Friday, November 25, 2016


I haven't posted in forever, but with it being Thanksgiving, I wanted to write my yearly list of what I was thankful for this year.....

1. My amazing hubby who works hard for us every day.

2. My 3 wonderful kids, who I love to the moon and back. Brooke is so sweet and friendly to everyone she meets. She has been dealing with a mean bully this year but has really learned to stand up for herself. Caleb is just like me, and has even been getting in trouble lately for reading during math class (ha.) Rachel is our sweet little clown, who will still curl up in my lap and let me read her stories. I love it.

3. My brother and his family get to come into town this year for Christmas! I cannot wait to cuddle my new niece and get to play with all of them! I am having a fun time picking out Christmas gifts for the girls.

4. My CFA job is going pretty well. I have had to miss some time due to a kidney issue, but my boss has been understanding. The people I work with feel like family. We have a good time talking, laughing, and bringing in treats for each other to eat.

5. My kids have amazing teachers this year. I think this is my favorite year so far in the school years. The teachers all care about our kids just like they are family, and are helping them learn so much and really make sure they are made to feel special.

6. My BFF Erika recently had her twins, Reagan and Rylee. They were 7 weeks early but actually were bigger than they expected and doing well! They are having to stay in the NICU for at least a month, but at least they are in good hands with some skilled drs. We went down to visit them one evening and unfortunately didn't get to see the babies that day, but got to visit with Erika. I miss her and hope they all get to come home soon!

7. Speaking of friends, I really have some of the best friends. They are supportive, fun to be with, and always listen to me whine or freak out (which I do alot!) I made a new friend recently, Rosie, who works with me at work. I am so thankful for her because she makes the days go by so much quicker, and we're always chatting about the kids, and Christmas and stuff... she is very crafty too and has already made Rachel a special bow and necklace :)

8. Always thankful for my parents, who do so much for me I don't even deserve. With me working so much this year they have saved me so many times. Mom basically raised the kids over the summer while they were off school, ha. They have taken the kids to dentist appointments, and picked them up from school when I was working late-- brought me meals when I had particularly hard weeks-- just everything I could imagine and more.

9. Our church-- We really have found a great church and are part of a big family. We have had to step back from lifegroup this season due to being so busy, but hope to start back eventually. We love everyone there and I love getting so close to everyone's babies. I love those babies like my own!

And a few other little things I'm thankful for--

~ Mom and Dad's delicious thanksgiving meal yesterday, that I didn't have to cook ;)

~No cavities for Brooke or Rachel at their dentist appts this month!

~This season so far has been warm-- I really don't like it being very cold!

~Extra Christmas money this year from working

~Getting to go to the TSO concert with Joanne on Dec 8th!

~Fuller House Season 2 is coming to Netflix next month, ha!

~Black Friday sales on books--time to pick up a few new ones! ;)

~Getting our Christmas cards ordered already-- at a great deal!

~Brooke's doing pretty great at the 5th grade so far!

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