Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life Lately

The kids started back to school last week. I think they were ready to be honest, because they were starting to get restless, and miss their friends. They all looked so cute in their new outfits we had picked out. Brooke was supposed to wear a cute new skirt we got her, but it was way too big on her :( The kids had a great first week, have seemed to be behaving, and Caleb said he already made a new friend. A few of their best friends were in their classes, so they were thrilled-- but I told their teachers to watch out! ;) Their teachers are all pretty awesome and I like them a lot. They all seem very caring and helpful and willing to talk to me whenever I might need something! I hope this year is great! :)

Rach got a haircut for the start of school! She looks soo cute now, especially with her missing tooth and short hair!! I can't believe she is a first grader already! :)

Rachel's first day of school outfit. She was so cute!

Saturday morning Arnold was a trooper and got up early with me and the kids and we went to a few yardsales, and then shopping at the mall. I hit up the awesome sale at Crazy 8 and got the girls some boots and jean jackets, and we got a few things at Jc Penney. While we were there we made sure to stop by the coffee shop and visit Amanda and get coffee and cookies ;) The kids ended up being really grouchy after awhile so we left the mall and went to lunch at Mellow Mushroom. While we were waiting on the food, Arnold drew this picture of me and him :) He has always loved to draw. 

Had to take picture with me and my Shelly Belly for National Dog Day!

Friday evening we went over to Mom and Dad's for dinner. They grilled steaks. They know how much my hubby loves steak and picked out a HUGE one for him. he was in heaven. And yes, he ate it all! I was picking on him the whole night. We sat outside on the deck and ate and talked until it got dark. It was relaxing and the best way to spend a Friday evening! And this time of year it's not that hot outside anymore!

Saturday evening we went to a big Lifegroup thing at church. It was a dinner and a meeting of sorts, getting people interested in life groups or joining a new one. We were in one a few years back but our leader moved away and we haven't found a new one since. Arnold, Erika and I all signed up for a new one and we can't WAIT to start this week! Erika and I actually used to work the childcare for that lifegroup, so we are familiar with the people already, and look forward to getting to know them better. I am a little worried about throwing my 3 crazy kids into the mix but we will see! ;)

The pastors from the campuses put on a skit. It was hilarious. Our pastor is second from left. I didn't even recognize him at first! He was channeling his inner gangsta! He broke it down with some rap and I got it on video ;) It was such a fun night! :)

Sunday morning Erika came to help me out in childcare! We had a great time, and decided to take a picture of the girls. We were commenting on how much taller Rachel is than Kenzie. And we decided to take a picture of me and Erika then. same deal ;) Every short girl needs a tall best friend ;)

I was off work yesterday so I went out to do some shopping in the morning. There were a few fall decorations I was wanting, and some more fall clothes for the kids. Since I was in the area, I met arnold for lunch at Chili's on his break. Love their potato soup ;) Lunch is about the only time we get a chance for a date anymore, so it was nice!! 

Arnold and I rented Aloha from redbox and watched it last night when the kids went to bed. It had looked good and has a great cast, but it wasn't that great of a movie. It was a little confusing and didn't have a very good plot. Oh well, at least we spent some more time together!! 

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