Thursday, April 14, 2016

Life Lately!

Man have we been busy lately! I haven't blogged in a few weeks. I am pretty backed up on laundry and trying to study for exams and I recently got a new job, so I just don't have the time to do as much reading and blogging as I like to. But I wanted to do a quick update on what we've been up to lately! :)

We had a wodnerful Easter as a family. My mom got the girls matching dresses to wear. We still love them matching as long as they will let us ;) Caleb's outfit came from Crazy 8. He looks so grown up to me in this picture. Arnold and I worked at church with the kids that morning. Then we went to Mom and Dad's for a big easter lunch. My parents did an easter egg hunt in the backyard for the kids. The eggs were filled with candy and money, which the kids loved. 

My mom gets the kids books at every holiday, and writes a message in the cover, so they will each have a nice collection of books to take when they grow up. She got Rachel "Finding Winnie" which is a popular kids' book right now, the true story of how Winnie the Pooh came about. I had no idea it was based on a real bear. It's a really great story. Rachel loves looking at the book over and over :)

We went to a friend's birthday party. Scott was turning 3 and had his party at a local animal shelter. It was so neat because we got to go in and see the animals and learn lots of facts and the kids did crafts and then had cake, and THEN got to play with a real puppy. They were so excited, as you can see. The kids kept begging us to take home a pet but we said NO WAY since we have too many already ;) As gifts we gave donations to the shelter. I thought it was such an awesome party idea and the kids just loved it. 

The kids also got balloon animals that day, and Rachel picked to have a weenie dog like Sheldon ;)

We celebrated our BFF Erika's birthday. I can't believe we are in our 30's now.. but we are still dang fun and good looking ;) HA! We had a cookout over at her house and delicious cake. Shana came in town for the week and I was so excited to get to see her! I miss her! 

Some big news is that I got a job at Chick Fila! I was looking for something part-time to do to help out the family while I'm finishing up my degree. My BFF Joanne works at the one in the mall and put in a good word for me-- I went in and interviewed and got the job! I have been working about 2 weeks now. I really love it-- the people are all very nice and have been patient helping me learn everything. I've had some embarrassing times already like exploding frozen coffee everywhere--- such a mess. And getting a few things wrong here and there. But overall it's been great. They work with my hours and I get to work while the kids are in school, and on Sautrdays. AND they give you free food for every shift you work. I might be  getting a little tired of eating chicken already.... but I love the food still and appreciate the perk ;)

And of course the biggest perk of all is working with my very best friend! We had to take a work selfie of us matching in our uniforms. Which by the way-- I don't like tucking my shirt in and wearing a belt.. so uncomfortable, haha ;)

We planted this tree when Rachel was born and look how big it has gotten! And it is starting to sprout pretty pink flowers this Spring. 

We've  been spending lots of time outdoors and at the park of course. Brooke is quite the monkey ;)

This past weekend they had a Friday night Jam at church, so the kids went and Arnold and I got to slip away for a quick date night! We needed one badly.. we have both been so busy! We went to dinner at O'Charleys, then to browse around Ross for awhile, then to pick up a dessert at the bakery. 

The kids got their report cards the other day. They all did pretty well. Caleb was so close AGAIN to getting the A honor roll but missed it by a little bit. Darn math! He made all the rest of A's though. Brooke brought up a lot of her grades! I was so happy with that. And Rachel got a pretty good report too. Krispy Kreme gives out donuts for A's, so between the kids we got 10 free donuts the other night to celebrate! 

Brooke has been at the orthodontist way too much lately-- she keeps breaking her headgear. I am sure they are shaking their heads at us. Last time she got pink bands on so she was thrilled with that. 

We went bathing suit shopping for Rachel the other night. She picked out this colorful suit. The kids are going to the mtns next weekend with my parents and get to go swimming indoors, so we thought we'd better take care of it now! 

Sheldon has been extra close and clingy to me lately when I get home from work! I think he is missing me! Others tell me it's because I smell like chicken! ;) Ha! Brooke says she smells chicken on my clothes everytime I come home from work, so that's probably true ;)

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