Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That's So Pinteresting

Today's topic is home projects. These are some things that I am wanting to do in the nearby future. Some of the things we have already started on or gotten stuff for.

Arnold swears he will do the circles for me so I can do the painting similar to this, on a canvas. I don't know why, I just liked it!

I've already found a thrifted tray, now I just need to paint with chalkboard paint and make my own message board to put up in the kitchen or living room.

They have scent enhancers now for clothes. I heard they also work well in a wax burner and make the house smell good. Anyone know if this is true?? 

I want to do a photo wall similar to this in our hallway. I have lots of pictures to use.

I want to find a pretty clear jar to put all my bracelets in. I already have a jewelry "tree" but it is already over-stuffed with my necklaces and earrings and stuff.

I want to make a key holder for the kitchen. I am always losing our keys. 

I want to find a pretty mirror to put over our mantel. We have a picture up there now that doesn't really "go" with the look.

I want to find some new throw pillows for the living room. We are re-doing the colors in there.

I want to organize our bathroom (and all other) drawers. They have trays to help you do that! 

Arnold and I have already been to Home Depot to pick a shade for our front door. We are painting it this summer. It is actually very similar to this shade of red.

I hope to find a cheap lamp and add something to it, maybe for the girls' room.

I already found a thrifted tray. I want to spraypaint it and use it in my bedroom somehow.

I love this setup with wedding pictures. We have so many that I could display if we did this.

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