Saturday, June 4, 2016

Recap: Month of MAY!!

It's ABOUT TIME for a new blog huh? Can't believe its been almost a month. I have a new job and it takes up all my time and I'm always tired now! But anyway, here's what we've been up to in the past month! :)

Rachel's class went on an end of year trip to the Zoo! Arnold went with her class and they had a great time. They were calling for rain but thanfully it didn't rain too much on them. They bought ponchos at the last minute! Arnold spent his day with a bunch of girls, running around looking at animals and taking pictures. Rachel had a great time and even touched a snake! She also picked out a cute otter to bring home-- she said the otters and the penguins were some of her favorite animals of the day :)

Rach lost another tooth! it had been barely hanging in there forever!

I had to work on Memorial Day, but my dad took the kids to their neighborhood pool! Arnold went with them too. It was opening day and so it was packed, and they had lots of fun stuff. They had music, fog machine, food, games and all kinds of stuff. Brooke loves swimming and would stay in a pool 24/7 if we would let her! She talked about going all week long. 

We've been spending time over at Mom and Dad's house! My dad cooks the kids ribs and they love it. Meanwhile, I eat chicken because I don't eat meat on a bone! ;) 

My pretty pineapple earrings that Arnold bought me showed up! I have been wearing them alot!

The kids like to play around when we go shopping and they loved these Emoji pillows. 

We've been going on pletnty of icecream dates of course! 

Arnold took the girls to the Father Daughter dance at our church! This was their 2nd time going and they had fun. They had a sealife theme this year, and they had real golfish on the tables as centerpieces. Some girls took them home, but I'm glad Arnold said our girls couldn't! haha. We don't need another pet! 

That same night I took Caleb to a local baseball game and we were celebrating my good friend's 30th birthday! It was a surprise and she got to throw out the first pitch and everything. The weather was great for me but Caleb actually complained about being cold! We ate WAY too many snacks.. hotdogs, peanut, dippin dots, you name it. I loved spending the evening with my Bobo. However after awhile he was bored and tired so we went on home. We didn't stay for the concert that had afterwards. 

Caleb had a checkup at the dentist and he got another perfect report! He has never had a cavity before, just like me! I guess we both have good teeth shape? Brooke has been plagued with bad teeth, poor thing. 

We took the kids to see the new Angry Birds movie. It was pretty funny! Arnold said they had too many adult references, but I don't think it was that bad, I think it went over the kids' heads. We can't wait til later this month to see Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets!

Two weeks ago I started a new position at work-- in the kitchen! A girl that had worked there forever moved, she trained me for a week and now I work back there in her spot. I doubled my hours (and my work load) and I come home SO exhausted. But I am excited about better paychecks! ;) I don't actually cook the chicken, but I go in early and set up the kitchen, cook soup, bake cookies, assemble sandwiches, and stuff like that. I like who I work with, although I am still learning and I feel too slow and overwhelmed a lot of times! And it is HOT back there! We take "freezer breaks" and actually stand in the deep freeze to cool down! It feels amazing! A lot of people have started and quit the kitchen staff after just a few days so I feel proud I am hanging on still! :P

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