Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

Here's a little of what's been going on lately....

Caleb FINALLY got to go see Star Wars with his daddy! He has been wanting to ever since it came out but every weekend seemed to be busy. And the perk of waiting this long was that it went to the cheap theater, haha. Arnold and Caleb went with his dad and niece to see it and I think they all had fun. Caleb said he really liked it, but was sad at one particular part. He dressed up in his star wars shirt and took his Kylo stuffed animal thingie with him that he got back at Christmas. 

While the boys were out, the girls and I had a girl's day! We went to Sweet Frog to get some ice cream, and met up with one of Brooke's good friends, Emma, and her Mom (my friend) We went to several stores to do some shopping. Both the girls begged me for lots of stuff, so that is always a pain. Rachel got 2 cute new dresses from Kohl's. We picked out a birthday present for a sweet 2-year old's birthday coming up. It was fun shopping for little girl stuff again! 

The kids were out of school for a day this week because their school was used for a voting site. I had Bible Study that morning so I took them with me to stay in the childcare. They were in there with real little kids and were bored, and were not very happy with me, haha. Since they had been good, I took them that afternoon to see Zootopia. They had been wanting to see it for awhile now. For some reason I thought Tuesdays were lower ticket prices but I guess they changed it, and we paid a LOT.... but oh well.. every once in awhile is ok. I had already gotten them popcorn and drinks since they ARE bargain priced on Tuesdays. They were pretty spoiled that day for sure! The movie was really good.. lots of funny parts, and a good message. 

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest. It was originally for teachers, but I changed it to be for my hubby, because he has such a sweet tooth, and I thought he would like a surprise. I bought a really big bag of skittles, and sorted the colors out, which is actually a big pain to do! It takes more than it looks to fill that jar up! And the gold pieces are Rolos.. I went to three stores looking for them! Arnold loves them though, and I didn't want to leave them out. Then I added on a cute tag that says "So LUCKY You're my Husband!" Isn't that cute? I thought he'd like to take the jar to work to eat on this week. He loved it :) 

My cuties all dressed in green this morning for St Patrick's Day! I was going to get them St Pattys day shirts to wear like the past, but realized that was  kinda dumb when they aren't worn but one day, so I just dressed them in green. they didn't seem to mind. With the exception of Caleb.. his shirt from last year still fit so he wore it again! I will be wearing green today too-- for tradition AND because it's my favorite color! ;)

A friend of mine from our lifegroup started making shirts and I had her make this one for me! Isn't it so cute?! I looked up ideas online-- I wanted something to do with reading or nerdiness so this was perfect ;)

Apparently Brooke thinks Sheldon is a good helper of homework these days ;) Yes Sheldon is getting really big! But I swear he's not eating a ton.. he is pretty muscular if you can believe that! 

The girls were eating popsicles after dinner the other night and I saw Charlie sitting up behind them. He was probably hoping to find some food. We have to watch him because he will eat anything you drop. And he is the typical puppy chewing up everything. We have lost several shoes due to this :( 

They celebrated Dr Suess' birthday at school and Rachel made a Cat in the Hat hat! She loved it and even wore it out in public one night.. haha. 

Rachel posing in her new dress. It caught my eye in the store.. I guess because of the green ;) It was from Walmart of all places! 

Caleb finally got a haircut! He has the thickest craziest hair, just like his Daddy. Every morning it is sticking up everywhere and we have to go through a whole routine to make it look decent for school. 

 I got my hair chopped off! It had gotten so long, and it was starting to take forever to wash and dry. Short hair is so much easier! And my hair has so much more volume/body when it's short! I love it. 

The other night on our way out Brooke and I took a selfie together in the van. I can't get over how much older she is looking. I say that all the time, but it blows my mind. All I can see is the little baby I was putting in a basket with bunny ears, seems like just yesterday we were doing that photo shoot! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday!

1. I waited until the day it was due (today!) to write my 4-page paper for my healthcare class. I am a pretty decent writer, so here's hoping it gets a good grade!

2. Last night Arnold fell asleep early on the couch and I just left him there. I got the whole bed to myself! ;)

3. I totally forgot about the kids' dentist appts. They called me and had to reschedule. 

4. I started a ladies Bible study this week at my church. I don't read the Bible as much as I should and I'm hoping this will help me do better!

5. I have deleted some facebook "friends" this week because of the constant politcal bashing. I enjoy a good political debate, but these people were personally bashing voters like my husband, of a certain candidate. I couldn't stand for that drama anymore.

6. We spent waaaay too much money on dinner Monday night. But it was worth it. We went to dinner at Amos and Howards with our friends Heather and Glen. We had such a good time. Heather even taught my kids how to use a dartboard ;)

7. I did some online shopping today! But how could I resist when the children's place is having such a good sale and free shipping?! The kids needed sandals and bathing suits anyway!

