Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*Sick Family!!**

Well this past week has been HARD. Lets see.. last Wed. Arnold wasnt feeling well so he went to the DR. They told him he had the flu. Caleb had been coughing real bad, and Rachel had a red eye with drainage, so we took them both to the Dr. Turns out Rachel had pink eye. Caleb just had a bad cold.. so he didnt have to get any meds. My kidneys were acting up again really badly, so i went to the dr that day too... He told me my infection had cleared up, but hewasnt sure why i still was having bad back pains and chills. He wanted me to get an ultrasound done on my kidneys to check for any kidney damage but I found out it was going to be $1,300 even AFTER insurance, so i decided to put it on hold for now.

Anyway, so Arnold took the rest of the week off from work. He stayed in our bedroom.. never came out. Just slept. It hit him hard. I took him his lunches and dinners in every day. It was tough not having any help w/ the kids at all at night so i felt like Supermom! ;-)

Two days later Rachel had been crying and NOTHING would calm her down or make her happy, so i decided to take herback to the DR again. Glad i did, b/c she had developed an Ear infection. So she was put on another medicine. I just wish they could have found it 2 days earlier to save me another copay! isnt that how it always happens though?? :(

So the weekend was pretty boring.... not able to do much because no one was feeling well. stinks because the weather outside was sooo nice!

Arnold went back to work Monday but was only able to make it half a day. Today he went back again and made it the whole day... so I think hes finally starting to do better! yay! :) As for Rachel, her eyes have cleared up nicely. And no one in the family caught the pinkeye which was amazing considering how contagious it is!

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