Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that last night I finally got around to watching "Silver Linings Playbook." Arnold said it was a "weird" movie, but I really liked it. I like to watch stuff that isn't so silly sometimes.

~I'm loving that Arnold has been working more on painting the trim in our living room this week. It has already brightened up the place so much.

~I'm loving that Arnold ended up getting a VERY unexpected bonus check this week. He usually gets one every April but we thought it was a no-go this year because of the economy. Well thank you GOD! We were able to pay down on a bill that was really stressing us out. God always provides!!

~I'm loving that we took the kids to McDonlad's last night for a fundraiser they were doing for their school. The kids got a kick out of it that Calebs teachers were working there, in exchange for proceeds going to the school. Plus, I loooove their fries (no matter how bad they are ;)

~I'm loving that Arnold was able to come home from work early yesterday. He got the yard mowed and it looks so much better. I also got to do a little shopping and found more stuff for Rachel's party. I am shocked at how expensive it is to make your own soap. I am planning on making starfish for little favors.

~I'm loving that Rachel was playing with her dolls earlier today and she was pretending to put them to bed. She started saying their bedtime prayers, like we do with the kids every night. I hope she always keeps that habit up!

~I'm loving that I have a playdate and picnic at the park planned tomorrow with some friends. Nothing like some good quality time with some of my girls and their kiddos!

~I'm loving that tonight after dinner we went to get icecream as a family. Yum!

~I'm loving that I got Rachel's invite out on Facebook yesterday. I know it is early still, but summer is always so busy for everyone, so I wanted to get the info out early! I already have had several people RSVP! I am excited and a little nervous.. this party is going to be so fun! :)

~I'm loving how well Caleb did reading his "baggie book" this afternoon. He is getting better at reading every day and I am very proud of him!

~I'm loving that today is the first day of May! I love this month. So much going on. Going to help host a friend's babyshower this weekend. Going to celebrate another friend's birthday. Then we celebrate Mother's Day with the family. Then we celebrate Memorial Day. It's going to be great!

~I'm loving that the photo book I made my mom came in the mail today! It was adorable, and very good quality. I flipped thru it looking at all the pictures. I think she is going to love it! 

~I'm loving that Brooke got to go on a fieldtrip with her class today to a nearby Gem Mine. The kids all got in the water and dug for treasures and got FILTHY. They had to take in a change of clothes. One of her friend's moms was there and took pictures and sent some to me :)

Field trip to the Gem Mine. Brooke with her friends Ava and Emma.

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