Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend in Review

Friday morning I had two classes to go to, English and Healthcare Management. We turned in some homework Fri morning and I got it back today, and made a 98! Woohoo! The kids had a half day at school, they got out at 11:30am. I don't get out of class til 11:20am on Fridays, so needless to say I was the first one out of that classroom and speeding all the way home. But I made it just in time to pick up the kids! (super mom!) I was trying not to bother anyone to pick them up for me. We went home and the kids played while I did some cleaning. Arnold came home early that day to work some on his car. It had been acting weird lately, so he bought some parts and tried to fix the problem himself. Well it turns out what he did to it did NOT fix the car, but we now know what is wrong with it, thanks to Advance Auto Parts hooking it up to their machine and telling us. Geez, this car is old and it is going to be expensive to fix. But it's better than having to buy a new car, I guess!
Friday afternoon Mom said she would take the kids so Arnold and I could go on a date!!! We have been super stressed lately and we needed it badly, so I was sooo very excited. We dropped the kids off with Mom around 2:30. We had some time to kill before the movie we were going to, so we decided to go over to Toys R Us to look around at some ideas for Christmas gifts. I was browsing in the girls' section and saw TWO PUPPY SURPRISES on the shelf! One pink one, and one of the dalmations (which is an exclusive and hard to find!) I scooped those babies up right away.. couldn't believe I had found them! They also had one last set on the shelf of the talking Ninja Turtles or whatever they are called (I still have a hard time with boy toys!) and that was on Caleb's list, so we picked that up too. While we were at it, we decided to go ahead and start a layaway for the kids there. That way we could store the presents there, and also make payments on their gifts. When Arnold saw the total at the register he looked a little shocked but I reminded him that "but honey.. we have several weeks to pay it off! And they are only kids once!!" ;)
Then it was time to go to the movies. We went to see "This is Where I Leave You." We had forgotten our popcorn bucket at home, and Arnold realllly loves the movie popcorn, so he actually paid $6.50 for a SMALL popcorn! What?! Our BIG bucket would have only been only $3.75! Oh well, it was a special occasion I guess ;) I thought the movie would be a chick flick or cheesy, but it was actually really good! It was funny at parts, and touching at parts. Had a lot of good/popular actors in it, too. A few of the scenes were kindof crude.. but other than that, I loved it. I liked it was one Arnold and I BOTH agreed was good! After the movie we went to dinner at Applebee's. We got there just in time that we only had to wait 5 minutes for a table (I hate having to wait!!) I got the chicken fajita rollup which I get everytime because it is my favorite! I love getting to have a meal without begging kids to eat, and to stop leaning on the table, and to stop arguing, and to close their mouths when chewing.. etc, etc etc! I'm sure other Moms will relate!
Saturday morning we got the kids ready and headed to Brooke's ballgame. I can tell they have been practicing hard, Brooke did a great job. I just love watching her, she seems to have a great time and she is just adorable! (I may be biased ;) And the coolest part of the day was that ALEX and Ariel came into town for a visit. They were just up for a few days to move some of Alex's furniture back down to Florida. But it was great to see them! After the game Arnold and the kids headed to the Redneck fesitval in our town (a benefit Arnold plays music at every year) and I went back to Mom and Dad's house to visit with everyone. Mom bought BBQ for everyone for lunch, since their church was having a benefit that day as well. That afternoon Mom, Ariel and I went out shopping together. It was so much fun!
That evening everyone joined back up at Mom and Dad's house, for dinner. Ariel likes to cook, so she helped mom make dinner.. chicken, spinach and alfredo lasanga. Brooke and Rachel LOVE to help in the kitchen, so they got a kick out of Ariel letting them help her measure things, pour things, and stir. They even wore little aprons, it was adorable. I know mom is glad to finally have someone who enjoys cooking with her, since I HATE to cook! I wish I didn't, but I do! Oh well, I have so many other good qualities so it's ok ;) Arnold helped Alex load up his furniture in the back of the Uhaul he had rented. The kids jumped in the back of Alex's truck and said they were going to go down to Florida with their Uncle Alex. Rachel said "I sure am going to miss him!" That goes for all of us! We hate them living so far away, but we know they are happy, so that is what matters.
Sunday morning I went to church early, and stayed for 2 services. I "shadowed" a girl that works there, who I am taking over for, since she just got a new nursing job. My new title is Sprouts Team Leader which means I will be working every Sunday morning to oversee the baby classes, make sure volunteers are there to watch the kids, and step in as needed if we are short on people. I ended up working the 2nd service since we were short on people, and thank goodness because we had 8 kids, including 2 newborn twin baby girls! I was in love.. at one point I was holding both of them in my arms, rocking them back and forth. Oh how i love getting my baby fix in every week! I am so blessed that I am able to make money now with something I already so dearly love! My first official week in the job will be next Sunday! I am excited! :)
Sunday afternoon we worked around the house and yard (ok, mostly Arnold haha) and were able to get some naps in, so that was awesome! Yesterday evening one of our fave tv shows Resurrection came back on for the 2nd season. I am so happy to have it back and can't wait to see what happens!
Hope everyone has a fantastic week! :)
Brooke helping cook on Saturday night. She had so much fun!

