Thursday, August 6, 2015

What We've Been up to this Summer!!!

I have not written in a LONG time! Like over a month. That is not like me! We have been having a crazy summer but it's been fun!!! Here is a re-cap of what we've been up to...

Took the kids to see the Inside Out movie.. on my birthday actually. It was pretty good.

Been spending some time with our niece, Bekah.

Loving on my childcare babies like usual! Love them!!

Making smores in the backyard! The kids loved it! They had been asking to make some forever. Especially Rachel. They were a little scared of the fire, though.

We helped work at the Summer Adventure at our church. It is like VBS, and was on the wed nights in July. I helped with the preschoolers and Arnold helped with the big kids. We had a lot of fun. The kids did crafts, games outside, made messes, dances and sang, and learned about God! I loved helping!

Arnold and I have squeezed in a few dates together!

Brooke decided to get her hair cut short! She looks so much older now!

Rachel and I had a fun time taking some pictures of her at the club house while the big kids were at golf camp! She is so beautiful! :)

Caleb has loved hanging out with his cousin! They both love playing video games!

We tried out a new pizza place, that my SIL works at. We went on the 4th of July.

caleb fell down some stairs and hurt his foot, and wasn't able to walk well on it for a few days. So he took full advantage of Arnold carrying him around, haha!

Rachel lost another tooth! The kids had dentist checkups recently and everything checked out ok!

The kids spent a weekend at Grandfather mountain with their grandparents. They loved walking across the swinging bridge.

Arnold's work had a company night at the local baseball game. We went to the game, had food, got prizes, and the kids got to play games and ride on the carousel. It was HOT out there!

Arnold has been teaching the kids to wash the cars! They have loved helping out.

I aced the summer class I took! I made a 93 on my final exam and an A in the class overall! I am about ready to throw that book out the window now! ;) I am so proud!

We celebrated our "nephew's" 7th birthday at Hickory Dickory Dock. The kids had fun playing laser tag and other games. Arnold beat me at air hockey! 

Finally got my hair done! My friend Meredith does great work! I decided to go back to being a brunette! 

The BFFs and I went to the movies to see Paper Towns! I was disappointed with the ending of the book, but somehow the movie was actually pretty good! How often does that happen!?

Been cooking some yummy meals for the hubby! Yes I hate cooking but he's worth it ;) This was pork chops, garlic parmesan potatoes, and baked asparagus! Mom taught me how to make the asparagus like she does and it was delicious! Brooke cleaned her plate and told me to make it again! Score!

Brooke spent a fun evening with her bestie Emma. they went to get pedicures, out to eat, and played video games back at home. Then she spent the night. They were celebrating Brooke PASSING her reading test after summer reading camp! I am so proud of her!

Wouldn't be summer without some crap in a pot (I mean low country boil) at Mom and Dad's house. Everytime we have it caleb tries to finish off all the shrimp! He's like his Mama!

Celebrated at my BFF's baby shower! Baby Holden is due in just a few weeks and I can't wait to meet him and hold him and snuggle him!! 

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