Friday, December 16, 2016

Life Lately: December!

Yet again slacking on the blog! But here is what we've been up to this month!

We finally got our Christmas tree up and decorated. It was later than usual this year... and the kids were bummed, but it got done! I love pulling out the ornaments and looking through them each year. And yes I bought myself another new owl ornament this year--the tradition continues! ;)

Mom and Dad's dog hurt her tail somehow and they had to take her to the vet to get it looked at and they had to remove a lot of her tail :( It was so pitiful. She was on painmeds and wearing a cone the day we went over to have mom and dad watch the kids while I went to my work christmas party. But the girls helped out and took good care of her ;)

I got to go have lunch with the kids, and they were happy! Brooke was kindof embarassed I was taking this picture, and I didn't even get a pic of Caleb at all.. they are getting so grown up! Rachel was in a crazy hyper mood because she was getting to sit with her best friend, Allison. 

Rachel is doing so well in school and can even write her name in cursive now! 

My BFF Joanne and I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert together last week! A family member of hers WON tickets and gave them to her,and she picked me to go along with her! (so sweet!) We made it to Charlotte without really getting too lost (ha) or hurt and after standing in a really long line to pay parking (who knew they had machines to pay now?!) we finally got in about ten minutes after they started. 

It was my 6th time going to one of their shows, and Joanne's 1st. We had a great time! We were sitting reallly high up, thank goodness we can handle heights! And the show was amazing as expected! Everyone should go at least once-- highly recommended. It was a fun girl's night out :)

Joanne also gave me my CHristmas gift early. I love my owl and have added him to my Christmas decor. The kids loved them too and I think the were trying to steal him away, haha.

My niece Bekah turned 12!!! I cannot believe that! Arnold and I started dating right around the time she was turning 1 year old! She is such a sweet girl, and loves to read like me!! ;)

Bekah had her birthday party at this really cool painting place. She picked the layout, an owl, and they had an instructor show the kids how to paint it and follow along. There were only 2 boys there so they got different colors and kinda went off on their own, but everyone did great and had a lot of fun! Even the adults were getting in there and watching and helping.. including my perfectionist husband ;) We can't wait to go back sometime and maybe do the "Mom and Me' or "date night" painting sessions. We hung the owls on their bedroom walls when we got home :)

The other night I FINALLY got to hold one of Erika's twins! They were born a few weeks ago of course, but have been in the NICU! Actually Rylee is still there for a few more weeks, but Reagan had gained enough weight to come home! So when I finally got my hands on her I was in heaven! Be praying for Rylee, I know Erika wants all her family home together soon! :)

We had our lifegroup Christmas party the other night and had a mexican dinner and a white elephant Christmas gift exchange. We had to bring something from home that was funny or unloved and wrap it up and chose by numbers. Arnold actually got a WHITE elephant.. it was hilarious. BUT, it ended up being stolen away and we ended up with a Who's Who of the Bible book ;)

Our crazy lifegroup! Everyone was holding up the gifts they got. THere were some CRAZY ones like a half eaten cake, and a used retainer! (gross!) Those people are creative! And I love them bunches! :)

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