The girls cooking... caught them in an action shot. 

Mom, the girls, and Ariel. I love them all bunches!

Arnold and Bobo hanging out in the living room. They are twins! ;)

We decided to take Sheldon over there while we visited. He loved seeing dad again! He gave him kisses all over and hung out on his lap :)

Just hanging out with my sweet hubby!

Sitting with Alex on the back of the Uhaul, before they loaded it all up!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Struggle Is Real!

I don't know what it was with this past week, but it was awful. I have never been so glad to see a week end! Well, there were a FEW good points, but overall, it sucked. I hate to be a downer, but there is only so much a girl can take! I know part of it is this is a new season of life for all of us. Rachel starting kindergarten, me starting college and working some part-time, and everyone having to get used to new schedules. Not to mention us still struggling with Brooke's school issues. But hopefully we will get that sorted out soon.

I don't have much to write about right now, but I want to stay current on the blog... so here is a list of things currently stressing me out!!!! ;)

1. I. can. not. get. rid. of. these. allergies!!! Every single day it seems like my eyes are heavy and itchy, I sneeze, have a headache, and am exhausted. I feel like I want to take a nap every single day. I need to visit an allergist for real, and get tested. I am a hater of shots, but if they have a shot that will make me stop stuff suffering, bring it on!!

2. I have a big, big paper due for my English class, on October 3rd. The days just keep creeping up on me. The paper is basically my midterm and counts for a 3rd of my grade. No pressure or anything! I like writing, but more the type of personal writing in a blog... not a paper analyzing a piece of old literature!

3. I cannot find Rachel's baggie book. The book she has to bring home every week from school and read to me and then take back to school and read to her teacher to prove we've been working on it. I feel like I am that parent all the teachers are going to hate. I am SO disorganized. I have tried to do better, really I have! this year is proving to be the worst yet, with all my new responsibilities!

4. Like always I am stressed about Brooke, and if we are getting her the help she needs for school. She goes back again on wed. for more ADHD/learning disability testing. Hopefully if they can officially diagnose her with something in writing, the school will do more to help her out. And her teacher will get off my back about her behavior.. I mean the kid really does try! I don't know what else to do. It has been a long road....

5. Have I chosen the correct college path? I sure hope so. I think I am on the right track to liking what I am going to do, and there are jobs out there, at least that is what they say. We did some research on types of medical office jobs for one of my classes, and there are a lot of options, but a lot more work involved than I ever imagined. I just want to be successful in what I do!

6. I don't know If I'll ever find a dang PUPPY SURPRISE in time for Christmas! Two to be exact.. because you know both girls will want one! So far they have been wiped out at the store. When I ask if they will get more in the guys in the store seemed to not even know what the heck I was talking about. Oh well.

7. I have no clue what to get my mom for her birthday. It is coming up soon, on October 18th. I love buying gifts, but after awhile, it feels like I get people the same things over and over again, you know?? I have gotten her photo books of the kids before, candles, bath and body works stuff, books I thought she'd like to read.... anyone have any ideas for me?!?!

