Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vday Plans!!

Well Valentines Day is almost here! What is everyones plans?? What is everyone getting their significant others?? I have no clue what im getting from Arnold! We usually dont surprise each other but I think we will this year so im excited!! :)

I am having a big Kids' Valentines Day party Friday night in my church gym. I think i went a little overboard b/c I invited everyone and now i have like 35-40 kids and who knows how many adults coming! I think a total gues list of around 70 people or so! Arnold has been so stressed over it b/c he hates big parties, but I LOVE them! We had a Halloween party last year and it went great! So i wanted to do something again. The kids will have a blast, i know!

We will have a snack supper, everyones bringing something. Then we are having a valentine exchange for the kids. I am also making goody bags for all the kids. We will have the big Bounce house set up, and some other random toys. Theres also a karaoke machine in the church, so thatll be fun.

Saturday Arnold and I want to go out together for Vday. We willprobably go out to eat at Dos Amigos and go shopping with some tax money, lol!

Sunday after church the youth are having a Vday lunch and so we'll probably go to that. They also deliver flowers to anyone you choose, so im sending one to my MIL, and Brooke and Rachel, i think thatll be sweet :)

Ill be sure to take lots of pics Friday night and post them on here! :)

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