Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Made me Laugh

Just a little humor for your Tuesday :)

I do this all the time. Then if I hear it pronounced correctly on the movie I get confused ;)

This happens to me all the time. Way to ruin a day!

Thought this was appropriate considering how many times I've been pregnant. And how close together I had my kids. And how much I love babies. LOL! ;)

I always loved that silly Grumpy Cat. Plus, I feel that way about some of my neighbors ;)

Couldn't resist. Luke Bryan is a hottie. Cowboys in general are hot ;)

I love looking at all the cute manicures on Pinterest, I really do. But who has the patience for that?!

Aren't those the most important things in a day anyway??? ;)

Love my reading.. read as many chapters as I can until I can't hold my eyes open anymore.

I like my sleep. I need my sleep. Just ask Arnold. A nap CAN be 3 hours ;)

Arnold gets worried when I go into Target. I don't come back out for a very long time. When I go alone it's even worse ;)

Haha! I could so, so, so use a tummy tuck. 4 kids in 6 years? You don't wanna see this hot mess. BUT, they were worth it ;)

I did this just the other day. Don't know the big deal about going back out to the van.. but.. it's a hassle! especially on a cold, windy day.

For those Harry Potter nerds like myself.. you will understand this one :)

Yeah.. I am usually not very classy. I am a major klutz. Ask anyone.

And look... it's me!!! Case-in-point on the not being very classy thing ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Having lunch at Olive Garden. On a rare Monday Arnold had off from work. It was cold and rainy but we wanted to get out and do something at least! We had the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. That is seriously one of my favorite places to go, but we don't go often because it is always so crowded, and expensive with 5 people in our family!

Celebrated my Mother-in-law's Birthday. And retirement. She turned 62 this week and also is officially done at her job at the paint store she has worked at for years. We went over to their house and had cake and snacks and the kids got to give her her present and cards. They got WAY too much sugar that night. 

The girls played a new game that my MIL had gotten from someone as a gift. It was Mancala! I used to play that as a kid too! It was neat trying to teach them to play something that brought back good memories.

Brooke has been playing photographer and took this pic of us. Turned out pretty good, right?

I've been continuing to research ideas for my friend's baby shower in May. I am responsible for games/activities and favors. I LOVED these dipped oreos I found, as a favor idea?? It fits the color scheme perfectly.. we are doing pink and black!

Rachel has been hanging out with her buddy, Logan. They had a playdate at the library, and spent time building with blocks, putting on puppet shows, and doing puzzles and games. 

I have decided on this year's theme for Rachel's birthday party. It is going to be under-the-sea! I have found SO many awesome ideas on Pinterest and I think it's going to be so much fun. A whole blog post on that to come though ;)

They brought back Pina Colada freeze drinks at Taco Bell!!! As soon as I saw the sign out front I think I squealed a little! They are sooo yummy. And the very next night my sweet hubby went out and brought one home for me, as a surprise. It was the big size, and I drank it down so fast I kept getting brain freeze. But it was totally worth it! ;)

I am reading the 6th Harry Potter book now. It took me awhile to get into it, but It is really starting to get good! Arnold wishes I would hurry up so he can see the next movie. I won't let him watch it before I am done reading the books!

I finished the Pioneer Woman's book about the love story between her and Marlboro Man! It was so, so good! And I am obsessed with her now.. spent quite awhile on her blog the other day....

We got really good news at Brooke's most recent neurology appointment. The dr said that since her last EEG scan was clear, that she is doing great and now we can just keep an eye on her and see how she does, and if she has anymore seizures. But she doesn't have to go on meds! (Arnold especially is really relieved about that!) And she doesn't have to go back for a follow-up checkup for another 3 months. So we are all pretty happy!

We spent one evening last week looking at really old pics and videos of the kids. They thought that it was hilarious watching them eat solid foods for the first time, and watch them trying to master walking, and all that good stuff. I on the other hand just felt like crying! Where did my babies go?! There was even a video of Caleb RIGHT after he was born, and his first sweet cries. I am so glad I can go back and listen to that whenever I want to! Now I wish I had taken even more videos back then.

