Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life Lately!

Took the two little ones to get their very first library cards!! (Brooke already had one from a long time ago) I can't believe it has taken me so long to do this, especially since I love reading so much! To be fair, we have SO many books here and the kids read or I read to them every day. But I thought it would be fun for them to actually go pick out books on things that interest them :)

I had been waiting on the girls to wear their new fall outfits to school! They were just precious! I love that they are matching but in different colors! Brooke asked why I was dressing her like a hippie, haha. The peace sign necklaces came with the shirts. 

Arnold and I finally joined a new lifegroup! We are so happy to be back with it, and making so many new friends from our church! And I think erika and I are happy to be with the adults instead of doing childcare this time, although we DO love the kids so very much! Now OUR kids are in childcare lol. We joined the pastor's lifegroup and it is quite popular because we had like 25 or 30 some adults at the first meeting! But I love it and we have already gotten pretty deep in our talking and prayers! 

My BFF's and  I went Friday evening to see WAR ROOM! It was the most incredible movie ever! I know sometimes Christian movies can be off base or cheesy but this one was great. The acting was good, the main character was hilarious, and the message was so, so good. There were people in the theater literally weeping, and everyone clapped at the end! I'd recommend it to everyone! And apparently the people behind us in this picture thought we were funny for taking a group selfie.. you can see them smiling, haha. 

My other BFF Jess had her baby boy on Sept 11th!!!! This is her 2nd child and now she has 2 adorable boys! Welcome to the world Holden James!!! I got to go by the hospital and cuddle him a little bit and didn't want to let him go!!! Being in the hospital always brings back so many memories of when my kids were born! We were on the same hall and everything.. and the kids always like hearing the stories of when we were there with them :)

The girls had their first game on saturday! Rachel decided to try cheer for the first time this year! She did a great job! We had an away game, and the girls' grandparents even came to see them! Our team lost, but at least everyone had fun. The girls looked so cute out there! We are waiting on their new uniforms to be delivered so they wore last year's uniforms for the first game. I am so glad Rachel decided to try this out with her big sister! She was shy at first but now she is having a blast! :)

With my sweet girls!! 

Today my awesome dad turned 64! (I mean 39... cough cough haha) We spent the evening with him and Mom last night and had low country boil! Caleb can eat his weight in shrimp! He always loves it! They even sent us home with leftovers! 

Still loving my job! So blessed! Snuggling these sweet things and keeping them happy is my goal and I wouldn't have it any other way!! 

~Brooke went to the fair with her BFF awhile back and came home with a goldfish as a prize. I hate when they give those out! But Arnold found a container for her and added rocks and water and we bought fish food. Brooke named her Golden. The poor thing only lasted 4 days. When we came in from cheer practice that one night, golden was laying on his side. The poor kids took it very hard. They have been lucky enough so far not to really deal with death and understand what's going on, so it was tough on them. Poor Caleb broke down sobbing. I felt so bad for them.. but laughed when Rachel said "man I'm glad I last longer than a goldfish!!" :)

~School is going well and I even made an A on my first sociology paper! I am proud! Our midterm project is to research back 3 or 4 generations and make a family tree poster. I actually don't like projects, I actually prefer an exam, but oh well. My parents are going to help me research their families and find old pictures and I think we are even visiting the cemetery.. fun fun. LOL. My parents are invested in my education too ;)

~Today on the way home from church I went through the drive thru to get some lunch real quick. When i got to the window the girl told me that the lady in front of me had paid for my meal! Such a fun surprise! I have done that for people a few times before but never had it done for me. I wanted to pay it forward so I went ahead and paid for the person behind me, too :) I wasn't expecting to get to see the person but I had to stop to wait on my food and when he pulled by my van he waved and mouthed "thank you" and was smiling really big. Made me feel good :) Love it when people are nice to each other for no real reason! :)

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