Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Thanksgiving morning we all got up and turned on the parade to watch. The kids didn't seem too interested.. weird, because I always loved watching it as a kid! We were due over at Mom and Dad's for lunch but had some time to kill, so we went to walk around Kmart for awhile (yeah, we lead exciting lives! ;) There were of course a lot of deals going on, but I held back, and I was proud of myself. Especially with the $4 Mini Lalaloopsy dolls deal! We got over to mom and dad's around 11:30am. My brother and his girlfriend were in town visiting which was great, because we don't get to see them that often anymore. They were sweet and played a board game with the kids while I browsed through all the Black Friday ads (a tradition, haha) I love seeing all the deals, even though I didn't think I'd go out to get anything. We had lunch around 1:30pm or so. My mom is an awesome cook, and she had made quite the spread! We had a fried turkey, ham, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls, sweet tea, oreo cake balls, and cherry pie, and chocolate cheese cake. I ate so much my stomach was hurting afterwards!!! Mom even made a special "punch" type drink for the kids, so they could have a special drink too ;) After lunch we all hung around the house for awhile and took lots of pictures! Mom and dad packed us up some leftover food to take home.
That afternoon we took the kids over to see their other grandparents. They had already had their meal so we didn't eat with them, but of course the kids begged for snacks! What is it with kids and snacks.. I don't see how they can eat all day long! Anyway, as soon as we got back home the kids said they were hungry AGAIN, so we heated up the leftovers for them to eat. I had said I wasn't going out to do any Black Friday shopping, but I saw a few good deals, so decided to try my luck at Toys R Us. they were opening at 8pm this year.. and giving away giftbags with free stuff to the first 200 people in line. I got up there around 7pm and waited in line an hour just to get to the door, then another 30 mins to get IN and check out. Of course I MISSED the giftbag by just a few people (figures.) But I did get Brooke the Polly Pocket Roller Coaster for 60 percent off, so at least I got something! I usually am scared of Black Friday, so I am shocked I went out at all. I even went by myself! I met a few people in line, and had fun watching everyone come out and get to be nosy and see what they bought ;) I also went by Michaels to get their 7-pack set of canvases since I am being all crafty this year! And picked up a few Melissa and Doug food sets and got to use a coupon too. There was no wait there.. that is my kind of shopping! I ended up getting back home around 9:30, so not too bad. But I did miss "Glee!" Ahhhh, I guess I will have to catch it on the internet later.
Friday Brooke and I went to the Southern Christmas Show with mom. It is a tradition that Mom and I go every year, and this year Brooke decided she wanted to "be one of the big girls" and go with us, so that was fun. We drove down to Greensboro for the show. If you have never been, its pretty neat.. there are tons of vendors selling homeade goods, everything from candles, soap, wooden toys, ornaments, etc. There are TONS of things to look at and buy. And the crowds are just as bad as black friday, but it is still fun. Mom buys us these beautiful pewter ornaments every year to add to our collection, and this year we picked a crab for me (I am a Cancer sign), a banjo for Arnold, a cheerleader for Brooke, a tin soldier for Caleb, and a carousel horse for Rachel. After walking around awhile Brooke said she was hungry and was begging for lunch. I knew she wouldn't last long! So we finished up our shopping and went to lunch down the road at Fatz. I love that place.. especially the yummy bread they bring out before ;) Carbs are my weakness! I had the chicken wrap, and it was so yummy!
Friday evening Mom and dad took the kids overnight for us, so Arnold and I could have a date. We don't get them very often, so we were thrilled! We went to dinner at Quiznos. I haven't been there in awhile, but really love their subs. Then we went to do more black friday shopping.. crazy, I know. We went to pick up more crafting stuff for our projects, then went to Target to look around. I was hoping they'd have the Little People Princess pack so I could get it for Rachel's Princess Castle (her Santa gift this year) but of course they were all sold out. boooo! We ran into a friend from church there, and they just had a baby earlier in the week.. so sweet! :) Then we went to the Christian bookstores and I got some books I had been wanting to read for only $5 each! Yay! I now have a seriously huge pile of books to read, no clue how long it will take me to finish, since i am still working on the Harry Potter series! Eventually it got so it was freezing outside and windy, and Arnold was practically begging to go home, so we did. When we got home we carried in everything from the trunks of our cars that we have bought them for Christmas (we had been storing them there) and looked over everything. I think its safe to say the kids have enough AND beyond what they need for Christmas. I think I get a little too excited?! We were going to start wrapping, but by then we were exhausted, so we just went to bed. We got a full night's sleep with no interruptions and it was so wonderful!
Saturday morning we went to pick the kids up from mom  and dad's, then came home and made some homeade pizzas for lunch while the kids played with a few new toys we had gotten them (earlier in the week from the online yardsales) I got Rachel some dollhouse furniture to go in her dollhouse, Brooke a few Barbies and clothes, and Caleb the "Operation" game. They had so much fun playing.. it had been awhile since I had dressed Barbies up in clothes.. I forgot how hard it was to get those things on! Saturday afternoon I also got a nap!!!! :)
Sunday we went to church. This week's lesson was on "generosity" which is something we all need to remember, especially this time of year! We have more than what we need, and need to remember others that may not have anything at all. After church we came home and made lunch and Arnold worked some more on painting the living room. After 7 years of living in this house our walls are finally a color instead of white! It is definitely taking some getting used to! That evening we watched the 4th Harry Potter movie that my friend Jackie let us borrow. It was pretty good, but pretty creepy at the end! and I had NO idea that Robert Pattinson played Cedric's character... that was funny to see him in the movie!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)
Rachel in her turkey dress! It was adorable!

