Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day, Florida Trip, & Misc

It's been a while since I posted so this is just a big mix of what we have been up to lately...

Taking selfies with sheldon ;)

Miss Sassy Pants 

Planting some flowers! Yes I had never done it before! So another thing to add to my 30 before 30 list. I mixed up soil, and we planted 2 new bushes and some pretty flowers. 

On Memorial day we went swimming in my parents' neighborhood. Rachel had fun riding on daddy's back. 

The kids had a great time except when they had to sit out on breaks. 

I went to Florida to meet my new niece, Ava! I was so happy to finally get my hands on her! She is so tiny! While we were there we also got to see Alex and Ariel's new house! We are standing in the living room in this pic. The house hadn't been painted yet. 

Mom, dad and I stayed in a nice hotel! The embassy! Thanks to dad's travel business perks we stayed on the top level-- the executive floor. It was nice and I loved looking down. There was even a wedding in there on Saturday and I got to watch the bride walk down the aisle! So sweet! I did miss my bed after awhile though, because I had to sleep on the couch! 

While visiting we went on a trip to the Florida Aquarium! It was big, and pretty nice, and we all loved looking at the animals. Brielle had a fun time riding on Alex's shoulders and looking at the sharks. She would clap and yell SHARK! It was adorable :)

Mom and Dad love their new granddaughter! :)

Alex and Ariel sent the kids home necklaces from Florida so they wore them to school the next day to show all their friends and teachers :) The kids got gifts from them, my parents, and me on the trip, they are spoiled! ;)

Wearing some red, white and blue!!! :)

An friend of mine made this awesome custom shirt for Rachel to wear to her birthday party next weekend! I love it! And yes her theme is Frozen-- in the middle of summer-- but it's what she loves ;)

She also made this matching bow for her! It was a surprise and I love it!! 

I finally joined the iphone family! I had been telling Arnold to get me one before my birthday! So last night we went and signed up for contracts and both got new phones. I got a gold iphone6! I love it! Happy Early Birthday to me! ;)

Brooke had her first visit to the orthodontist! she was nervous but it went well! She is going to the same guy who did my braces 18 years ago-- crazy! They said she has a very narrow upper mouth and a cross bite, so they are going to do an extender and some braces on her upper teeth, hopefully by August. We have a few more appts before then. It is expensive!!!!! sheesh.. but it needs to be done.

Brooke enjoyed the visit. Everyone was very nice. They gave her a tshirt when she left, too.

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