Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

Here's a little of what's been going on lately....

Caleb FINALLY got to go see Star Wars with his daddy! He has been wanting to ever since it came out but every weekend seemed to be busy. And the perk of waiting this long was that it went to the cheap theater, haha. Arnold and Caleb went with his dad and niece to see it and I think they all had fun. Caleb said he really liked it, but was sad at one particular part. He dressed up in his star wars shirt and took his Kylo stuffed animal thingie with him that he got back at Christmas. 

While the boys were out, the girls and I had a girl's day! We went to Sweet Frog to get some ice cream, and met up with one of Brooke's good friends, Emma, and her Mom (my friend) We went to several stores to do some shopping. Both the girls begged me for lots of stuff, so that is always a pain. Rachel got 2 cute new dresses from Kohl's. We picked out a birthday present for a sweet 2-year old's birthday coming up. It was fun shopping for little girl stuff again! 

The kids were out of school for a day this week because their school was used for a voting site. I had Bible Study that morning so I took them with me to stay in the childcare. They were in there with real little kids and were bored, and were not very happy with me, haha. Since they had been good, I took them that afternoon to see Zootopia. They had been wanting to see it for awhile now. For some reason I thought Tuesdays were lower ticket prices but I guess they changed it, and we paid a LOT.... but oh well.. every once in awhile is ok. I had already gotten them popcorn and drinks since they ARE bargain priced on Tuesdays. They were pretty spoiled that day for sure! The movie was really good.. lots of funny parts, and a good message. 

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest. It was originally for teachers, but I changed it to be for my hubby, because he has such a sweet tooth, and I thought he would like a surprise. I bought a really big bag of skittles, and sorted the colors out, which is actually a big pain to do! It takes more than it looks to fill that jar up! And the gold pieces are Rolos.. I went to three stores looking for them! Arnold loves them though, and I didn't want to leave them out. Then I added on a cute tag that says "So LUCKY You're my Husband!" Isn't that cute? I thought he'd like to take the jar to work to eat on this week. He loved it :) 

My cuties all dressed in green this morning for St Patrick's Day! I was going to get them St Pattys day shirts to wear like the past, but realized that was  kinda dumb when they aren't worn but one day, so I just dressed them in green. they didn't seem to mind. With the exception of Caleb.. his shirt from last year still fit so he wore it again! I will be wearing green today too-- for tradition AND because it's my favorite color! ;)

A friend of mine from our lifegroup started making shirts and I had her make this one for me! Isn't it so cute?! I looked up ideas online-- I wanted something to do with reading or nerdiness so this was perfect ;)

Apparently Brooke thinks Sheldon is a good helper of homework these days ;) Yes Sheldon is getting really big! But I swear he's not eating a ton.. he is pretty muscular if you can believe that! 

The girls were eating popsicles after dinner the other night and I saw Charlie sitting up behind them. He was probably hoping to find some food. We have to watch him because he will eat anything you drop. And he is the typical puppy chewing up everything. We have lost several shoes due to this :( 

They celebrated Dr Suess' birthday at school and Rachel made a Cat in the Hat hat! She loved it and even wore it out in public one night.. haha. 

Rachel posing in her new dress. It caught my eye in the store.. I guess because of the green ;) It was from Walmart of all places! 

Caleb finally got a haircut! He has the thickest craziest hair, just like his Daddy. Every morning it is sticking up everywhere and we have to go through a whole routine to make it look decent for school. 

 I got my hair chopped off! It had gotten so long, and it was starting to take forever to wash and dry. Short hair is so much easier! And my hair has so much more volume/body when it's short! I love it. 

The other night on our way out Brooke and I took a selfie together in the van. I can't get over how much older she is looking. I say that all the time, but it blows my mind. All I can see is the little baby I was putting in a basket with bunny ears, seems like just yesterday we were doing that photo shoot! 

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