Friday, November 13, 2015

Life Lately!

The girls' cheerleading team had a banquet to celebrate their past season. The football players were there too. It is actually their thing, and they invited the girls this year. The girls wore cute dresses (and Brooke even borrowed one of my necklaces ;) And we had a fun evening, even thought it was rainy and cold outside, and the place was packed full of people! They didn't anticipate that many people showing up, I think. 

The girls were awarded these cheer trophies with their names. They were so exited. Rachel carried her's around for days. So cute. For now they are in the living room because I'm afraid they will somehow get broken in the girls room. funny how that happens.....

One of my sweet little girls in my class on Sunday just turned 3.. and when the kids turn 3 they move up to the big kid class :( Which is great for them, but I miss them! Anyway, her mom brought in a gift for me on her last Sunday in my class, that Harper gave me herself. A beautiful blanket they had monogrammed for me! And a sweet card that Harper had drawn in too. I absolutely loved it and it was so thoughtful. The blanket is so soft and everyone at home has already been trying to steal it from me ;)

Harper and I got a quick picture that morning. I am going to miss her!

We took the kids to see the Peanuts movie! We had been waiting all year to see it! We took Brooke's friend Zoey along with us too, because Brooke always does so much with her. The kids all had a blast. They had a picture opportunity before you went in. I'm glad we got there early because the place was packed! We even saw a few families we knew. We took some boxes of candy in my purse because dang those prices. But crazy me caved and got big drinks and popcorn and at the end of the day Arnold was like WE CANT SPEND ANY MORE MONEY TODAY!! Haha. Crazy how it all adds up so quickly with kids. After the movie we went to dinner at Chick Fila. It was a cold, rainy day, but we had a fun time!

My friend at church told me about a lady she uses to make her kids their "special occasion" shirts and so I sent her a message and she made Rachel this beautiful Thanksgiving shirt! I just LOVE the colors! so cheery and bright! She will wear it on Thankgiving dinner day to my parents' house. She is the only kid I still do this for. I even showed Caleb the turkey shirts for boys and he said "no way.. lame." really?! When did he grow up?!?! Haha. Oh well. Anyway, the lady was so nice and she did an awesome job on the shirt. I am already planning a Christmas shirt for Rachel too ;) Gotta do it while she will let me! ;)

I snapped this picture at church the other day. Rachel is wearing a new dress.. and we found it at Once Upon a Child of all places. Sometimes you can find cute stuff in there for cheap! Brooke recently got her expander in her mouth and she is doing ok with it but it is hard for her learning how to talk and eat again with it in. We have to turn a key every night to tighten it and it causes her some discomfort.. so I feel guilty. But I know it will be worth it! 

My sweet little niece Ava turned 6 months old! I can't believe shes been here in our lives for half a year now! I wish I could see her, but I am counting down the days til Christmas! 

I picked out my ornament for this year! I got this at Hobby Lobby. An owl.. no surprise there ;) My friend pointed out that the owl looks very angry. Hmmm I see it now! Haha. The picture doesn't show it very well, but the glitter can be shaken around inside and it is very pretty! The kids also picked out a new ornament. It's become a yearly tradition for us. 

This time of year can only mean one thing-- white fudge oreos are back! OMG these are delicious! They finally started carrying them at the Food Lion down the road from us, so now I am in even more trouble. We don't even share them with the kids. we eat them in bed after they are asleep. Is that evil?! Haha! 

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