My brother Alex, and I. He is 4 years younger than me but taller!

Our family on Thanksgiving! :)

The kids' uncle Alex, Bree, and Daddy playing a game with them before lunch.
Brooke and Grandma at the Christmas Show on Friday

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I know Thanksgiving was the other day, and I am a little late on this, but I wanted to do my traditional "thankful" blog and write about what I am thankful for this year.

~God. Thankful that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross.. I am so unworthy, but he paid the price for me! Amazing! And he has helped me through some really difficult times, especially in the past few years. Never leaves my side.

~Arnold. My husband of almost 7 years now. We have had a lot thrown at us in the years we have been married. A few times it was extrememly rough and I didn't know if we would make it through. But we did, and we are now stronger than ever! Arnold is very respectful of me, and treats me as an equal. He knows I hate to cook, so he will cook several nights for us. He doesn't mind watching the kids while I get out for a break once in awhile. He is always there to support and love me. I love having someone to be so close with in life.

~My 3 Kiddos- Brooke, Caleb and Rachel. Each one has changed my life in a new way. They are all different and have so many unique qualities. Brooke is the independent one, always on the go, and sometimes bossy, but she means well! Caleb is the sensitive one (like his mama!) shy to warm up to people, but he is really caring and thoughtful of others. Rachel is my little firecracker. She is always funny, the center of attention, and always into something. The 3 of them keep me so busy and sometimes so stressed but being a mother is the best thing I have ever done! I was made for this!

~My Parents- My parents have been married for 40 years now and have shown me what a strong, loving marriage looks like. They gave me a great childhood and so many opportunities in live that I didn't even really appreciate until I grew up and had my own kids. They still help me out when I need it, even as an adult. Thankfully they live pretty close and we get to see them pretty often still. They are wonderful grandparents to the kids and spoil them rotten! And don't mind having them over for a night one in awhile so Arnold and I can get a datenight!

~My brother- We give each other a hard time, but I'm glad I have him. I have always felt very protective of him. He doesn't live very close anymore and that sucks because I miss him! And I wish the kids got to see their Uncle Alex more often. he has turned into an awesome man and he is one of the hardest workers I know. I am proud of him!

~My Friends- I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for-- no really!! They are so fun to be with, and when we get together there is ALWAYS something crazy going on, and that is where I get a lot of my blog material ;) They are always there to listen when I need to vent, or to offer some advice or a shoulder to cry on. They have helped me through some really rough times before, and never left my side. A few of the closest ones probably know more about me then maybe even Arnold does! ;)

~My Church- We have found a wonderful church that we actually love going to every Sunday! The people are so friendly there and we have made some great friends. We have gotten very involved and even became members last year. I work with the baby class and get to snuggle sweet babies twice a month. The pastor is young and always preaches on stuff true-to-life that I can relate to, and I ALWAYS take something away from the message! I have become so much closer to God since we have been going there, and become more outgoing as well.

