Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*Rachel is 9 Months old!*

Well my girl girl is now 9 months old! Cant believe she will be 1 year in less than 3 months! I am already planning her birthday party ;-)

She went in for her 9-month well-checkup yesterday. She was 20 lbs and almost 30 inches long! 97th percentile for height! I shouldnt be surprised though, since she comes from a family of tall people! ;-)

She had to get her finger pricked to check her bloodiron, and get 2 shots :( I always hate that part, hated to see her cry! Right after she yelled out DADA! I was like hey, im here to comfort you :( LOL! But she cant say Mama yet... ;-)

The dr said she was doing well, except she should be standing up holding onto something by now. Caleb didnt walk until 19 mos and still has problems with stairs, they said he had low muscle tone in his legs.So i guess theyre going to keep a watch on her b/c of that. We have to go back in 6 weeks for a developmental Re-check to see if shes doing that yet.. so I hope shes doing it by then! :)

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