Brooke has a good friend in her 1st grade class named Ava. Her mom just had a baby! A sweet baby boy named Jace. I haven't gotten to meet him yet but I love looking at all his pictures she posts on Facebook :) He is adorable, and I know Ava is loving being a big sister!! :)

We celebrated Spring FINALLY getting here, but it sure doesn't feel like it! Today it's in the 40's and windy! That is NOT Spring weather!!! The kids have their Spring pics on Wed. of this week and the theme is "Beach." Kind-of crazy, considering it is way too cold to send them to school in anything that really looks "Springy" or "Beachy." What to do?!

This weekend the band Arnold is in played THREE gigs. I got to go see him with some friends on Friday night, at the country bar. It was pretty fun. Needless to say though, by the end of the weekend we were both exhausted. He didn't even touch his guitars on Sunday! We mostly snuggled and spent time napping and watching tv shows on Netflix :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend in Review

We had a weekend jam-packed full of fun stuff to do. I was exhausted by the end of it! ha!

Friday evening we were killing time before a birthday party, so we went by Target to pick up some things we needed. The girls love hats and tried some on for fun. 

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate a friend's birthday. The kids love that place and go nuts. They were given tokens to play games and ride rides, then we had some pizza and cake, and watched Miss Adriana open up her gifts. She even got a bike from her Gigi and Papa.. score!! :)

Here is little miss playing some games. Isn't the tutu she is wearing cute? Kelly made it for her.. she is all crafty like that! I need to have her make Rachel one for her bday!!

Some father-son bonding time. Arnold becomes a kid again when him and Caleb play games together. I sort-of wish it wasn't a violent game they were playing........... but Arnold swears it won't screw Caleb up, so I am taking his word for it!!

Daddy with his girls. Isn't this sweet?! They were on one of the rides.

Saturday morning we went to try to new Dunkin Donuts that opened near us. The kids wanted donuts and so we let them all pick out their own kind. Rachel wanted one with sprinkles. They even had little clover-shaped sprinkles in honor of St. Paddy's Day. I tried their breakfast sandwich and it was sooo good. I had asked the girl for the combo but she got my order wrong so I didn't get the yummy hashbrowns i had heard so much about! Oh well, an excuse to go back!

Then we went to the library to let the kids play. They love that place, it keeps them entertained for a long time, and it's free!!! The kids put on a play for us in this little house, with some puppets they found.

Then they built some stuff with legos and played with some games and puzzles.

Then they sat in a group, on a big stuffed bear, and listened to me read some stories to them. I could have sat there all afternoon. Sitting in a library surrounded by tons of books makes me happy. It takes me back to being a kid. Arnold thinks I am such a nerd, and maybe I am!!

Playing outside at Grandma and Paw's. The weather was AWESOME! It neared 80 degrees that day. I love that the kids got to wear some of their new spring clothes. Brooke is wearing her bunny shirt since it is nearing Easter. I also put her hair in some playful pigtails :)

There is a cute little kitten that hangs out around my inlaw's house lately. The neighbors feed it, but it doesn't belong to anyone. It is skittish around humans. We got close enough to it to take some pics and talk to it, but it didn't want to be touched! I wish I could have kept it.... maybe... haha!

The kids wearing their green, in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Brooke is holding a doll that used to be mine. She named it Emily and carries it around with her everywhere and sleeps with it.

And here we are all wearing our green. Green is my number 1 favorite color!!

Saturday night I had a girls' night out with some good friends, at Chili's. With Jess, Joanne, Erika, and Kelly. We had a great time! It was just what I needed after a long week. Of course our conversations drifted to the kids most times, but that is ok! Afterwards we went over to Sweet Frog for some icecream. It was the perfect night, if you ask me! ;)

Sunday we went to another birthday party. My friend had set up an egg hunt at her church. I heard they put out over 1,000 eggs. The kids got a ton! They really racked up on candy, which I have been eating (shhh!) They also got to play outside on the playground, and won some prizes and of course enjoyed cupcakes and other yummy goodies. It was a lot of fun.

And here is Joanne and I, watching the kids run around at the party, hopped up on sugar. When we got home we finally crashed. It was a long weekend!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"It's Ok" Thursday

It's ok.... That I completely broke down and cried at urgent care yesterday. I was feeling THAT bad. I mean running mascara and everything.. AND in front of the cute dr. To be fair, they had misdiagnosed me before, thinking I had the flu. So I was walking around with a kidney infection all week. I had to get two shots in my behind also, and who has time for that?!