8. Through some major miscommunication yesterday, I accidentally dropped my niece off at home and no one was there. To be fair, she is 11 and she wasn't alone for long but I felt like an awful Aunt!!!!

9. We had to visit the orthodontist yet again to deal with something broken. This time Brooke broken her headgear. The orthodontist said he'd never seen one broken that way. Leave it to my kid to find an original way to break something!!

10. I've been cleaning up a lot this week and throwing away little toys here and there as I go. The kids will never miss them, right??????

11. I have decided to chop off all my hair! Going to get it done on Monday! It is just taking too long to wash and dry all that hair!!

12. We finally finished Season 1 of Fuller House. And although it was majorly cheesy, I am sad it is over!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

So proud of THIS GUY!!! He has been trying hard lately to bring up his math grade just a tiny bit to get to an A, and yesterday we found out he did! He now has straight A's!!! I am so proud of his hard work and I hope it keeps up so we can see him get an award for the A's on the next awards day! Brooke is still struggling with math and stuff but she did make 2 A's and is trying hard. Rachel made all 3's (they don't get real grades yet) and is doing well except the teacher says she gets bored a lot and hates doing the work, haha. 

Over the weekend the kids spent the day at Bo's with their Grandparents and Arnold and I got to have some time alone. The time fell where we didn't get to make it to a movie but we did do a few things. We had a yummy lunch at Applebee's. I shopped around for the kids (like usual) and we ended up at SAMS CLUB!!! Lame, I know. But it was actually pretty great to be able to shop without the kids in the way and begging us for everything. And Arnold wins an award for awesome husband because we had a little bit of time left before we picked up the kids and he sat at the nail place while I got my old nails taken off and a manicure! 

We had a pretty great Sunday at church this week. Lots of kiddos.. and they all behaved well and we had a great time. I am so thankful for my hubby who steps up and helps me out anytime I am short volunteers. This Sunday will be interesting also, because we are starting to split up rooms some to make more room for all the kiddos and I am heading up the baby room, so that should be fun. Lots of kids is chaos but a great problem to have!!! 

This past Sunday it was gorgeous outside! Warm and sunny and we couldn't pass up the day. So we went to get some lunch after church then headed to this huge park that is local to us. I think I read it's the biggest park in this part of our state... and they recently added a new addition. Well everyone else had the same idea-- it was PACKED! But the kids had a great time. They have a huge playground, walking trails, disc golf, and a zip line! Brooke was dying to try it but the line was so long so I told her another day. Arnold and I walked around a bit and hung out while the kids played. We even ran into some friends from church there. 

Isn't the playground awesome? There were kids everywhere! 

I love looking through old pictures and posting on "throwback thursday." This is one I found recently. I love it! I love us all being silly and crazy, and us all being patriotic. Rachel was so chubby and cute, and I can't believe the kids have grown that much! Don't blink! 

The other morning I met up with my BFF Joanne at Ihop and we had breakfast. She even surprised me and bought my breakfast! She is the best! We went back to her house and started to binge watch Fuller House! We watched the first 4 episodes at her house. I have been watching more at home with the kids, and trying to drag it out so it doesn't end so quickly! Yes it is corny and yes cast members have changed and yes there were a few adult jokes, but for the main part I really like it. It brings out the kid in me. I hope they might consider a 2nd season-- I heard they might??

I got to go see all 3 of the kids for lunch this past week, thanks to my new free time. They were so happy and they got to bring a friend on the stage to sit with us. This is Rachel and her bff Emmaline. I bought them icecream while we were there, so they loved that. 

I ordered 3 new books from barnes and noble the other day with a giftcard I had gotten, and they showed up at my doorstep and I've already read this one! I love the Little Couple! Does anyone else watch their show? I love this book because it goes more into detail about their childhoods and lives. I love watching their family on Tuesday nights. And everytime I see Will and Zoey my heart about explodes and I wish I could adopt a sweet little one! (although I don't think Arnold is going to go for that!) 

It is officially march! I am loving it and hope the sunny weather stays! Rachel and I put up some of our spring/easter decor around the house yesterday. I love the new egg dishtowels I found at Ross. 

I found Caleb's easter shirt at Crazy 8 the other day. I love the yellow. The girls already have their dresses, and I was going to make them all match again this year, but I couldn't find anything I liked for Caleb. Now to find him pants to match. I can't decide on gray... or yellow, or blue... or what???

This week is the best week of the whole school year-- the book fair!! They had family night last night so we took the kids in to pick some new books out. Arnold had to hold me back because I wanted to buy so many books but I didn't... we just let the kids pick out 2 new books each. I miss the days where I could persuade them to get cute books I liked but now they have their own opinions, LOL! Caleb got some creepy Goosebumps book and keeps trying to scare me by showing me pictures of clowns... haha. At least they are getting into reading and they were even reading last night without me asking them to!