8. Arnold ate my last "diet" brownie!!!!! Yeah I bought that box of fiber one brownies for ME. I am trying not to eat as many desserts, and I figured those at least weren't as bad. But Arnold sniffed them out and they slowly started to disappear...

9. Speaking of... I want to start going back to the gym. I mean I am paying $35 a month, so I might as well use it! When am I going to find the time to go with all our stuff going on?! Will I ever get over my fear of working out in front of people?? WHY does everyone else at the gym already look so fit and so good and make me hate myself???? Ugh, the struggle is real.

10. They moved Big Bang Theory to Monday nights!!!! At 8pm!!!!! Ok... do these people realize I have kids that don't go to bed until 8:30pm?? Brooke has cheer practice mon nights and doesn't even get home til nearly 8pm! I guess I will be watching the show next day on Demand, it looks like. Along with Grey's Anatomy, which also moved to an earlier time slot. what is up with all the changes?? And why am I paying for cable when I can't even see my shows when they first air???

11. The book fair is coming to the kids' school this week. The book fair itself is a glorious thing. All those shelves and tables of books? Be still my heart. But I will have to hold myself back. Not spend too much. House payment is this paycheck and I don't have a ton of extra to spend there. And the kids are at the age where they want to pick out their own books now, so I have to give them choices too. Ah..

12. Why does my living room carpet get dirty so quickly?? I guess it is 5 people and 2 animals constantly walking all over it. the kids never listen to me and take off their shoes so they don't track dirt in.Right now I see a cherry dr pepper stain in the corner, where a drink spilled. red stains are tough to get up! Arnold can steam clean the carpet and it be dirty again a few days later. WHY??????

13. I just realized I haven't been taking pictures lately. What is wrong with me? I won't have any picture folders from about July-September. No memories. That makes me sad :(

14. I guess I will end this depressing blog saying I hope the Panthers win tonight!!!! It's not stressing me out as much as some people I know, but I still care. So GO PANTHERS!!!! :)

Now that all that is out.. I feel a little better. Thanks for letting me vent! And let's hope my next blog is full of a lot happier things. Here's to a good week ahead!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ballgames, Birthdays, and Brothers!

I love those weekends where you pack every single minute with something fun to do! And even though I collapse in the bed exhausted Sunday evening, it is so worth it. That is how this past weekend was for us.

Friday I went to my English class and then had to go to the library to work on an assignment for another class. It was my first time in the library there and I had to ask someone how to get there. Actually.. I walked around the building several times before I got up the courage to ask someone where it was. I don't know why I'm so shy around people I don't know! Anyway.. after I got done with all my classwork, It was only 11, so I decided to go over to Kohl's and buy a birthday present for a party we were going to that weekend. While I was leaving, Arnold called me and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch.. at OLIVE GARDEN! One of my fave places to go, but we don't get to go much. So we got to sit there, kid-free, and talk. It was a mini-date and I was so happy we got the chance to do that! I ate five cheese ziti, which is what I get everytime (I'm not big on change) and we ate up the yummy salad and breadsticks til we were stuffed!

That evening when Arnold got off work, we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the movies! We don't take the kids very often since it's soo expensive, but they had giftcards from their birthday. Also, we went at a special time slot and all the tickets were only $5.75! Even then, with the 5 tickets, popcorn refill, drinks, and candy (I snuck in the candy, ha!) it was still $45! Sheesh. Anyway.. we went to see Dolphin Tale 2. Brooke and Caleb had already seen the first one with my Mom, and seemed to like it. I really loved it.. it was a sweet movie and I teared up several times! I love dolphins, they are such majestic, beautiful creatures. And HARRY CONNICK JR is in the movie, and I love him.. he is one of my bigtime crushes ;) Don't judge! So yeah, we had a great time. Rachel kept saying "awwww! This is the cutest movie ever!" ;) So take Rachel's word for it and go see it if you get a chance!!

