Monday, October 10, 2016

Life Lately!

WOW! It's been a long time again since I wrote in my blog. So here's a big ol random post about what we've been up to lately.....

The kids started school-- 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades. Can't believe it's Brooke's last year in Elem. school. Rachel has seemed to make a lot of new friends. Caleb is getting in trouble for reading in class.. just like his Mama used to! ;) And Brooke is trying so very hard-- she is doing ok but we still struggle with her focus! It's hard to know what to do to help her when we've already tried so many things! 

The girls started cheer again! Their daddy has been awesome about taking them to their games on Saturdays, because I;m usually working. I did ask off for their homecoming game, though!

We went to the fair. The kids wouldn't let us miss it! It was SO hot and miserable out there! We spent so much money for such a little time. But the kids enjoyed it. Brooke is such a daredevil and went on the Cyclops. I won't even go on that. She convinced Caleb to try it out and he said NEVER AGAIN! haha. He is just like me. 

Brooke had her first big project for 5th grade. She had to make her own restaurant. We named it Queen B's :) She made a good grade on it. 

My new niece Cecilia Rae was finally born, almost 2 weeks late! We went with Mom and Dad for the weekend to Florida to meet her! She was so sweet and I wanted to cuddle her forever. 

It was Brooke's first time on a plane and she loved it. She got so excited over everything we did. We stayed right on the beach and so we had to get some pictures. We also went on a boat ride with my SIL's father, which was pretty fun. 

Just recently hit my 6 mo anniversary at the CFA. We got new uniforms and this is what I'm wearing. I look like a chef, haha. Everyone says I look all fancy now. It is supposed to be cooler, but I'm not too sure about that- I still get really hot back there! Recently we lost an employee and I had to work extra hours and it about killed me, haha. But we had someone recently get hired on and thankfully I get a day off again! (that's how I'm actually writing this blog today! ;) 

Brooke and Caleb went to a church summer camp for the weekend. They had a great time and learned all about Jesus and met new friends and didn't shower very much... eww! Arnold actually went along too as a counselor. He had a blast and came back singing camp songs ;) I am so glad they all had that experience together :) 

Brooke and Caleb were all ready to go! I think they were a little nervous but did fine. 

I became CPR certified! I took an afternoon class and it was with a bunch of people I didn't know, so kinda scary for me, but it went well. And I practiced on dummies and mechanical babies.. and I passed ;) Even if I almost broke my baby doll... lol long story. CPR is harder than it looks.. there is a lot to remember! 

My sister in law got married at a small outdoor ceremony. The girls had fun at the reception playing with their cousins and getting dirty in the creek. 

Rachel and I got a lot of bonding time when Arnie and the kids went to camp. We went to the movies to see Kubo-- which was actuallly pretty amazing! I loved the story and message, and the music was nice too. We went out to dinner and they gave Rachel a free icecream they had accidentally made. We also went to the pet store to look around, and to let Rachel pick out new earrings (recently got her ears pierced) and she got to ride the carousel too! She was spoiled that weekend! ;)