~Arnold's work- Even in this tough economy, Arnold still has his job, and it is a great one. He has a good boss that really cares about the employees, and is understanding if stuff comes up and he needs to miss a day. Arnold has a lot of close friends there as well, and people  that really help out when others need it. I know Arnold enjoys going to work every day, and that is a blessing. He works hard so I can be a stay-at-home-mom right now.

~The Pregnancy Care Center- I am thankful that I have found a wonderful organization that truly helps women in need. Being pro-life, I love being a part of this center where I feel like I can make a difference. Thurs night have become great.. I get to help out where I know I'm needed, and I get to meet all kinds of people and love on people and babies.

~My country- Thankful to live in the USA! Where we have so many freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. We are blessed with so much, and even if we don't have ALOT, we sure do have a lot more than most other places in the world! We are able to worship in the way we please, and the service men and women have fought for the freedoms we enjoy every day.. and I am oh so thankful!

~The kids' school- The kids go to a great school. Their principal was actually named Principal of the Year last year! The teachers and staff there really seem to care about the students. We have become close to alot of the teachers there, and I feel like I can always go to them with any concerns I have. They have taught my kids so much, and brought out the best in them.

And a few other little things I am thankful for!!!!!

~Online Yardsale sites
~Date night with Arnold
~Girls Night Out
~Afternoon naps
~Finding great deals
~Sweet Tea
~Buying things for the kids
~Christmas Time
~Weekends with my family

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BIG Update!!!

I know, I know. I haven't updated in FOREVER. I don't know what is wrong with me. I usually keep up with my blog like it's my 4th child! No wait... that is Arnold.. ha! Anyway, here is a really long post to get caught up. Sorry it's so long but you gotta do what you gotta do! :)
We met some friends at Mcdonalds and had a "bookswap." We have decided to get together once a month and swap out kids' books with each other, so our kids get some new reading material and we don't have to go buy any! I think it's an awesome idea. Rachel also got to have lunch with her little buddy and play outside on the playarea-- but not for long, because it was FREEZING cold and windy that day!

I went over to my friend Natalie's house to visit her and her new baby, Paul! He is the sweetest. he was born about 5 weeks early, and had to spend some time in the NICU, but now he is home and doing great! He is only around 5 pounds right now! I got to sit there and just hold him for an hour. He snuggled right up in my arms and slept the entire time! he is such a good baby. It was so fun getting to chat with Natalie too, I don't get to see her very often! Her daughter Izzy even drew me a picture before I left, and gave it to me to take home. So sweet! :)

On Veteran's day the kids were off of school. So we just hung around the house and played, watched movies, went to visit Daddy for lunch at work, etc.

Last weekend we made some homeade pizza. We put pepperonis and banana peppers on them, and it was sooo good! Arnold put the really HOT peppers on his and was regretting it later! haha! ;)

Last friday night, my Sister-in-law went to the movies to see Breaking Dawn, Part 2. We weren't crazy enough to go to the midnight showing on Thurs, but we DID get there early and wait in line and hour, to score good seats. I filled up our popcorn bucket for a snack.. movie popcorn is the best! And oooohhh my goodness.. the movie was so good! I actually didn't know what to expect, but it was really good, maybe the best of them all! There was a surprising part, but I won't spoil it for any who haven't seen it ;) And yes, Jacob takes his shirt off in this one too, so I was happy! ;) we didn't get home until after 1am, so that was sooo late for me, but it was worth it! Fun girl's night out!

Been spending some quality time with the kids, which is always fun!

I know its super early, but Santa arrived at the mall last Saturday, and the kids wanted to go sit on his lap. So we let them. Brooke asked for a list of things a mile long.. Santa told her she had really thought things out, lol! :)

It was actually Rachel's first time ever sitting on Santa's lap! I was proud of her.. she has been too scared to in the past! She told Santa she wanted a Tv! That is not happening! :)

Caleb sat on his lap last. He told Santa he wanted a gun for Christmas. He has been listening to his daddy and grandpas way too much! Later he told me "Just a TOY gun mommy!" haha! I was kinda embarassed by the time we got done, lol! 

