Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Wishlist!!!!!!

These cute shoes from Kohls-- even though my BFF doesn't like them that much ;)

The new book in the series I'm reading JUST CAME OUT THIS WEEK. It is meant to be ;)

New Pjs are always good right??? Especially ones with watermelons. 

YES my new thing is pineapples! And this candle at Target is adorable!

These yard flags from Kirklands are sooo cute! With a "D" of course ;)

The PIONEER WOMAN came out with even more cute stuff for her Walmart line! How cute is the paper towel holder and utensil holder? It would look good in my kitchen ;)

Everyone loves summery soaps from B&B Works! Especially watermelon scent ;)

Ah yes, its more pineapple stuff. A wallflower plugin. I love these to scent the house! :)

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