Monday, August 10, 2015

Caleb's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Caleb turning 8 this past weekend. His birthday happened to fall on a Saturday so it worked out perfectly that we could all spend the day out doing fun stuff.. and Arnold didnt' even have to take off work because he was already off! We had a really fun time and saturday was exhausting but it was worth it! 

We let Caleb open his gifts the night before. He was surprised by that!

He always wants legos! He was super excited about the Minecraft set!

I thought this was cute, and it had a guitar! It plays the most annoying song though, and Rachel played it over. and over. and over. all weekend. We should have gotten it for her!

Yes that is a Snackeez cup! Caleb is big into As Seen on Tv stuff! Don't ask me why! he's been asking for one of these forever! So naturally I picked one up and made it part of his birthday present! He filled it up with milk and cereal the very next morning to try it out ;)

We went to the local science center Saturday morning to check out the Dinosaur exhibit. we stopped off to see some animals first. Caleb LOVES turtles. He had to get a pic with this one, named Pedro ;)

Arnold and I being silly in the dino exhibit. We are still kids at heart ;)

We stopped by the aquarium to see the fish also. The kids all got to touch stingrays.

Rachel loved all the science stuff downstairs and was blowing her hair everywhere. She did it to my hair too!

We went to lunch at McDonald's because it's one of Caleb's favorite places (bad mom, yeah yeah) And because their happy meals right now have batman and monster high toys, so it made all the kids happy! And they played in the germ-infested play area before we left too!

Early afternoon we picked up Caleb's best friend, Tucker, and our niece Rebakah, and we all headed to the movies. We filled up our van! And we got to see what it was like having 5 kids! Yikes! Of course they were all 10 and under, so that was tough. It was funny watching people's expressions when they saw us all walk inside in a line with all those kids around the same age :)

Of course Arnold had to have some fun with the kids, taking selfies :)

We went to see the Minions movie. It was pretty good. The first half was funny and the 2nd half was all action and trying to defeat a villian which was kinda boring to me but at least the kids liked it. They wanted to take a picture with the Peanuts Movie display outside in the lobby. We can't wait to see that near Thanksgiving! They also showed the preview for the Secret Life of Pets next year and that looks so cute!

We went to Mellow Mushroom for Caleb's birthday dinner! We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table but it wasn't too bad!

We invited Caleb's grandparents to come along and join us for dinner!

Caleb got birthday money from his grandparents! He was asking me to spend it a second later! I think he is going to pick out some new legos.

I stopped by Walmart to hopefully find a cute cake for Caleb. We had tried to order one earlier in the week, but they were too busy to take new orders. I lucked out and found a Skylanders cake, which Caleb loved. 

And one more bonus pic of my boys! They were being silly.. but I love this picture so much! 

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