Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

We got up that morning and watched the Macy's parade with the kids. I love watching it every year! We went over to Mom and Dad's around 11 am. My brother and his family drove all the way in for Florida.. which takes them more than 9 hours! We only see them a few times a year so I was so super excited! My nieces had grown so much! I loved spending all morning playing with them and holding my baby niece, Ava. The kids all played outside in the leaves and threw them everywhere. There were leaf bits all in their hair later that day! Then we had an absolutely yummy lunch made by my mom and dad! Dad fries the turkey every year now and it is delicious! Mom made all these yummy sides like asparagus, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. She even made Brooke a cherry pie because she had been asking for one forever! I love that my parents are great cooks so we don't starve on holidays, ha! ;) 

I enjoy looking at the black friday ads on Thanksgiving, but I didn't go anywhere this year. It is just too crazy for me. I went one time and all I remember is being cold, stressed, and tired! I did buy a few things online though! And we went by CVS to get buy one get one free icecream, ha! ;) I was so happy to be able to spend Thanksgiving evening at home this year. For the past 2 years I worked a seasonal job at Target and I was always working that night, ALL NIGHT LONG. This year I was so relieved I didn't have to put up with all the crazy shoppers! I spent the evening at home watching our PANTHERS play football, who are now STILL undefeated!!! :)

Saturday morning we headed up the mountain to take the kids to their very first real tree farm! We have been getting Christmas trees somewhere local the past few years since I was working all the time, but this year we got the real experience! We rode on a hayride out to the trees and looked around and picked out the perfect one. Then I took a million pictures (of course!) and we waited for the guys to come cut it down and load it up! Then we went to pay for it and a guy even carried it to our van and tied it up for us! They were awesome there! I am so glad friends recommended the place to me! We went on one of the busiest days of the year, so we waited quite a while, but it was ok. The kids had a blast! I love making traditions with my family!

On the way back home we had a late lunch at Fatz. Then we brought the tree inside, set it up, and decorated it! We love pulling out all our ornaments and looking through them. The kids love to to put them in piles of who's is who's. They are very serious about their stuff! ;) Then we decorated the tree... and it is a mash up of all these random ornaments and the kids hung them everywhere and there are spots where it is empty, but at least it was all done in love ;) I got a new tree skirt this year and love it! We somehow misplaced our star, so I will be on the search for a new tree topper this week! 

My brother took this great family picture of us!! I was so happy with it! 

Sweet ava's very first thanksgiving! She was happy, just wished she could have had some turkey too! ;)

I had this shirt made for rachel to wear for Thanksgiving and she looked adorable in it! Of course at the end of the day it was covered in sauce, drink, leaves, and everything else. Oh well!

Since Alex and his family won't be able to come in for Christmas :( we gave them their gifts early. Here is Ava posing with her beautiful Vera Bradley blanket I got personalized with her name and birthday :) she was even wearing the bow on her head that it came wrapped in! :)

The kids had a BLAST playing  in the leaves in their grandparents' back yard! 

Dad getting the turkey ready! He did a good job! It was delicious!

Sweet Brielle doesn't get a chance to play in leaves down in Florida, so she was just beside herself with the big pile of leaves! She was running around, throwing them in the air, and falling down in them and rolling around! She had so much fun. It was fun to watch her! :)

The kids on the hay ride on the way to pick out our Christmas tree!

They posed in front of a BIG tree! We took home a 7 ft tree though ;)

Rachel loves her Daddy :)

Yes I had to get the cheesy picture of hubby kissing me on the cheek!

Rachel's outfit I found her at Sam's was perfect for her to wear on this trip! She loved twirling around in her dress! She got so many compliments on it too. 

More cheesy pictures, but thats ok! :)

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