Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tax Money Plans!!!

Well our tax money is supposed to be deposited Friday morning and Im so excited! We got back a lot this year, more of course since we had Rachel ;-) Thanks Rachel!

Anyway, we are having to pay off a ton of medical bills from this past year, and pay off Arnolds parents for our new washer/dryer and plumbing in our house, which takes most of it... But we still have a good amount left..

So Arnold and I decided to let each other have $500 each "Fun money!" To do whatever we want with it! Yay! i never spend money on myself so this is going to be great! Does anyone have any good ideas of ways for me to spend it?! I already want to get a new haircut, some new clothes/shoes, a few new books, and NEW MOON when it comes out on DVD. Im also buying Arnold a Vday present, probably a Gift certificate to an online guitar store he likes.. he will be surprised!! :)

The kids get double that to split between the 3 of them.. Theyre all getting new spring/summer clothes, easter gifts, and the rest will probably go to their birthday party funds this summer. I am planning a big TURTLE bash for Rachels 1st bday, I cant wait! :) Ive already been buying them clothes on Ebay this week,that site is sooo addicting! They have a lot of cute clothes coming soon in the mail--i love getting mail! (when its not bills!) ;-)

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