Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Changes, Updates, & Hope

I just haven't had any time to write in my blog lately. But hopefully that is going to change. I made a change over the weekend, it was best for me, and my family. I decided not to finish out the season at Target. I am no longer a Target employee. What was happening was, they were scheduling me crazy hours, like nearly 40 hours some weeks, when I had asked for a cap off at 25-30 hours (because duh, I have other things in life to do as well!) They were messing up my schedules and I was having to rely on my inlaws to pick up and watch the kids several days. I was overworked and not getting time to spend with the kids, study for my exams, or do other things I needed to do. Brooke got detention this past week, and I didn't even know what for. I have been so out of the loop. I was literally getting sick on my stomach (won't give you the details on that! ha) when I would get home from my shifts at Target. So the other day, after much discussion with Arnold, I went up to Target and talked to the HR guy, who was the one who hired me. I explained everything to him, and he told me he understood I needed to take care of my family. So... that was my last day. I understand it was just a seasonal job, someone with a full-time career couldn't do something like that. But I am relieved and it was the right decision for us. Between that, school, the kids, and my childcare job with Christ Church, I was OVERWHELMED. My mom was right (aren't moms always right?!) that I was taking on too much. I should have listented. But you know what? Lesson learned. I am now catching up on many things I haven't had the chance to do and it feels good slowing down a bit. On the plus side, while I was there, I did make some good money that basically paid for Christmas this year. So I accomplished what I set out to do. I felt like a failure somewhat, like I couldn't handle it all so it meant I was less of a person. But thanks to talking to hubby, friends, and family, I realize that sometimes you just have to say no. I enjoy being back at home with my kiddos and family :)
So now on to some happier things. This past Friday we celebrated my very best friend's 30th birthday!!! She actually turns 30 on Christmas Eve, but of course that is a hard time to celebrate, so we did it early. She was going to have a party but cancelled it, so we decided to surprise her with something, she needed to do *something* for her 30th! So we all met up at Chili's (one of her fave restaurants) and had lunch together. Erika brought a cake that said "Made in the 80's" which I thought was cute even if she thought it was "ugly" ;) And we gave her gifts, talked, and caught up with each other since we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like these days. I know a lot of that is my fault-- sorry guys. Anyway, love ya Joanne and I hope your birthday is the best. And just remember, you will always be older than me!!!! ;)

Best friends. I don't know what I'd do without these girls. They make me laugh, they support me, they listen to me vent, they make fun of me (I know it's all in good fun, so I'll allow it ;) and we have the greatest time ever whenever we are together. 

Isn't this hilarious that Joanne's sister Melissa made for her??? We made her hold her nose for the picture ;)

Taking selfies with Erika while we were waiting on Joanne to get there. 

This is my new mug I found at Target the other day. Speaking of Target, I am going to miss the discount! Ugh. But anyway, I was having some hot chocolate in the mug while watching tv with hubby the other night. Love these December nights, cuddling up in the chair with a blanket, by the soft glow of the Christmas tree :)

Yes, I took a selfie at college the other day, while waiting for my next class. I wanted to show off my necklace that Arnold got me! I know you can't really see it in detail, but let me assure you it is beautiful! I love it and I still can't get over that he surprised me with it (how sweet!)

Rachel came home with this beauty from school, and I about died laughing. I love it! Rachel is an Elf! We had to hang it up for everyone to see. She also made two homeade ornaments to hang on the tree. I love all those they made, that we can look back on one day. She also told me she made a surprise craft for me, and then showed me her foot which was tinted green, so I'm guessing it involves a footprint of some kind. My kids are not the best at keeping secrets ;)
I am so happy "The Little Couple" came back on tv! I was really missing those guys! Does anyone else watch it? Now I have something to watch since Grey's and 19 Kids & Counting are off for the Winter! I just love that little Will, he is PRECIOUS! I keep telling Arnold I want to adopt a cutie just like him one day :)
~Of course it is the busiest time of the year and I have come down with a cold. All weekend my head has been hurting, my nose has been burning and running, and I have been extra tired. I need some energy and motivation to finish my Christmas wrapping! I am behind bigtime!!!
~Brooke has an appointment Thursday afternoon to discuss the route we are going to take for her ADHD. It is still really, really bad. She is having a hard time functioning in school and even at home. Simple things, like when I tell her to put on her clothes in the morning, requires me doing it for her or telling her about 5 times to do it. It makes me sad, becuase she is a sweet girl but she struggles so badly. She is still making not so good grades at school and she even has detention coming up for not getting all her work turned in or something like that. She is just scatter brained. But hopefully going into the new year will be better after we meet with the dr and the school principal.
~Just found out that my younger brother, his wife, and their daughter are coming in from Florida early next week, for Christmas!!! They will hopefully get to stay the whole week, and I am so excited. I can't wait to spend time with them, since we never get to see them! I can't wait to give my new niece all the gifts I bought her this year (I maaaay have gone a little overboard? but who cares...)
~As of tomorrow afternoon, I will officially be finished with this semester of college! I did it! I have one more exam to take tomorrow morning, so wish me luck! I will update more on all that later....

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