Monday, October 5, 2015

Life Lately!

Arnold and some friends got together to play at a local benefit the other weekend. They have done it the past few years. They have BBQ and music and raise money for someone in the community who needs help, usually for medical reasons. Unfortunately it rained most of the day and they had to cut it short. But the kids and I did get to go see them for a little while. 

They had community helper day in Rachel's class. They were each assigned a person and were supposed to write a little report on it, dress up like that person, and tell the class about it. Rachel got a baker. We put an apron on her and some gloves but couldn't find a hairnet last minute. So Arnold bought a shower cap! haha! So funny. But at least it got the point across! She said she did well on her report.. we just had to keep reminding her how to pronounce "culinary." ;)

I was so happy at the start of October because I got to pull out some of the kids' Halloween clothes for them to wear! Brooke wore her cute black cat dress from Target and RAchel wore her cute owl outfit and halloween bow to school. 

Arnold and I were able to have a date night when my Mom said she would watch the kids over night. We went out to dinner at Chili's and then to a late movie to see The Intern. I wanted to see it anyway because it had Robert Deniro and Anne Hathaway in it, but it was actually really, really good! It was funny at times, sweet at times and had a great message. I'd recommend it to anyone!

The other day was officially 10 years since Arnold and I went on our first date! I can't believe it has been that long! We will celebrate a decade of being married in January. We are trying to plan a fun weekend getaway to celebrate, so throw any ideas my way! And yes this is an old picture of us, and yes Arnold had long hair! everyone gets a good laugh when I show them this picture, they can't believe his hair was that long. He got it cut shortly after that because he got mistaken for a woman! haha! But it really was actually fitting to him and he has always been cute and I love him to death and don't care about his hair style ;) Well too much ;)

Last week on my day off, Erika and I went to visit our BFF Joanne at work. She works at a new Chick Fila in town. We went to have lunch, and when we met we noticed we were wearing the same shirt! Not planned! I Guess great minds just think alike! ;) I saw a few people looking at us strangely but oh well ;)

A friend of mine who helps me out at church surprised me with a "just because" gift the other morning. She saw these owls and picked them up for me! Arent' they they cutest?! She is so thoughtful and I really appreciate her help with the babies and toddlers on Sundays! 

I got to go visit my Bff and her new baby Holden and spent a whole hour cuddling him after church. He is so sweet and growing so fast! Time slow down! 

I went to the library the other day with the kids for them to pick out some books and I found this one that I had been wanting to read! It is good so far! 

Did anyone else watch the premier of John Stamos' new show? It was actually really good! Even Arnold liked it! And that man does not age!!!! Mmmm ;)

~The kids got their progress reports the other day and Caleb made all A's and B's! I was so proud of him! He made an A on spelling! He is like his Mama I guess! ;) Brooke is still struggling but she did pretty well on her report too. Rachel doesn't really have grades yet, but she is at a good level and doing well except the teacher says she talks a lot and is easily distracted. Oh boy. I hope we can nip that in the bud! 

~I have started a new lifestyle change, trying to lose a lot of weight. For the past week I have been using myfitness pal and counting calories.. and drinking more water, and working out. I even went to the park with my friend Karla and walked 3 miles! I was so proud of myself! It is hard to find time to workout when you're so busy, but it's worth it! And i weighed myself and had lost 5 lbs so far! I have tried this many times and given up, but I just have to keep going! 

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