Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Brooke celebrated her BFF Zoey's birthday this past weekend. They went to a Trampoline Park. that is a cool new thing to do. For 90 mins they got to jump around on trampolines all over the place, do flips, and jump in foam pits. Brooke had a blast. She went with 3 other friends. that is what her friend wanted for her birthday party this year. I think it was a great idea! We will have to take all our kids back sometime this summer.

Another one of Brooke's BFFs also celebrated a birthday. Several girls were invited over to a sleepover. They went swimming, had cake, made lots of crafts, and had lots of fun. I don't think Brooke stayed up all night this time because she was so tired! I can't believe these girls are turning 9 this year!!

Rachel and I went to lunch with Mom at the country club on saturday. Rachel had a hotdog that was almost as big as her head, haha ;) She couldn't finish it all.

Our friends Ashley and Tyler welcomed their baby girl, Maggie Jade, on Sunday morning! she was over a week late and I know they were thrilled to get her here! She is beautiful and I can't wait to go meet her and hold her Friday night! If everything works out, I am going to be her "nanny" this fall when her Mom goes back to work! I am so, so excited about that! Pray for Ashley because she had a rough delivery!

Been having fun at work like usual with my babies! Ansley likes to take selfies with me :)

Mom and I looked through old childhood pics of me this past weekend, to use in a decoration for my upcoming 30th birthday party! I loved looking at all the memories! Rachel did too. I love this pic of me when I was a baby-- wasn't I cute?? ;)

Tuesday morning we had 23 kids under the age of 7! It was the last week of the Mom's group and everyone was there and we had extra kids that were already on summer break. Goodness it was wild! After awhile Joanne and I took the babies into another room to calm down. We def earned our pay that day! ;)

Rachel's teachers took all the kids out in her Kindy class that had learned all their sight words. We went to Mc Donalds and they got the kids happy meals, and they got to sit together and eat. I thought it was so very sweet. Rachel had a great time. The big kids got happy meals too from me and Arnold so they didn't miss out ;) I had to get a pic of Rachel and her awesome teachers this year. We are going to miss them! 

This is Caleb with our friends' dog, Pearl. she is so tiny and cute! I love holding her. I told Arnold I wanted one, but he said Sheldon would be jealous ;)

My sweet adorable Niece Ava turned 1 month yesterday! Already?! She is just as beautiful as ever and I can't wait to see them all again!

This is my current read and I love it so far! It is hard to put down!

This had been on my to-read list, and they announced last night on FB that it was a daily sale on kindle for $2.99! So i got it! I love it when they run sales like that!

~No picture yet, but Caleb came home with Citizen of the Month award! So proud of him!

~I am loving the thunderstorms at night lately! 

~Brooke has her EOG's yesterday and today. I am nervous for her and can't wait to hear how she did! I just want it all over with!

~We are celebrating Rachel's birthday this saturday at Chuck E Cheese with lots of friends and family. she is so excited and counting down the days. that place stresses me out, but I know it will make her happy ;)

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