Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Our Summer, so far!!

So Summer is about half over, the kids will start back to school August 28th. Brooke is starting middle school this year, and I STILL cannot believe it! It is giving me flashbacks to her starting Kindergatern, we were both nervous and I wanted to cry! Anwyay, we've had a pretty good summer so far. Thankfully I only have to work half the summer at the preschool, so its 2 weeks on and 2 off. I've gotten to spend a lot more time with the kids this year and I'm thankful for that! 

Around the first of Summer, my mom had a major surgery down in Charlotte. She had a total hip replacement. For a long time she has had a tough time walking, and it was rough seeing her like that. She is a breast cancer survivor, and due to some meds shes been on in the past, it has made her bones weak and brittle. Unfortunately during the surgery the dr. broke one her her bones and it has made her recovery longer than anticipated. But other than that, the surgery went well and we were relieved to see her done with that and back home after a few days. She has a physical therapist coming out to see her and help her do exercises every few days. She is getting stronger, I can tell. I had to watch her go through some of them, and you could tell she was in  pain, and it was rough, but I know its necessary. She is using a walker to get around, and isn't driving or doing much yet, but she has walked some now by herself, which is great. Rachel and I spent the night with her one night when Dad had to go out of town, in case she needed anything. Since then lots of family has been in town to help her out, and lots of friends have brought by food for her and dad and we are all so very thankful for all the prayers and support! 

Arnold and I drove down to Charlotte to see her the afternoon after her surgery. She was pretty out of it, but doing ok. We got stuck in a big storm while down there too! 

Brooke got on her BOTTOM set of braces this summer. Which added a whooole bunch to our monthly payment for the orthodontist, yikes! But it will be worth it, she has already improved so much and you can tell her jaw is shifting and looking better. She is wearing a headgear every night and I hate seeing her in pain, because it makes her mouth sore. I remember when I had to do that when I was younger! 

Caleb got to shoot guns with his Daddy and cousins at my Grandpa's house. He thought that was pretty cool. 

We had CPR training at work. I became re-certified! All I could think of during the class was the episode of THE OFFICE where they take CPR and it goes way downhill. Ha! Any Office fans out there?! Our teacher even started singing "Stayin Alive" for the beat, and I about lost it! 

We've seen a couple of movies this summer. Captain Underpants-- which Arnold and I didn't care too much for because it was soo silly and so much gross humor, but Caleb loved it! That's a little boy for you! The kids loved the books so naturally they wanted to go. More recently we went to see Despicable Me 3. I usually don't like sequels, but it was pretty good. They want to see The Emoji movie next! 

Arnie and I have been watching a LOT of netflix at night. We made it through The Ranch Season 3 already. I made it through Orange is the New Black. We are now going back through all the seasons of FRIENDS! My all-time favorite show. I can just about quote most of the episodes. I know a lot of people hate Ross but he's my favorite. He's just so awkward and nerdy and funny and I LOVE him! And here I am wearing my new shirt.. gotta show the GOLDEN GIRLS some love too! ;)

A Pelicans Snowballs stand opened up near us and we have been like 20 times this summer, no lie. We go just about every Friday night, and sometimes more. We mostly stick to the same flavors, even though they have like 100 different options! My faves are wild cherry and watermelon. The kids like how they can get gummy animals added to theirs. We haven't been as much since Arnold and I started our diets! 

We celebrated our sweet Sheldon's 4th Birthday at  the end of June! He is the sweetest little dachshund and was a great addition to our family. He has grown a lot. I just can't get enough of those cute floppy ears! The vet did confirm he is deaf, which we assumed, but its ok. He gets along great, just gets startled pretty easily and doesn't care for strangers! 

The kids have been swimming a LOT this summer. They like to go to the pool in my parent's neighborhood, they have special things go on at holidays like a DJ, music, food, and lots of fun. My dad usually goes in with them, because everyone knows I do not swim!!!!!!! I know how, I just hate it! Our neighbors across the street also have a pool and let the kids come over whenever! The kids LOVE it and they have gone so much that seriously Caleb is a whole darker shade than when summer started. I can't get over it! 

Brooke looking so grown up in her new Crazy 8 Bathing suit!(Love that store!!:)

We have gotten to see a few fireworks shows near the Crawdads stadium. I love summer nights where you just hang around, talk, watch the lightning bugs and wait for fireworks! 

We have helped mom out some this summer, so she asked us to go do a Sams trip one day. The kids helped me find everything and put it in the cart. Then we got them treats, which is their favorite part of Sams! I resisted and I was proud of myself!!!! 

We have hit up the Morganton library, which is pretty big and nice. I picked out some new books to read and Caleb did too. we had to persuade the girls too.... they don't like to read as much as us. I'm ashamed at how low my list of books Ive read this year  is! I need to step it up!! 

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