Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016!

We had a really fun weekend. The kids were off school on Friday and so Arnold decided to take off work and we had a family day. We took the kids to the science center that morning. Arnold's company gets us in free, so that's always nice. At the end of the trip the kids were begging for something from the gift shop, and even though they didn't need anything we must have been in good moods because we gave in. Caleb got a stuffed turtle, Rachel got a stuffed seal, and Brooke got a little glass bird.. no idea why?? 

After the science center we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Then we went shopping for awhile. Arnold needed new pants for work, so we went to Kohl's. That just so happens to be where the shoes were that I had been wanting, so I bought them for myself for mothers day haha. I also stopped next door at the family christian store and got the movie Old Fashioned which I had been wanting to watch for a long time.

Before we went home we stopped at Coldstone for Icecream. We usually got to sweet frog, but I had a coupon. While we were there, my Mom facetimed me because they were in Florida visiting my brother and sister-in-law. They were about to have their gender reveal and we wanted to be able to see! Unfortunately it kept cutting in and out and we couldn't see or hear well, but I am officially having my 4th niece! I can't believe my brother is going to soon have 3 daughters. Lord help him! ;) 

Saturday I had to work until 3pm.. then I came home and got ready and headed out with two of my best friends for a Girls Night Out! We met up for Dinner at Applebees. I got the chicken ceasar salad. Thought I would be tired of chicken by now, huh? ;) Then we went to the movies to see Mother's Day! It had Julia Roberts in it (I love her!) and Jennifer Aniston. I didn't know if it would be good or not, but I loved it! I was laughing the whole time. Plus of course it was great to have a kid-free night, with some great friends :)

Sunday morning I got up and Arnold had gone to get us Bojangles for breakfast. The girls wanted me to get back in bed so they could bring it to me, but I didn't want all the crumbs so I just ate it in the kitchen, haha. My mom would have been proud ;) They also surprised me with roses, my favorite drinks and some chocolate. The girls had even made up a cute little dance for me. Then we went to church. My baby class had a total of 14 kids in both services, so a little chaotic but not too bad. After church we grabbed a quick to-go lunch and went home. I took a long, glorious nap. Arnold even left me sleeping when he went to visit his Mom, haha.

Later that evening the kids and Arnold were going to take me out to dinner at Olive Garden. But of course they were packed with a long wait when we got there, so we left. Around that time Mom called and said she was back in town from Florida, so we got to swing by and see her just in time for Mother's Day! We decided to give up on the dinner and later that night Arnold brought me home crab legs from Red Lobster while I watched Call the Midwife. I'd say it was an AWESOME Mother's Day!! :)

Some of our fun on Friday! Caleb loves his turtle and takes it everywhere, haha ;)

I got these shirts for the girls from Childrens Place and they were representin for their Mama of course ;)

I got the chocolate explosion from Coldstone.. and It was delicious, but I felt sick after, haha. 

My mother's Day gifts I basically bought myself! haha! I am cracking up over the bookmark.. it is so me! And the movie was great! A little cheesy but definitely had a a good message! 

At the movies with my girls Saturday night!

I decided on a spur of the moment to get a blue rapberry icee! It was so good! Best $6 ever ;)

I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday. My first mothers day vs. this year. 10 years later! That first one Brooke was so little and I was pregnant with Caleb! So much has changed! 

Rachel made me this at school! She said she loves me because I read her bedtime stories! I'll take it ;)

You know, just hanging around in my recliner, eating Crab legs, with my puppy at my feet ;) 

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