Saturday morning we got everyone ready and headed out to the football field for the game. We weren't even sure if they were going to have a game, since it POURED buckets the night before in our county, and there was a flood watch. Both sets of Brooke's grandparents came out to see her cheer, so I know that made her feel special :) My mom brought chocolate covered raisins out for us to eat for a snack.. I love those! The girls had practiced hard and did great at their halftime show! They even did some stunts. Since Brooke is one of the bigger/taller girls, she got to help hold up their little mascot. It was so cute :)  The weather wasn't too bad at first, but it got HOT towards the end, and I sweated so much I had to go home and change clothes. But the good news is, our team won!

Right after the game we headed over to a birthday party. We were about 45 minutes late because the game ran over, but I know my friend understood.. she's a mom too! It was for my friend Amanda's son, Gavin, who turned 2. He had a Curious George birthday party, and everything was really cute. The cake was delicious!! I may have eaten my slice and some of Brooke's that she didn't finish, haha ;) The kids enjoyed playing outside and blowing bubbles. Then they had to get right up on top of the action to watch Gavin open his presents. We got him a Fisher Price toolset... and he seemed to love it! He cried when they tried to put away the little drill, so I'd say we had a hit ;) They had a Curious George book for everyone to sign and write messages in for Gavin (I love doing that for my kids, too!) They gave out Curious George coloring books and glasses to all the kids as favors when we left. We had a great time... thanks again Amanda!! :) 

My brother came into town for the weekend, so we headed to Mom and Dad's house after that, to visit. Plus, it was my Dad's birthday, so even more reason to celebrate! Alex lives in Florida and it takes him 9 hours to get up here, so we don't get to see him very often :( The kids about tackled him to the ground when we got there, and Rachel said "I'm so glad he's here!" It melted my heart :) This time around Alex brought up his girlfriend, Ariel, to meet everyone. She has a 1 year old daughter named Brielle, and she came too. She was the CUTEST thing ever, with little curls, and toddling around. The girls thought it was fabulous having her there. They dragged all their toys out for her to play with, and followed her around everywhere. For dinner we had low country boil, or as Alex and I have always called it "crap in a pot!!!!" ;) We were supposed to eat outside but it started raining RIGHT before, so we came inside. Everyone sat around and ate and talked, and for dessert mom had bought a chocolate cake and a red velvet cake! We gave Dad a Barnes and Noble Giftcard to get a new book-- he loves to read just like his daughter ;) We also made him a photobook of our trip to the beach last month, but it didn't arrive in the mail in time :( Oh well. 

Sunday we worked at cleaning the house some, had lunch, and watched tv. Early afternoon we headed back to Mom and Dad's again to say bye to Alex and Ariel before they had to head back home. It really stinks that their visit went by in a flash! I think we are supposed to see them again in a few weeks though, so that makes me happy! last time it was about 4 months in between visits! After we got back home I was supposed to working on some homework, but I fell asleep and took a nap. Oh well, isn't that what Sundays are for anyway??? ;) 

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!! :)

At Brooke's game Saturday morning

Brooke and her cousin, bekah. They got to wear tattoos on their faces this week. They thought that was the coolest ;) Brooke begged me not to scrub it off for a few days.

Gavin opening presents at his party

The kids being silly at Gavin's party

Dinnertime Saturday night!! Arnold got to pour it out onto the plate this time ;)

Alex holding sweet Brielle! Isn't she beautiful?!

the kids playing with Brielle when they got there. You can tell how happy Brooke is :)

I couldn't resist getting a pic of Dad in a party hat! Dad with his two favorite kids ;)

We even put the party hat on the doggie! ha!

A family pic we took before the weekend was over! Love!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

All About Abbs

I am officially Abigail Elizabeth Sears, but you can call me Abbs.

**First and foremost I LOVE JESUS! He is my entire world. He has shaped who I have become, gotten me through more than you could imagine, and never left my side. I am so blessed to be a daughter of the King!

**I met my husband online. Years ago that would have been considered taboo. Today is is way more common! Our first date was going to Oktoberfest :)

**I recently got a job at Christ Church, on the Childcare Staff. I am so excited to be working with the kids!

**I am back in college after nearly 9 years of being out. I am doing the Medical Office Administration Program. I love, love it so far!

