typical fair food like sno cones, cotton candy, and funnel cake. I think we all had stomach aches last night!
My nails.. I love the purple shade I chose. And the girl drew a pretty design on two of my nails. I was amazed at how she could draw something so tiny.

Lunch with Erika. Pretty unhealthy and greasy.. but yummy!

My new hair! You can't really tell it, but I promise there is red in there! And I love the stacked bob.. it makes my hair more bouncy and lively lol.

The kids playing with the legos on their new table.

The low country boil Saturday night. My dad made fun of me for taking a picture of it.

Kids with their daddy at the fair. Brooke's face was b/c the sun was in her eyes!

Sheldon just lounging around. He is our new puppy! More on that later... ;)