Monday, June 27, 2016

Rachel's 7th Birthday!

Rachel recently turned 7 and we celebrated all day long! She and the other kids left with their grandparents for the beach on the day of her actual birthday, so that Friday Arnold and I took off work to do some fun stuff together. 

Rachel in her new dress, all ready to go :)

She got some great birthday gifts. We got her a new bike because she had outgrown her new one. She also got some nightgowns, craft set, a few toys and a new Beanie Boo :)

We are part of the Barnes and Noble birthday club so we went by there to get her free birthday cupcake. Caleb and I shared a big cookie and Caleb got some Orange juice too. 

She had a giftcard from some family so she was dying to go to Toys R Us and spend it. Got some girly legos, a new DS game, and a shopkins display case. 

We went shopping at the mall for awhile to get some last minute things they needed for the beach like new sunglasses... Rachel also spent more of her birthday money. girl loves shopping like her Mama ;)

The kids had been bugging us forever to ride these dumb animals in the mall, but its so expensive.. so we decided on a special occasion we would let them. They loved it. Rachel chose the Panda, caleb chose the dog, and Brooke chose the pig. We walked around the mall with them and tried to keep them from running into people, haha. 

And off they go!! 

We had lunch at Cici's pizza! 

Rach showing off her cute new purse she got. 

Snuggled up to watch Finding Dory at the movies! We all loved it. A few parts made me and Rachel cry. Poor Rachel was so upset and clinging to me, haha. But the movie was good! 

Outside the movie theater afterwards. 

We had a birthday party for Rachel with some close friends and family.. nothing fancy, just some outside playing and some cake and snacks. Thanks to Mom and Dad for hosting at their house since the parks were all booked up! 

Rachel loved her Shopkins cake. We couldnt actually find the theme anywhere so we got a pink and green cake and then added some of her shopkins from home. 

Had to get a family picture! 

Rachel got some sweet gifts from our friends and family! 

Had to get a pic of my BFF Jess and sweet Holden! He has really grown! 

Joanne being crazy like usual.. with the water guns ;) 

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