**I attend Christ Church- Fairgrove campus, and love it there. I was even baptized there in 20ll!

**I volunteer work at the Pregnancy Care Center every thursday evening. For over 3 years now. I felt led to do it, and it has been such a blessing and so rewarding! I love all the ladies there that have the same passion for babies that I do!

**The son I gave up for adoption will be 10 years old this November. I miss him every day.

**Other names we considered for our girls were-- Erica, Julia, Layla, and Taylor. Other names we considered for Caleb were Ethan, Hunter, Garrett, Noah, Jonah, and Wyatt.

**I am deathly afraid of clowns, bugs, tight spaces, needles, falling, driving in rain/storms, and speaking in front of crowds.

**I have to sleep covered up with a blanket, on my stomach, with my right knee propped up.

**I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I'm not at all ashamed of it.

**I was very close to my Grandma, and I miss her so much. I sometimes have dreams with her in it. I still sleep with a quilt she made me when I was 14. Rachel is named after her (Middle name- Louise)

**A recent obsession of mine is thrifting. 75cent novels and $3 like-new Gymboree dresses? Yes please!

**I don't like Halloween, scary movies, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, zombies, Edgar Allen Poe, or anything creepy. I am 100% wimp.

**I am a proud Republican. Pro-life. Very conservative in my thinking. And if you don't like me because of it, oh well.

**I have never had a broken bone or cavity in my life. And yes I am the clumsiest person ever, and eat lots of sweets. How ironic is that??

**I have known my 3 closest friends for 15 years, 7 years, and 3 1/2 years. They are everything to me.

**My handwriting would remind you of that of a 5-year old's. I know because Rachel has neater handwriting than me!

**I never played sports, but was on the Marching Band and highschool newspaper. Since I am so tall though, everyone always asked me why I didn't play basketball.

**I don't like meat on the bone. Ew, ick. My kids do though, they must get it from their Daddy!

**I celebrate every holiday, birthday, occasion, (and tuesday?!) What is wrong with celebrating???

**I get stopped all the time by people telling me I look "so much like someone they know." I guess I just have that typical "girl next door" look :)

**I on on Facebook way too much. WAY.TOO.MUCH. Do they have support groups???

**I collect owl stuff. Owl stuff makes me happy. I have lost count how many owl things I have. I am the crazy owl lady. That is how everyone sees me, at least.

**I am a lover of dogs. Especially dachshunds. They are so cute. I don't see the point in cats (sorry to all the cat people out there!)

**I am a major stickler for correct grammar and spelling, but I despise writing "formal" papers in my English class.

**I have a bit of a crush on Willie from Duck Dynasty and Leonard from Big Bang Theory :)

**I have a huge head. It is hard to find hats to fit me! Big heads also run in my children. Big heads+natural childbirth=lots of pain.

**Before you say I have the "perfect set of teeth" let me tell you that comes with a price. Years of braces, headgear, retainers, and veneers! But now I LOVE my teeth!

**It goes without saying that I love reading. I love books. I love the smell of books. I love receiving books as gifts. I love it when books go on sale. I love it when people recommend to me good books!

**I am very, very self-conscious about myself. I worry a lot and sometimes fear that people are looking at me, judging me, or talking about me. It is something I am working on.

**I am very nosy. I love other people's blogs. And pictures. I am fascinated by how other people live. Wow, that kinda makes me sound like a stalker! ;)

**I am big on my sleep. I mean biiiig on it. I require about 8-9 hours of sleep at night, or stay out of my way. No seriously. I dig naps too. When I get the chance ;)

**I love Italian food and seafood. Especially five cheese ziti and crab legs. I can put a hurting on some crab legs. Just ask my husband ;)

**I hope to have one more child. By means of adoption. I have faith that God will bless us!

**I hate the feeling of being dirty. Because of that I hate sweating, hate sitting in sand, hate swimming, and hate the ocean. I usually take 2 showers a day. More if I feel gross that day!

