Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

My brother and his wife celebrated their 1-year anniversary the other day! I can't believe they have been married a year already! I am really so blessed to have a Sister-in-law that is so kind, thoughtful, funny, and smart.. not to mention so beautiful! I wish we got to see them more often! 

The girls had a makeup game the other night and it was at a local highschool. It was strange seeing them cheer out there while we were up in the stadium. It was such a big place to what we are used to, and they were a little nervous. It was like getting a glimpse into the future! I hope we are at Friday night football games when they are teenagers! 

caleb and Daddy watching the game

Caleb and I were taking selfies ;)

I will keep dressing the girls alike as long as they will let me! ;) Love these shirts from the Children's place! Perfect for this month! They wore them to dinner the other night. 

We took the kids to Oktoberfest last Friday night. It was a lot of fun but so crowded and of course you drop money really quickly there! We walked around and looked at the crafts and things for sale, and let the kids go on a few of the rides. Then we let them pick out a treat for dessert and they all wanted something different. Brooke got a candy apple, Caleb got a slushie, and Rachel got cotton candy. Arnold and I got icecream too ;) We went to listen to the band for a little bit too. Arnold kept asking me if he was a better guitar player than the guys up there.. I mean really.... ;) 

Love this family shot we got while we were there!

Saturday we went to the local library for Star Wars Day! I thought the girls would be bored but they had lot of fun for everyone! caleb even wore his star wars mask ;) We got someone to take a picture of us at the photo booth. They had tons of crafts for the kids to do like yoda lanterns and pool noodle light sabers and spin art. They had some people from a martial arts place there showing moves and having fun light saber battles. They had snacks and pizza for sale. And balloon animals. All the kids had a blast!

Caleb wanted to get his face painted!

And so did rachel! Brooke didn't want to sit still long enough to get her's done ;)

The other day I wore my new plaid flannel shirt from Kohl's! I love it and it was a so comfy! The kids laughed at me and said they weren't used to me wearing something like that. I think it screams southern girl in the fall though. Arnold seems to like it ;)

Still doing well on my health kick/lifestyle change. Been religiously tracking my calories and trying to be more active. I went walking by myself yesterday evening while the girls were at cheer practice. I felt silly walking alone, but I guess it was ok because it gave me time to think and listen to Dave Matthews on my phone ;) It was a beautiful night to be out also!!! 

I was off work today so I went to see the kids at lunch. Originally I had told them I couldn't come today because I had a lot of work to get done, but I finished early and so I went to surprise them. caleb chose his BFF Tucker to come over and sit with us. 

Brooke chose her friend Zoey to come sit with us. When she came in and saw me she got so excited. I am happy that at 9 years old she is still happy to see her Mama and not embarrassed by me yet!!!! :) The kids were also happy because I bought them icecream while I was there ;)

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