Monday, January 12, 2015

What We've Been Up To...

Well  the time has gotten away from me again, somehow! I have a lot to catch up on, and some new pictures to post, so he is all about our past couples of weeks!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with some of my best friends, at Joanne's house! We have done this for a few years now and it has been great. The kids get to hang out together and they leave us alone usually long enough to play WII games, sing (horribly) at Karaoke, watch tv, eat snacks that we all bring over, and eventually watch the ball drop on TV.. but towards the end we always get grumpy and sleepy.. well at least I do! ;)

There's always time to take selfies with friends! ;)

We celebrated Daddy's 33rd birthday, on New Year's Day! We went out to eat at Olive Garden for dinner.. one of our very favorite places to go! That afternoon we also went to the movies to see "Annie." It was amazing! I loved every bit of it... the music, the story, the little girl who played Annie... I laughed and probably cried 3 different times! The kids all seemed to like it too. Arnold said it was pretty girly, but I know he enjoyed it, too ;) The girls have been singing the songs since then, we need to get the soundtrack!

We went to a birthday lunch at Bojangles with Arnold's family. We were going to Village Inn, but they were closed for lunch on New year's (booo!) Brooke didn't mind though, that girl has found her new favorite thing-- CHICKEN LEGS!!! She can put a hurting on some chicken! That is one way she is NOT like her mother... her mother will not eat chicken on a bone ;)

We tried to get a family shot and this is the best we could do! Brooke was taking the picture. The people in there probably thought we were crazy.. but that's just how we roll ;)

Arnold and our sweet niece, Bekah. Doesn't she look like she could be one of our's with her blonde hair and blue eyes?! ;)

Rachel lost her 2nd tooth! She had been wiggling that thing forever and one day it just popped out, and we didn't even notice it until a little later! She ended up getting money from the tooth fairy AND her grandparents, so she was feeling pretty good that day ;)

We enjoyed some family time and went to eat at West End BBQ. Rachel had to take a very important phone call on her Dora cellphone while we were there ;) And Olaf decided to be in the picture too ;) All things she got at Christmas and likes to carry around with her lately.

My boss Amanda was out of town one Sunday at church so I had to take over for the day!! This is me, just keeping it real.. showing I could handle everything ;) 

While waiting on people to show up we took Selfies of course ;)

Thank goodness my sweet hubby was there to help me do sign in! I couldn't have handled the morning without him! We make a pretty good team ;)

Daddy has been helping Brooke make her loom bracelets, because she gets frustrated while doing it. Isn't he the best Daddy?? ;)

We have been cheering on our PANTHERS!!! Because they made it to the PLAYOFFS!!! Unfortunately they finally lost Saturday evening and aren't going on to the superbowl, but we are still proud of them. We have to represent our boys and our hometown ;)

The kids have been getting a hold of my Ipad and taking selfies!

Sheldon has been lounging like usual, but has taken over my blanket that Erika made me for Christmas! I have to fight him for it! He's usually sleeping on my lap in the evenings anyway ;)

Thanks to a friend on Facebook, I found this yummy goodness a few towns over. While we were down in the area for a birthday party, I made Arnold stop by the gas station to pick us up some ;) It was worth it ;)

I took this picture the other day and loved how it turned out, so it became my new profile picture ;) That day I also went into the school for a meeting with Brooke's principal. Since we were there at the end of the school day, we went by the kids' classrooms to pick them up. While I was getting Rachel, I noticed two little girls staring at me. Then one spoke up and said "I love your necklace!" And the other one said "are you Rachel's Mommy? You are super pretty!" I was taken aback for a moment.. that little girl made my whole week! It is always nice to get a compliment. And if you know 5 year old girls like I do, you know they can be pretty blunt and truthful. So it actually felt even nicer being from her ;) Then they gave Rachel a big goodbye hug... they seem like like are all becoming good friends :)

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