We did a little browsing/shopping at the mall. All the pretty decorations were up and I was really in the spirit! This would have been a great pic if Brooke's eyes weren't shut!

Sunday we went with Brooke's girlscout troop to Disney on Ice! I had never been to anything like that, and it was really neat. We rode down with some friends, and Brooke got to sit in the backseat with a friend and her cousin, Bekah. That was interesting, to say the least! We stopped for a quick lunch on the way down. The show was at 1pm. I loved watching all the iceskaters and seeing the characters, I felt like a kid again! At intermission we got dippin dots for a snack! Rainbow for Brooke and chocolate for me. It was $12! They have crazy prices at those kinds of places, but they know the parents will probably buy them! We are suckers! Anyway, it was a fun mommy/daughter date for the day, and I am so glad we went!

~A few weekends ago I got to have dinner with my friend Cori. We hardly EVER get to see each other, so that was so fun. We met at Olive Garden, and I'm so glad because I never get to eat there anymore. It's either too expensive to take a family of 5, or I don't want to wait in line! But i'm glad we went because i had forgotten how good the lasanga, breadsticks and salad there are! We even got in on that deal "dinner today and take home dinner for tomorrow." So I was able to take a dish home for Arnold, too!

~I got to also catch up with my friend Chrissy this past week. We met for dinner one night at Rancho Veijo, a mexican place. I feel spoiled eating out so much lately, I usually don't do that! Chrissy recently found out she was pregnant so we finally have something in common again, ha! ;) So we chatted for an hour or so, about the past, babies, and everything else. She is going to be so cute when her bump starts showing!! :)

~My friend Jackie introduced me to some local used bookstores recently! Why I haven't been going there all along, I don't know. I don't even think I knew they were there! I took in some novels of mine that had just been sitting around here forever, and got $49 worth of store credit to use! I went back one day by myself, and got LOADS of kids books. (and a few for me, ha!) I left with two big bags of new books, so I was very excited. I see many trips there in my future! :)

~I have gotten addicted to the Facebook yardsales, and also the Amazon lightning deals. I have gotten waaay too much for the kids for Christmas this year. This always happens.. I just get too excited. I think I get more excited about the deals than the actual items. I have filled up the car AND van trunks with stuff. We don't have alot of storage room in the house for the gifts, plus the kids are nosy!!!!

~We have been talking about painting the rooms in the house for the longest time. They need it done badly. Well Arnold surprised me last night and brought home 2 gallons of paint, in the shade I wanted, and he is going to paint our living room as an early Christmas present! I am so thrilled! He has already started patching up places in the wall that the kids have messed up, or the chairs, or whatever. I hope the blue shade I picked turns out as pretty on the walls as it does in my head! Ha!

~I have been having some issues lately, with feeling lightheaded, shaky, etc and not doing right at all. They ran some bloodwork on me, thinking it might be iron or something, but all my labwork came back perfect! (I mean I was even surprised how good my numbers were!) So we think my anxiety is creeping back in.. maybe I am tolerant to the dosage of medicine now I have weaned myself down to, and my body is craving more. I don't know. But I have had a few panic attacks lately. I'd forgotten just how scary those things are. Please pray for me if you can spare a minute, I don't want to slip back into that mess, I have come so far from that!! thank you all :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that I changed around my blog some the other night. Layout, some new buttons, and even changed my font! Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the pink color behind my title heading. Does anyone know how?!

~I'm loving that no matter who is president, Jesus is still King! I have heard this a lot on facebook this past week, and it is absolutely true. The outcome last night was not what I was hoping, but now at least we know and can start to move on. I am worried for us to be honest, but I know God is in control and what we need to do now is pray, pray, pray!!

~I'm loving that I finally found a Nintendo DS at a decent price, for Brooke. Now both the kids have one for Christmas, and I am so relieved I have all this done and it's not even December yet! The ds is even PINK, and I know she will love that :)

~I'm loving that the other night we had cheddar broccoli soup and italian bread for dinner. It was sooo yummy! It really hit the spot after such a chilly day. This week has been so cold, I do not care for cold weather at ALL. One thing I don't like around the Holidays.

~I'm loving that yesterday I had a day with the kids. They were off school, it was a "teacher workday" so they could have parent-teacher conferences all day. It was strange having it on a Tuesday, but oh well! The kids and I got to go see their daddy and Paw for lunch yesterday, at their work. And we hung around here and played, read, and watched some movies.

