Thursday, March 10, 2016

Confessional Thursday!

1. I waited until the day it was due (today!) to write my 4-page paper for my healthcare class. I am a pretty decent writer, so here's hoping it gets a good grade!

2. Last night Arnold fell asleep early on the couch and I just left him there. I got the whole bed to myself! ;)

3. I totally forgot about the kids' dentist appts. They called me and had to reschedule. 

4. I started a ladies Bible study this week at my church. I don't read the Bible as much as I should and I'm hoping this will help me do better!

5. I have deleted some facebook "friends" this week because of the constant politcal bashing. I enjoy a good political debate, but these people were personally bashing voters like my husband, of a certain candidate. I couldn't stand for that drama anymore.

6. We spent waaaay too much money on dinner Monday night. But it was worth it. We went to dinner at Amos and Howards with our friends Heather and Glen. We had such a good time. Heather even taught my kids how to use a dartboard ;)

7. I did some online shopping today! But how could I resist when the children's place is having such a good sale and free shipping?! The kids needed sandals and bathing suits anyway!

8. Through some major miscommunication yesterday, I accidentally dropped my niece off at home and no one was there. To be fair, she is 11 and she wasn't alone for long but I felt like an awful Aunt!!!!

9. We had to visit the orthodontist yet again to deal with something broken. This time Brooke broken her headgear. The orthodontist said he'd never seen one broken that way. Leave it to my kid to find an original way to break something!!

10. I've been cleaning up a lot this week and throwing away little toys here and there as I go. The kids will never miss them, right??????

11. I have decided to chop off all my hair! Going to get it done on Monday! It is just taking too long to wash and dry all that hair!!

12. We finally finished Season 1 of Fuller House. And although it was majorly cheesy, I am sad it is over!

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