It's ok... That I fell asleep last night watching a Coldplay concert on my Kindle. They soothe me :)

It's ok... That I already have the kids' easter baskets set up and completely FILLED, waiting down in the basement. I get way too excited over holidays. I love picking out little things to put in there. They look so cute! All I need are some little chocolate bunnies to add and they will be ready to go!

It's ok... That I am excited to go to a kids' consignment sale this weekend, even if I think the kids already have enough clothes for spring/summer this year. I get sucked in everytime.

It's ok... That I think I get as excited about birthday parties as the kids. They were invited to two of them this weekend. One is going to be an egghunt.. that was a great idea for a party!!

It's ok... That I ate something for lunch today that was NOT "diet friendly." I can blame it on not feeling well lately, right?!

It's ok... That the kids have a dance to go to after school tomorrow. That means we pick them up 2 hours later than usual. That more 2 hours more of quiet around here. Is it bad that makes me excited??

It's ok... (kind-of) That Pinterest wasn't around when I was having my babies. They have the BEST ideas on there for showers, pictures, etc. I am helping plan my good friend's baby shower in May, and now I finally get to use the site to get some good ideas!

It's ok... That Caleb was sent to school today with a lunchable since we had run out of food in the house. I can blame that one on sickness too, right?

It's ok... That earlier this week I took the kids to the park after school and sat there for over an hour reading my magazine while they played. The sunshine felt amazing!

It's ok... That Max accidentally escaped the other day. The door had come open and he ran right on out without me knowing. Don't worry, we found him and he's safe inside again!

It's ok... That I find Leonard from the Big Bang Theory just a little bit cute. Am I the only one?? I guess I like the nerds ;) He is a sweet guy! And I LOVE that show!! New episode tonight!!

It's ok... That I am totally excited for tonight's episode of Glee. They are supposed to be singing BSB and NSync tonight?! Can we say flashback to my childhood?! I know it's super cheesy but I like it, and that's ok! Sometimes you just want to be carefree and sing along to things that make you nostalgic :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friends of Mine~ I am looking so forward to our girls' night out tonight at Chili's! I need this night after this week! And I am having a cheat meal! Along with sweet tea. I have not had sweet tea in 3 weeks! That is not something you want to do to a southern girl :( I will be dreaming of food all day :)

Dear Grandpa- Happy Birthday!! At 81 years you are still outgoing, social, and fun. I am so happy my kids have had the chance to get to know you. You are a loveable man. I love how you are always there at life's special events. I love the big Christmases we have every year at your house.

Dear Weight Loss- I am kicking butt!! I have lost a total of 5 lbs so far! If I keep this up, I will be looking pretty good by Summer! That is the goal anyway!

Dear Hubby- I missed you last night while you were at your show. I hope you had a good time and yall celebrated Ricky's birthday right!! I am glad you don't have any shows this weekend!!

Dear House- I am so ready to get started on these home improvements as the weather turns warmer! My first goal is to fix and paint the front door, it is looking pretty rough. My next goal is to work on some plants and flowers in the yard to liven up the place.

Dear Rachel- where have you gotten your attitude lately?! You are quite the fireball. I swear your 3's have been even harder than your 2's!! PS- I am glad your hand is feeling better! :)

Dear Brooke- I am proud of you on your recent progress report! They say you are reading at a 2nd grade level now! I am so happy that you love to read like your mama :)

Dear Easter- hurry up and get here! You are one of my favorite holidays! I already have the kids' stuff bought and their baskets waiting in the basement. I am WAY ahead of the game this year!

Dear Cymbalta- you'd better be waiting on me when I drop by the pharmacy this morning. I can't believe I let you run all the way out! Ain't nobody got time for Abby's craziness ;)

Dear Weather- thank you for FINALLY warming up! The next week is supposed to be sunny and in the 60's! I am happier than I have been in a long time!

Dear Barnes & Noble- thank you for hosting another character breakfast this weekend. I will be bringing my kids tomorrow morning to see Clifford. Fun little family outing :)

Dear Max- PLEASE stop peeing all over the place. And scratching everything up. It is true what they say about male animals.. they are destructive! We are getting you fixed, SOON! So get ready!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Brooke got her haircut. I wanted it shorter so it was more manageable and so it might give it a little more volume. The girl was cursed with her mama's ultra-thin, boring hair. It looks really cute. She almost fought me at first but then gave in when I told her it probably wouldn't be as tangly.