~I'm loving that we put up our Christmas decorations early. Yes, we already did!! I know some of you think I am nuts, and that is ok. The kids have been bugging me forever to put them up, and I was moving some furniture yesterday to vaccuum, so I rearranged some stuff and went ahead and brought up our tree. Then we added some other decorations and even our stockings. It's so surreal to see everything up, doesn't feel like it's already time! I can't believe Christmas is NEXT month!!! I can't wait!

~I'm loving that I got to talk to both my mom and dad on the phone last night. I called mom to tell her a few things, and dad ended up grabbing the phone and talking to me, too. I love that I am so close to both my parents. I was really blessed with wonderful parents!

~I'm loving that tomorrow I am going with my friend Jackie to some used bookstores. She knows of a few around here that she goes to sometimes, and asked If I wanted to go with her sometime. Well we all know the answer to that! Anytime I can find new books, I am in! ;)

~I'm loving that I finished another book last night. I was reading one called "Expecting Adam" about a little boy with Down Syndrome. It was pretty good. I had actually bought the book for really cheap at a yardsale last month. I love finding cheap books!! And next I am on to book #5 of the Harry Potter series! (thanks again Jackie! ;)

~I'm loving that my friend Erika's daughter Katelyn is starting to do better. She is a diabetic, and was admitted to the hospital the other day because her blood sugar got dangerously high. She was really sick and scaring everyone. I was praying for her alot! Their family is really important to us, and being a mother myself, I know Erika was a wreck! But she is home now, and resting and trying to get better!

~I'm loving that there are ONLY 48 days until Christmas! :) :) :)

~I'm loving that last night I got a phonecall from my social worker. She said that Joseph's 8 year pics and updates got to them yesterday, and they will be in the mail and getting to me in a few days! I am so incredibly excited! I can't wait to see how much he has changed and read how he is doing. I will be sure to share some pics when I can :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Creative Gift Wrap

With Christmas just next month, I have started looking up idea for cute and creative gift wrap. Closer to time I will probably just go the easy way out and use bags or plain wrapping I can buy with no extras, but is fun to dream, right?! Maybe if I get started early and get Arnold to help me I can get some of these cute ideas done, at least for my neices and nephews maybe?? :)

What about you guys? Do you like any of these? Or have any good ideas of your own creative wrapping? Send ideas my way! :)

I just loved this wrapping paper, the black and white looks so elegant and fancy!

Easily wrap something in a colored paper bag. To add a little fanciness, you can bend a colorful cupcake holder over the top and glue in place. And add a cute gift tag, too.

Here they wrapped cookbooks in dish towels. Cute idea to put together a "themed" gift, and you get to use the "wrapping" instead of throw it away! 

Use each person's initials, so you can see right away who the gifts belong to, when under the tree. Only a problem if some of you share initials, like my husband and I do ;)

Re-use old pairs of jeans! Cut off pockets, and you can hotglue to cards or presents. You can then fill with treats of your choice.. love the colorful pixi sticks they used here!

How cute are the little Christmas light bulbs? I love it!

Great for kids' gifts. Using those little magnetic letters to spell out their name. Can be re-used after they open the present, also.

Great for the music lovers. Some sheet music, little bells, and ribbon.

Spell out the person's name using letter stamps on the paper.

Wrapped using newspaper. Great way to recyle.

Presents topped with pictures! how cool! I could so see myself doing this.. everyone knows I take tons and tons of pics throughout the year! Great way to jazz up a gift, and also to show who the present is going to, and you don't even have to use a name tag. 

Re-use old Pringle cans to put in cookies or another homeade goodie. Cover with scrapbook paper, Tie up with a pretty ribbon, and you are good to go :)

Make a gift a little bit more special by adding on a sweet treat. A lollipop, candy cane, or any thing else you can think of. Great idea for kids.

Here they used old toilet paper rolls! Put inside a little gift, covered it with pretty paper, and wrapped up with clear wrap to look like a candy. Cute idea. 

