Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RIP Aunt Nancy..

I meant to post this last month, but it has just been to hard until now.

Alot of you know about Arnold's Aunt Nancy...she has lived next door to us and she was basically Arnold's 2nd mother because she watched him when Arnold was a little kid. They were really close. And ever since we had kids she would basically take Brooke every Friday night so we could go out together and have some time alone. She was SUCH a wonderful woman.

Anyway, for the past year she had been losing a lot of weight and looking kindof weak. I didnt really know anything was going on with her though. She was the kindof person who never went to the Doctor her whole life, either. The weekend of Valentines Day i found out she had been very sick and was throwing up alot.

That Monday the 15th she came over to our house to give the kids' their Valentines Day presents. She kindof fell on our doorstep.. but i thought she just tripped. Anyway, everything seemed ok that night I guess, the kids loved getting to see her. I was busy running around trying to get the house cleaned up after the day and trying to get Brooke a bath. If i had known, I would have taken the time to sit down and talk to her more. Unfortunately that night she walked out of our house would be the last time we'd see her :(

Anyway, Wed. morning around 8 am we got a call from my Sister-in-law saying that Nancy had been rushed to Frye hospital in an ambulance because Gene had found her unreponsive in her bedroom. Well of course everyone was going crazy and was upset, wondering what was going on. Arnold was so upset, he took the day off and stayed home with us. We kept getting updates all day. At one point her bloodsugar had spiked up to over 800,and later it was so high i was unreadable by the machine. Her daughter Beth went back to see her and she opened her eyes for a few mins and talked a little but it was mostly jibberish. She then was back out again.

We got a call around lunch time that the Drs had said they had gotten her stable, which was a good sign. She was on lots of sedation and in an actual room at that point.

Then we got another call-- things had taken a turn for the worse and she had died :( 12:30 on Wed. Feb. 17th, 2010.

They think she went into Diabetic shock. She had all the signs over the past months of developing diabetes. Diabetes runs in Arnolds family and 2 of his uncles have it.

Anyway, her funeral was beautiful. Arnold was asked to be a pallbearer. All of them wore purple ties (Nancys fave. colors) And Nancy wore a purple dress. It was soooo sad to see her like that. I just couldnt get over the shock. Things can change in an instant.

We will miss her so much, as will my kids. She meant to world to all of us.

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  1. I'm so sorry Abby! I didn't even know her, but reading about the impact she had on you guys made me cry.