Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brooke's Christmas Wishlist

I have been keeping track on my computer what I have been buying and storing for the kids for Christmas this year. They gave me some lists and told me things throughout the year they would like to have.. and aside from the crazy requests or the things that were super expensive or I heard were crap (Wubble Bubble!) I tried to get the things on their lists. Having the Target and Childcare job has made it easier maybe to spoil them this year but I kept it under control! 

Here is Brooke's list for this year.... 


She is getting her very first American Girl doll! I actually bought this LAST YEAR when they had a deal on it and kept it all this time, because I didn't think she was ready for it then. I am proud of myself ;) This will be her big gift, from Santa. 

I got some "knockoff" accessories to go with the doll... like this camping set.

And this set with the wheelchair and crutches.


Puppy Surprise! I wanted to find one, and I did! I actually bought two, one for her and one for Rachel, because I knew they would fight over it. I got Brooke the pink one. I wonder how many puppies it has?

Littlest Pet Shop style kits. She wanted one of these, and you get to actually put it together and decorate it. Arnold thinks it will frustrate her, but she really wanted it! It was one of Targets "toy deals of the day" so I snagged it for a great price! :)

She still loves Monster High stuff... she wanted the Castle this year but I wasn't going to spend $100 on plastic junk! So she got this recharger station and a few other things.... it looks weird but I think she will like it! It was on the "hot toys" list. 

The Playdoh DohVinci was also something popular this year. I picked out this set for her.

She didn't really ask for the Glitzi Globes but she likes crafty stuff like this and it was a lightning deal on Amazon one day, so I got it to go with the Playdoh stuff.


Yes, they came back out with TAMAGOTCHI!! When I saw this, I had to get it! I had one when I was in middle school and loved it. She seems to like playing with virtual animals on the computer, so it will be right up  her alley.

Little Live Butterfly. Ahhh the Little Live Pets. The HOT toy this year. The girls wanted the birds, but they all sold out before I could get some! If Arnold had his way they wouldn't be getting ANY electronic pets at all, he says they are stupid... and they should play with their real pets ;) But they had buy one get one free on the butterflies at Toys R Us one day so... I caved.... :)

Had to get the next book in this series of books. She has all the other ones!

Smencils!!! I hear the tween girls are crazy about them. They smell like different fruits and foods and stuff. When they came in the mail I had to smell them all.. they are pretty strong! Even Arnold could smell one of them across the room. Anyway... gotta love it.

And lastly, a gift certificate to Animal Jam, her very favorite game ever. She plays this with her friends online. She already has a membership but she said she wanted more diamonds and gems and stuff... because it makes it better.. blah blah.. whatever!!

So there ya go, the Christmas wishlist for an 8 year old. Might give some of yall ideas if you are still shopping for a girl around that same age ;)

She also really wanted the Woodzeez treehouse from Target, but they are all sold out, and have been for awhile! I am hoping by miracle they get it back in stock, but if they don't no big worries. If anyone sees it in stock somewhere though, will you let me know???? Thanks! :)

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  1. Love this wishlist, I have a brother-in-law that is 10, and I totally think I am going to get him a Tamagotchi, I can't believe they are back!! That is great!! :)