For the hard to buy for? Teens maybe? Wrap up some of their favorite candy bars and add some cold hard cash under the ribbon. Heck, I'd like this for myself! ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend In Review

Every Friday Brooke has a spelling test at school. This past Friday she made a 102 on her test! I am always so excited to see what she made in the afternoons. We study throughout the week and usually drill pretty hard Fri mornings before they leave for school. Brooke was having a really hard time with two of the words, and I figured she would miss them, but she didn't! Also, I talked to Brooke's teacher this week, and she said Brooke has become a great reader, and she is going to start her on an AR reading level! Which means Brooke will start bringing home special books and taking special tests on the computer every week. Sorry, had to share all that, proud mama brag!! :)
Friday night after the kids went to bed, Arnold and I watched Madea's Witness Protection Program! We rented it from Redbox.. I love all the codes they send me in my email. I even got two this weekend for free rentals! Makes for a cheap date night ;) I love that Madea, we watch all the movies. It was pretty good. While watching we pulled out the kids' big bag of Halloween candy and ate a lot of it.. oops! We also watched "Last Man Standing" which finally premiered for this season.. they had some issues with a few cast members and had to recast. Reba also has a new show out, that we watched. Anyone else seen it? I'd love to say I liked it, but I seriously think it was almost just like her last show! Just changed the characters and location and stuff. Not the greatest...  bummer, because I love Reba!
Saturday morning, Brooke had her last football game of the season. It so happens that some of my family was coming into town, so they got to come up and go see Brooke at her game! That was neat, because we don't get to see them that often at all. My aunt came, two of my cousins, and my Grandpa. Arnold's parents also came out to the game. It was probably the most fun game of the season, because we all sat together in the stands and talked the whole time! Arnold's mom had brought the kids their Halloween treats that they give them every year, so the kids munched on candy the whole time. I tried to take it away from the after awhile, and noticed that Caleb was sneaking some! The cheerleaders also had a little "end of season" party towards the end of the game, the coach had baked cupcakes and brought snacks. Oh, and we won the game!! And it was beautiful weather! Couldn't have asked for a more fun morning :)
After the game we went over to mom and dad's house for awhile. We all had lunch over there. We got to visit more with family before they headed back home that afternoon. And I got to see my younger brother, Alex, who lives far away now :( The kids tossed the football in the backyard for awhile. Caleb had a great time, and is still saying he wants to be on the football team next year. I am ok with that, but it makes me cringe everytime I see a little boy get knocked over and trampled by other players! Caleb is a little guy to begin with, and he is very sensitive, so I don't see that going very well if he got hurt!!!
Sunday morning the kids got up REALLY early, thanks to the stupid time change! Parents know that you definitely don't get any extra sleep like everyone else, when you push the time back! The kids are all confused and got up at 6 because they thought it was 7! Argggh. Oh well. We got everyone ready and headed to church. 1st Sunday of the month, so I worked in the baby class! Rocked my friend Karla's son the entire service.. he is such a cuddle bug! I have become his lap of choice on Sundays, so I feel special! :) After church we went to Sonic for lunch.. it has become a tradition and the kids won't let us change that!!! Then we browsed around the store for awhile, looking at all the Christmas decorations. When the kids saw it, Brooke begged for us to put up our tree and decorations now. LOL she is so much like her mama, gets way too excited ;) I told her we would try to do it this coming weekend. I know that is crazy, but it makes the kids happy (and me! :)
Sunday evening we just hung around the house and rested. We made homeade pizzas for dinner, and they were sooo yummy. I don't know how Arnold does it, but he always seems to get the crust JUST right! Then Arnold left with his dad to go to a receiving for the family member of a lady they work with, they are all pretty close. The kids and I stayed here and I got them ready for bed. I also played several rounds of that game Song Pop. Darn you Joanne for getting me hooked on that game! ;) And last night I read all evening until I got tired and went to bed. Of course I got tired earlier because of the time change!!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)
Brooke swinging on the playground before the game started

Rachel playing on the playground

Brooke cheering at her last football game of the season.

Leaving church on Sunday. Thought this would make a cool pic, and It did! ;)

Daddy and Rachel. They look so much alike :)
After church on Sunday. The kids found sticks and wanted to play

Waiting on lunch at Sonic after church. It was chilly!

Rachel being silly and trying on some reindeer antlers. She said LOOK MAMA! I'm a MOOSE! LOL, funny girl :)