Friday, July 7, 2017

Rachel's 8th Birthday and Yearly Interview!

 Can't believe our baby girl is 8 already! My friend Christy made this cute shirt for her to wear to her birthday festivities! 

We went skating, that is what she wanted to do. But her and her friend Kenzie both ended up falling and crying while we were there! We ended up leaving early ! I felt so bad she didn't have more fun! 

We met up with her grandparents to eat at Mellow Mushroom, before her actual birthday, because my mom was having surgery closer to her birthday. She picked a Moana cake, of course. We got it from the new Publix down the road from my work.  It was expensive but delicious! 

Rachel with her brother, sister and BFF! 

She got lots of cool stuff for her birthday, including lots of American Girl accessories! 

The day before we went to Charlotte and went to the Cheesecake factory. Brooke and I had been there before but Arnold and the others hadnt. Unfortunately we didn't have the best experience.. we waited for a table over 45 minutes and then we ended up with just blah food and a huge bill, but oh well. Rachel picked the Hershey cheesecake for her birthday dessert and it was to die for!!!! 

We made a trip while down there to the American Girl doll store! We had been once before. The girls love to look at everything and it was a little overwhelming though, so   Rachel didn't end up picking out anything in there, she just couldn't decide! You should have seen Arnold and Caleb's faces in there though, they were soooo bored and ready to go! At least they were nice about it, ha! 

We went to the Lego Store and she picked out a new set there instead! When we got back home later she had Caleb help her put it together! 

We love our sweet Rachel and can't wait to see what this year holds for her! 

***Rachel at Age 8***

Clothes Size- 10
Shoe size- 2
Going into Grade: 3rd
Party theme this year: Moana

Favorite Color: red

Favorite Toy: Barbies

Favorite Animal: otters

Favorite Food: corn on the cob

Favorite Drink: pepsi

Favorite Snack- gummies

Favorite Dessert- chocolate icecream

Favorite Season: summer

Favorite Holiday: christmas

Favorite Restaurant: chillis

Favorite Game: 

Favorite Tv Show- Phinneas and Ferb

Favorite Movie: Moana

Favorite Book- elephant and piggie 

Favorite Flower: roses

Favorite Thing to do: watch youtube and play with puppies

Favorite Thing to do outside: ride bike

Favorite part of school: lunch

Favorite Thing to Wear: dresses

Best Friend: Allison

What are you afraid of? being alone

What do you want to be when you grow up? Teacher

What do you want for Christmas this year? Hello Dreamhouse

What do you want to be for Halloween this year? Moana

What do you sleep with everynight? blanket

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