**I love anything and everything Christmas. I plan out and shop for gifts months in advance. I get out my decorations way too early. I listen to Christmas cds every day in my van for 2 months straight. I send out Christmas cards to everyone I know. We are that family that does Elf on the Shelf-- oh yes we are.


**I can name the all the states in alphabetical order. I have met Nicholas Sparks. I watch every Adam Sandler movie that comes out. I have never tried yoga. I have to have even numbers at the gas station or it bothers me. I type about 90 wpm on average. I have never met my biological parents. I never keep my phone charged! Liars and mean people aggravate me very much! Sweet tea is my drink of choice. I didn't dye my hair until I was in my late 20's and started getting gray hairs. I've seen Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert 9 times-- some of those when I was very pregnant!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~College is going well so far and I think I am finally getting used to my schedule. Arnold has been sweet to take the kids off my hands when I need to get some studying done. So far all my grades have been A's. I am nervous about a big paper I have coming up in English though!!!!
~My cousin Stephanie, who is a year older than me, just announced this week that she is pregnant! It will be her first child. I am so happy she is getting to experience motherhood. And that baby will be gorgeous! ;) Carrie Underwood announced it the same day! Must be something in the water ;)
~19 Kids and Counting season premiere was last night! I am so excited to see the preparations and then the wedding of JILL AND DERICK!!! They are so, so sweet together! I also can't wait for my other shows to come back later this month.
~I really enjoyed having a 4-day weekend over labor day! I had the usual friday and saturday off, then Monday for Labor day, and tuesdays I don't have school anyway! So I was able to get some rest and enjoy time with the family. And Sunday night we went over to Mom and Dad's house for dinner. Dad grilled hamburgers and mom made homemade french fries! I miss having their cooking every night! ;)
~ Two things I've been wanting were released this week. The Sims 4.. yes they are STILL making those games. I remember when the original game came out when I was a teenager. I bought it and played it for hours upon hours! My dad got so mad at me and said it was a waste of time and not at all like the real world, haha ;) Well anyway, they have made it even cooler and I hope to get it and play it if it will work on my laptop! Also-- Phil from Duck Dynasty released a book this week so you know I will be reading that!
~Brooke's cheering at her first football game this Saturday! Since she is on the team with the older girls now, their games aren't until 11:30. She has been having a great time and I can't wait to see her cheer! I love this time of year!
~I got a job!!! They were looking for part-time workers on the childcare staff at my church (for all the church campuses actually) and so I told them I was interested, went in and talked to the head of the Childcare, and I am going to start soon! What is awesome is I can take as few or many hours as I can work, and make some good money! I can even take the kids will me if I need to, which is a major perk! I am so blessed to find something to make extra money that is so flexible!!
~Arnold picked me up a little present at the mall the other day. he had to take the van to the Sears Auto Center.. and while he was waiting on it, he took the kids to some stores. They got me this little owl candle holder at Kirklands. I LOVE that store! Especially at this time of year!

~Rachel had to do a project for her Kindergarten class. An "All About me" bag and a family poster. I don't print pictures often so I was having to go with older pictures, ha! But at least it worked. Rachel added all her special family members on the poster and then drew her pets herself :) In the All About Me bag we put a mini Lalaloopsy (what she likes to play with), a Dora necklace (something special- her Daddy gave it to her) A family picture, and a little paper showing her favorite things.

I'm sure if you're a girl from the 80s or 90s you remember Puppy Surprise!!!! Well they brought them back and they are one of the HOT TOYS for this year. So if you want one for your daughter for Christmas, you'd better get it now! I heard they have them at Toys R Us and Target. I plan to get one for Rachel if I can find one in time! I hope her's has several puppies because that girl has an attitude and I know she will want lots of puppies!!! ;)

~We took the kids out yardsaling this past Saturday. We haven't gotten to do that much this summer, but it's always a lot of fun. (well maybe not for arnold ;) We didn't find many but we did score a few things. Brooke found a few more Magic Tree House books for her collection, and I found a few pokemon toys for my neice who LOVES Pokemon, and Caleb found a star wars toy. Then we decided to go to shell's for lunch since we were out that way. I love their hotdogs.. and cherry sundrop! The kids got slushes! They were happy! :)