We stopped by the school's bookfair! I look forward to that every year! Arnold went with us this time, so he kept me from going TOO crazy. Although I could have bought SEVERAL more books ;) I let each of the kids pick one they wanted, and I got a few for them also. Brooke picked another in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. 

Rachel somehow conned me into buying her two books. But since they were easy-readers I knew Brooke could use them to practice her reading, so it all worked out! And how can you resist that cute Pete the Cat?!

We went to the kids' school Literacy Night. The chorus and some of the kids and teachers put on Seussical the Musical. It was pretty funny and it was fun to watch. Just wish we had gotten there earlier because the gym was packed and we couldn't see very well. Then they let the kids go back to classrooms and do activities and games. This is in Brooke's very 1st Grade classroom, and her teacher. They were playing Family Feud. 

We went to Sweet Frog to use up one of our Frequent buyer cards. We got a free icecream this time around. I actually sat there and watched everyone eat their icecream and didn't eat any myself! (because of the diet I'm on) I was very proud of my willpower! It sure looked good though! ;)

Arnold spent some time snuggling Rachel. She wasn't feeling too good. She woke up one morning with a hacking cough, runny nose and watery, red eyes. She looked pitiful. And she kept getting chapped lips, too, and asking to use my chapstick. She had to miss one of her best friend's birthday party, too :(

We ate at Subway the last time we went out as a family. I love that place now to get a quick lunch. All of their subs are pretty decent on calories. I usually get a sub with an eggwhite and cheese, and it's really yummy. And when I get chips I get the baked Lay's kind. 

Rachel has been playing dressup with this little tutu skirt my mom found her. She is so girly :)

We went to Toys R Us to pick out a new movie. I really went in there hoping to get a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie.. because Rachel has recently become obsessed. She has watched the same movie over and over and over on Netflix (they only have one!) But she saw an "Olivia" movie and begged me for it, so I let her get that instead. I am such a sucker for the "baby" of the family!! ;)

We went to Chick Fila's Kids' Night. Someone in my moms' group mentioned it, so we decided to go up there after Arnold got off work. I'm so glad we did! It was a fun thing to do as a family, passed some time, and wasn't expensive! We got all of us some dinner and ate.. and the kids had icecream too of course. They passed out crafts to color, packs of crayons, and other little things. They had the balloon lady there making creatures for the kids. They also had face painting but we didn't hang around that long. The kids got to play in the play area for awhile, while Arnold and I talked. It was like a "date' ALMOST! ;) A few of my friends from the mom's group were there, so we got to chat some, too.

Caleb got an alien. It was pretty cute. His head didn't last long though, it popped off when we got home.

Rachel colored her hat herself and had Arnold attach the pieces so she could wear it right away :)

Caleb was SUCH a sweet big brother the other night and sat in the recliner with Rachel and tried to make her feel better. This was after I accidentally slammed her hand in the bedroom door :( I didn't see her fingers there and was closing it so they wouldn't go back in there to mess up their room anymore. She was wailing! Her hand was turning blue and was puffy. I felt so bad. She wouldn't even let me touch her for a few minutes. Eventually she let Caleb hold an icepack on her hand and she let me give her some medicine. Then they sat together under a blanket, drank juice, and watched Strawberry Shortcake on tv :)

We got Brooke all dressed up for "Wacky Tacky" day at school. I was pretty impressed.. the colors were clashing, her socks were CHRISTMAS socks, she wore 2 different shoes, and had two different bows in her hair, that clashed. Then AFTER she had gone to school, I realized that today was the WRONG day to dress up for that-- I got the days mixed up. I felt horrible! I remember being a little girl and how embarrassed you can get over little things, and I knew Brooke would be feeling ridiculous, she is so sensitive. So I got ready in a flash, ran up to the school, they paged her to the office, and I took her to the bathroom to change her clothes. I kept apologizing to her and guess what? She wasn't even mad or upset! She just said she was a little confused and her friends kept asking her why she had two different shoes on! Ha! This is probably one of those stories we will re-tell over the years :) So that is two mommy fails just in THIS week. I think I have hit my quota!!!!