Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*My Mother-in-Laws Bday*

Sunday was my Mother-in-laws Birthday. Arnold still wasnt feeling up to going out, so Igot all 3 kids ready for Church and took them (that in itself was exhausting!) Brooke and Caleb went straight into their class with no fuss, so i was so happy about that. Rachel was in the nursery with one other baby and happily set in the floor and played with him, it was so cute :) She even took a short nap while in there. I was amazed at how well the kids did! Anyway, after church we all went to Applebees for lunch... Inlaws, me and kids, and my SIL and neice. I had the chicken fajita rollup which is sooooo good! Baby Rach ate some of my mashed potatoes.. she LOVES people food, and will eat whatever youll give her :) We gave MIL her bday present.. We had gotten her this stuffed bear on a stand that had a saying and a banner that said GRANDMA. And an ceramic elephant lamp thing from Kirklands. Ithink she liked her gift. They came out and sang to her and gave her some icecream which she shared with thekids. All in all it was a pretty good day. I just hated that it was pouring down rain! (i get kinda scared driving in rain!) Not to mention i got SOAKED walking into Applebees. But oh well!

The kids were saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! :)

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