Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vday Plans!!

Well Valentines Day is almost here! What is everyones plans?? What is everyone getting their significant others?? I have no clue what im getting from Arnold! We usually dont surprise each other but I think we will this year so im excited!! :)

I am having a big Kids' Valentines Day party Friday night in my church gym. I think i went a little overboard b/c I invited everyone and now i have like 35-40 kids and who knows how many adults coming! I think a total gues list of around 70 people or so! Arnold has been so stressed over it b/c he hates big parties, but I LOVE them! We had a Halloween party last year and it went great! So i wanted to do something again. The kids will have a blast, i know!

We will have a snack supper, everyones bringing something. Then we are having a valentine exchange for the kids. I am also making goody bags for all the kids. We will have the big Bounce house set up, and some other random toys. Theres also a karaoke machine in the church, so thatll be fun.

Saturday Arnold and I want to go out together for Vday. We willprobably go out to eat at Dos Amigos and go shopping with some tax money, lol!

Sunday after church the youth are having a Vday lunch and so we'll probably go to that. They also deliver flowers to anyone you choose, so im sending one to my MIL, and Brooke and Rachel, i think thatll be sweet :)

Ill be sure to take lots of pics Friday night and post them on here! :)

Tax Money Plans!!!

Well our tax money is supposed to be deposited Friday morning and Im so excited! We got back a lot this year, more of course since we had Rachel ;-) Thanks Rachel!

Anyway, we are having to pay off a ton of medical bills from this past year, and pay off Arnolds parents for our new washer/dryer and plumbing in our house, which takes most of it... But we still have a good amount left..

So Arnold and I decided to let each other have $500 each "Fun money!" To do whatever we want with it! Yay! i never spend money on myself so this is going to be great! Does anyone have any good ideas of ways for me to spend it?! I already want to get a new haircut, some new clothes/shoes, a few new books, and NEW MOON when it comes out on DVD. Im also buying Arnold a Vday present, probably a Gift certificate to an online guitar store he likes.. he will be surprised!! :)

The kids get double that to split between the 3 of them.. Theyre all getting new spring/summer clothes, easter gifts, and the rest will probably go to their birthday party funds this summer. I am planning a big TURTLE bash for Rachels 1st bday, I cant wait! :) Ive already been buying them clothes on Ebay this week,that site is sooo addicting! They have a lot of cute clothes coming soon in the mail--i love getting mail! (when its not bills!) ;-)

Got my Update on Joseph!!!

Most of you know my story, of how I gave a baby up for adoption when I was 19. The father ran off and I was in college and didnt have a job so I knew i couldnt take care of him. So i went thru an agency in Greensboro and picked a family I liked. His name is Joseph and he just turned 5 this past Nov 1st! I get yearly updates and pics. I just received my update yesterday and im THRILLED! I wanted to show a few pics of him. He looks a lot like me doesnt he?!

Trip to the ER

So Saturday night Arnold and I were supposed to go out on a date...we were getting ready and all of a sudden i started feeling severe pains in the right side of my back.. I didnt think much of it until they started getting really severe. Arnold thought it was a kidney stone.. but i didnt think so..

Anyway, we decided to drop off the kids and go on out anyway. We went to Target to get some stuff, and while we were in the diaper aisle the pains came on again. So we decided to go over to the Urgent Care. They said they didnt have the equipment needed to check me out for problems like that,and there was a chance it was my appendix, so they sent me over to Catawaba Hospital.

It was SUCH a long wait. we got there at around 730 and didnt get back into a room in the ER until around 10:30. The dr came in and thought I had a kidney stone by the way I was acting and where it hurt. He took a urine test from me and then came back in and said he didnt see signs of elevated red blood cells, but hed do a CT scan to be sure. By the way, ive had like 4 of them in the past year, and thats waaay too much radiation for the normal person. I could get cancer oneday just from those stupid tests! But i wont worry about that now...

So anyway, i went back and got the CT scan done on my abdomen. Then we waited, and waited and waited. Arnold fell asleep sitting up! They finally came back in at 4am with the results. They said they didnt see any kidney stones (thank goodness!) But that i had a kidney infection. Id never had one and it hurt sooooo bad!

We waited until 5 am when they finallywrote the report up and let us go. They gave me a prescription for antibiotics, antinausea pills, and Vikodin. They gave me one before i left and i was OUT of it by the time i got home. We finally fell into bed at 530 AM and didnt get up till 11 AM. My inlaws then brought the kids home and brought us lunch. It was a rough day.. when the kids laid down for a nap Arnold and I did too.We were exhausted!!

Anyway, im finally starting to feel better after a few days on the antibiotics. Im glad i decided to go to the ER so that the infection was found, but I HATED that wait. So much for the date night we had had planned! :(