Sunday, July 9, 2017

Another Trip around the Sun...

Well it's official. On July 1st I turned 32. I didn't really feel like an  "adult" until my 30's I think. Just recently has it hit me that I'm not that cool anymore, especially when my 10 year old daughter begs me to stop dancing to the music while we're driving... ha! But anyway,  I had a pretty great birthday this year. Got to spend time with my family, friends, and my good friend Amanda even chose my birthday as the perfect day to have her wedding! ;) 

A week before I always go out to dinner with girl friends and have dinner at Ocharleys. We started going there YEARS ago and have made it a tradition. I didnt get pictures with everyone, which I hate, but I did get a pic with 2 of my very best friends at the end! I have been on a diet (more about that later!) And I "cheated" that night by getting my favorite chicken tenders, but I evened it all out by getting water and not eating any of the delicious rolls they bring out! That took some willpower! Anyway, I had a great time eating and chatting with friends.. and most of the dinner I got to hold my BFF Jess' new little guy, Hayden! He just slept away in my arms-- everyone knows I'm a natural with babies! ;) My friends also got me some of the sweetest gifts, which was so thoughtful, and Joanne even paid for my dinner! I'm a blessed girl! I'd like to say we went off and had adventures after the dinner, but I was back home by 8pm! Lame, I know! The movie we had thought about seeing didn't even start til nearly 10pm! The horror! ;)

My friend Erika makes things, and she MADE me this awesome shirt. Pineapples are totally my "thing" these days, and so she did one with the saying thats been going around lately. The front has my monogram on it in green glittery letters! I think it may be the first thing I've gotten with my married initials. It spells ADS so its kinda silly, but oh well! ;) 

Joanne ordered me these Golden girls POP figures, and I was just so excited when I saw them! Rose and Sophia are two of my favorites! I LOVE that show and have all the seasons on boxset around here somewhere! I now need to find Blance and Dorothy and complete the collection! 

The kids surprised me and made me pretty cards complete with drawing and sweet sayings. Notice the pineapple Brooke did for me! ;) She's really into drawing these days. I'll need to save these to show them one day when they are teens and hate me!!!! ha! They also surprised me with a few little things, I told them not to buy me anything but it was nice. AND hubby cleaned the living room carpet! I told him cleaning or experience are waaaay better to me now than material things! 

So like I was saying, our friend Amanda got married on  my birthday! Her and Kyle go to our church and Amanda is in charge of the kids and technically is my "boss" since I'm on staff sunday mornings with the babies! I have loved working with her over the years and she is so sweet and fun and I am so glad she found Kyle!  They seem really great for each other. Their wedding was at the Crossing at Hollar Mills and it was pretty fancy so I made Arnold wear a tie... we had to get one because he doesnt even OWN a tie! Ha! Thankfully his work isn't very formal, except on special days. I hardly ever wear dresses, I don't even like to! But my mom had gotten me a new one and thankfully I had it lying around to wear! It was nice to go the wedding and have a date on my birthday! We hung around at the reception for awhile and got to see them dance.. they had even taken dance lessons and coordinated a first dance and it was awesome!  Arnold and I had a hard time turning down all the delicious appetizers they were handing out (again-- the diets!) 

I walked into my classroom the day before my birthday and my co-teacher Jenn had decorated the room for me! It was a total surprise! She had come in the evening before and done it with her boys helping her! It had me smiling all morning! The babies LOVED it and one of my toddlers even walked over and pulled down some streamers-- should have thought that one through better! My work also gives everyone a card and Cornerstone cupcake for their bday, and I ate mine because HEY it was my birthday and I deserved it! haha! It was delicious and totally worth it! ;)

One of my friends, Chasity, knows how much I love to paint at Freckled Frog, so she took me for my birthday! We went on open studio day, just happened to be ON the day of my birthday, and I painted.... guess what... yep, a pineapple! I didn't want to do the traditional yellow so I did coral and blues and it turned out really nice! I had a great time and it was so sweet of Chasity!  It's now hanging on my front door. I need to go back in a few months and paint something for Fall! 

the kids and Arnold took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Once again  I resisted the bread, and drank water, so it wasn't so bad. The waiter wanted to have everyone sing and bring out the saddle and Arnold had to tell him no. He thought we were joking at first, but he has nooo idea how embarassed I get over things like that! yeah I'm a great tipper but he wouldn't have gotten one if he did that to me! Thankfully he didn't! We had a nice dinner together and ended my birthday day on a wonderful note. 

EVERY YEAR my mom makes me her famous homemade lasagna for my birthday. Well she had a total hip replacement surgery in June and has still been recovering. Dad totally surprised me and said HE would make the lasagna so he did and we went over Sunday night to eat! I was so impressed. My parents are both great cooks, I was a very lucky girl growing up! And no that skill did NOT get passed on to me unfortunately. I am NOT a great cook and I do NOT enjoy cooking, much to their dismay, but oh well! Even Caleb says hed rather eat at Grandmas but now I just roll with it and say yeah... I agree! ;) 

Dad shared with us some EXCITING news that same night.. and I can't wait to tell yall all about it, but that'll have to wait til another day, another blog ;)

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